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AbsoluteZero avatar 7:57 AM on 05.09.2008  (server time)
Hardest Levels in Video Games of all Time.

Okay so I read on my reader an article about the five hardest levels in video games of all time. I was just curious as to what others thought because my ideas of hard were different than those in the article.

"Through the Fire and Flames" -Dragonforce on Guitar Hero III 'nuff said.


Trying to get the "Hiduken" capsule in Megaman X seriously it took me so long to get it. That and the battle against Sigma in at the end of the game.

Psycho Mantis was a real pain in the ass! Until I figured out the controller port trick I was royally pissed off.

Seriously the Zombies Ate My Neighbors level where you're chased by the chainsaw guys was nearly impossible.

And yes I thought Final Fantasy Mystic Quest was a real pain in the ass especially the level where you had to use the shovel to dig up an artifact but the game didn't seem to give you one damn clue as to where the son of a bitch was located I'm still angry about that.

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