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7:57 AM on 05.09.2008

Hardest Levels in Video Games of all Time.

Okay so I read on my reader an article about the five hardest levels in video games of all time. I was just curious as to what others thought because my ideas of hard were different than those in the article.

"Through the Fire and Flames" -Dragonforce on Guitar Hero III 'nuff said.


Trying to get the "Hiduken" capsule in Megaman X seriously it took me so long to get it. That and the battle against Sigma in at the end of the game.

Psycho Mantis was a real pain in the ass! Until I figured out the controller port trick I was royally pissed off.

Seriously the Zombies Ate My Neighbors level where you're chased by the chainsaw guys was nearly impossible.

And yes I thought Final Fantasy Mystic Quest was a real pain in the ass especially the level where you had to use the shovel to dig up an artifact but the game didn't seem to give you one damn clue as to where the son of a bitch was located I'm still angry about that.   read

1:48 AM on 04.11.2008

Things must be slow on the C-blogs.

I've been vacationing in Germany for the past two weeks and just got back and I'm still ranked the same. By the way I thought censorship was bad here in the US. You guys should see things over in Germany. I actually got carded trying rent a violent video game. And as far as I know they still don't have Rock Band. I feel sadness for our brothers in Deutschland. I can't believe I'm saying this but compared to over there the ESRB isn't so bad actually.   read

1:28 AM on 03.10.2008

elevator action ++


^_ Clicky.   read

9:20 AM on 03.09.2008

Video Game Recession?

So I was reading my local newspaper this morning and there was an article about a possible video game recession. I was tickled pink not because of the news it contained but they were saying something besides "Video Games are the Devil!". Anyway, the article goes on to say that there was a "big" recession back in 2001 for video games sales. Which I don't really remember. And goes on to say that there will be a big game recession in '08 and that it will actually hurt the games industry. Forcing developers to be more choosy with which games they release and would pretty much destroy indie games. Because they must assume that it costs butt-loads of money to put a game on XBLA. Anyway, chalk another bit of stoopid-a-teee up small town newspapers.   read

2:17 PM on 02.19.2008

Netflix hosted on Xbox Live?

Okay as many of you may know Netflix and Microsoft have been courting awhile over the possibility of Netflix being a service on Xbox Live. And since I have both Netflix and Xbox Live the idea of watching my downloaded movies on my Xbox as well as my computer is very nice. Although none of the higher echelon of either companies are talking, it's rumored that they might announce something tomorrow at the Game Developers Conference in San Fransisco. Now for my own entertainment purposes I hope that Reed Hastings (CEO of Netflix) and Bill Gates get into bed together. At least while they release crap on XBLA I can still watch "Raging Bull" without having to spend any precious gamer points.   read

7:44 PM on 02.12.2008

Arab video games and characters.

Alright so call me a bleeding heart liberal but a friend and I were talking on Xbox live while playing Call of Duty 4 and the question came up. "Are there any positive Arab video game characters? Or heck any that have names worth remembering?" So off I dashed to the internets to try and dig up some information on Arab/Islamic video game characters. So far I only found a handful and most of them were terrorist/evil characters. Then I stumbled on a RTS designed by Afkar Media, located in Damascus's newly-built free-zone. The game is called "Al-Quraysh" and the basic premise is like "Age of Empires" where you take command of the infant religion of Islam and try to carve out a nitch for your peoples in a hostile world populated by crusading Christians, pagan raiders, and other followers of Islam that have a less correct view of Islam than you. Well I had to admit as far as a game looks it seems decent enough. But the whole premise of the game kind of pissed me off. Here I was looking for information on positive Arab video game characters and games. And I definately wasn't off to a good start.

So finally I found one that seemed pretty damn decent. A game called Silk Road. An online game that is based in a semi-fantasy world where you take the role of an Arab fighting against an evil Chinese Warlord and you try to keep the silk road open. Meanwhile you battle giant wyrms IE "Dune". You end up trying to rescue civilians and they seem to be of both Arab decent and Chinese so evidently I found one game where Arabs are more than evil killing machines.

In fact I just might download the game on my next day off and dive a little deeper into this world. I uninstalled it right away because I was a bit worried when my computer started acting funny, turns out my Virus Scan started running without me realizing it.   read

7:31 PM on 02.12.2008

Spore delayed AGAIN!!!

But at least MSN released the new release date of the weekend of September 7th. Look not to sound like a bitch. But god damn. I want it. I want it now. And I don't care if they polish it to the point of perfection. I just want to create my own civilization from primordial goo! Ugh.   read

10:26 AM on 02.09.2008

Portal Multiplayer.

So Kim Swift the project leader for the origonal Portal has mentioned to MTV about a Multi-player mode for Portal(2) I'm wondering if this will be an expansion via Blueshift/TFC. Even so I don't understand the way in which you could have a working multi-player experience with Portal. Unless you include weapons, which I for one think would be lame. I liked the fact that all you had was your portal gun and your wits to survive in the android hell. And the idea of creating a portal and then trying to chase an enemy with another portal gun frankly warps my little brain. I mean I was bothered enough by chasing myself through the same room forever. But to perhaps have an enemy cover your exit portal with another enter portal...what the hell? Would you eternally enter the portal but not exit until a new exit portal was made somewhere else? ew. I need more coffee now.   read

8:52 AM on 02.03.2008

Okay so remind me why everyone hates Turok again...

I picked up the game about two days ago with my Blockbuster Game Pass and I'm guessing I'm roughly at the end of the game by now. So far I had a pretty good time. I mean it's not earth shattering like the first time I played Earthworm Jim, or as satisfying as beating Battletoads. But for what it is, I thought it was a good time. Kind of like having a beer with your co-workers after a hard day sort of good time. Sure the controls were a little iffy, the level design was a little aggravating, and the characters were so filled with testosterone their semen would have the potency to get a desk lamp pregnant. But the game play was there. I dunno, I just don't see why everyone hates this game so much.   read

12:50 AM on 02.01.2008

Games that should have been...

I was kicking around this idea today as I was making a demi-glaze from scratch.

There are games that were never made but should have been.

1. Groundhog Day

The idea of replaying the same day over and over making different choices in a sandbox setting is awesome. I mean if only I could pick up a shotgun and go blasting the Ned Ryerson character in the face would make me a very happy person.

2. The "Madden Curse" game.

C'mon how cool would it be. To be the evil force behind the Madden curse. You could damage and destroy pro-athletes using environmental kills, psychological attacks, or through bad karma.

3. Super Christian, Happy, Stimulating, socially acceptable game.

It's kind of like Grand Theft Auto. Except you don't steal anything, kill hookers, or anything else for that matter. You work a 9 to 5 job. You get a house. Then get married. And have children. Then get a second mortgage. So pretty much it's like the Sims. Except you can't be gay. Or own a robot.

4. Rock Band : Reunion

Just like rock band, except it's been years since you played together and one of your members died tragically so you have to settle for some douche bag. And instead of having a meter to gauge how well you're doing you get one to gauge your animosity toward one another. And if it peaks you have to pound furiously on your instruments as your lawyers discuss licensing rights to your songs.

5. Call of Duty 5: Brother Against Brother

Only problem. Noobs will claim lag whenever they have a muzzle loading musket.   read

11:08 PM on 01.29.2008

My Good Day.

So I had a good day Monday. I went up to Ft. Collins, Colorado to go have a few drinks with friends, went on the Odells Brewery tour. Went out to a Buddhist temple and talked to some monks. Then on the way home there was a radio contest where if you heard a Van Halen song and you were the 9th caller you won something. Well my wife told me to call and I begrudgingly called. Well I won. The prize. I get to play Guitar Hero at the Kilo studios with Van Halen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No joke guys. I seriously am losing sleep because I'm so excited. I am bound to take 140489 pictures and post them to my myspace!   read

10:12 PM on 01.29.2008

Elder Scrolls V an MMO?

This might be old news to some people but I'm bothered by the idea that they've even considered the elder scrolls next story in the series to be an MMO. MMO's are a cop out for storyline. The quests boil down to trek, hack, farm, and return missions. And you never feel like "THE GUY". In all the other Elder Scrolls games you are "THE GUY" the world revolves around your decisions. Pleeeease don't let it end that way Bethesda.   read

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