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AbsolutePoppycock avatar 12:55 PM on 02.19.2012  (server time)
Beginnings: Platforming the Playground

I was born in 1996 during the beginning of the Nintendo 64ís life. As I slowly grew just old enough to play video games I didnít just have an N64, but also an NES, Sega Genesis, and Game Boy Color. I was already surrounded by hours of entertainment waiting to be had. I remember diving into the world of the Mushroom Kingdom in Super Mario Bros. and Mario 64; the days where I would sit and race through the vibrant worlds of Sonic the Hedgehog; and even counting with Elmo in Sesame Street 1-2-3. Whatever game it was, I always had a blast and could never put the controller down.

Even outside of the television screen my interest in gaming and adventure never faltered. In preschool I would always ask my mom to make my hair look like Sonic or Tailsí. I watched Pokemon anytime it was on and knew all of their names. When I took trips to the local playgrounds I would come up with fun games, imagining I was any kind of video game hero I wanted to be. Platforming on the metal contraptions of the playgrounds to accomplish my imaginary mission. All I wanted was for these games to be my reality.

As video games advanced in technology, I did in my own ways as well. I wasnít a little kid anymore, I was growing up. Every gamer has heard the line ďWhen are you going to grow up and stop playing with your games/toys?Ē from an adult or that sporty classmate. Well the answer is simple for me. Never. Video games arenít just toys; theyíre music, art, storytelling, a challenge, and overall fun. Theyíve even taught me valuable lessons and other things along the way. Video games have led me to be the kind of person I am today, and Iím proud of that. Iím in for the long run and itís all thanks to a few of gamingís classics. So, no matter what the developers decide throw at the world of gaming next, Iíll be there.


Anyone else try to imitate and act like they were a video game character? Speak up in the comments!

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