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Started gaming on an Atari 2600, grew into the gamer I am now with Nintendo, playing on an NES and SNES. Became more aware of the wider scope of gaming through the Playstation and Xbox. Now I'm loving the PC gaming life.

My favorite games include A Link to the Past, Terranigma, Guilty Gear X2, Viewtiful Joe, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, and DotA 2.

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My favorites are The Sandman Vol 4, Batman - Court of Owls, and V for Vendetta.

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My biggest dream is that one day Quintet returns and makes a current generation Terranigma.

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9:04 AM on 01.07.2014

I haven't really been active on this side of Destructoid lately. Maybe you noticed, maybe you didn't. I don't know how much attention people pay to me on here. Either way, I've been wanting to post more, but life's been rough the past month or so.

Yeah, this is going to be one of those posts. I have to write something in order to get the gears moving again, so it might as well be about this. Momentum's a big thing for me, when I let go of it, it's hard to get started up again. And right now, I'm at a dead stop with a lot of things. Forgive me if I'm rambling in this one, because I'm not going to do my typical write it one day, edit it the next, format and upload it the day after structure. This is all stream-of-thought, no-editing, right-in-the-browser blogging.

About a month ago, I got an e-mail saying I had to move out of my apartment in three weeks or I'd be homeless. This came out of nowhere. Especially considering what kind of apartment I'm living in. I've been homeless before. In fact, the place I'm living in now is for previously homeless people to build up again before they move to a real place of their own. When I moved in, I was promised they'd arrange a more permanent spot for me to avoid the typical form of house-searching in my city, which generally takes up to 2 years to rent a place of your own. The last conversation I had prior to being told I'd had to leave was about how I should just kick back, relax, and build up my life some more. That there's no need to stress about things, and that I'm guaranteed one of those houses they arrange for people. Then a few months later, I have to find something in three weeks of I'm homeless.

No special reasons. No rules broken. Nothing special that lead up to this. Just out of the blue from someone working within the organization that I'd never heard from.

Naturally, I stressed the fuck out. Three weeks to find a new place. Technically, one week. This was happening over the holiday period so supply is pretty much at its lowest. Real estate brokers closed down for a few weeks. Online sites had less than a page to offer, usually the same few places. Most of the supply that was there was incredibly overpriced for what they were offering, and without any time to prepare for moving financially, I didn't exactly have a lot to spend. Most of the rooms and houses that I normally would've been able to afford financially were completely out of my price range.

Thanks a lot, Gabe.

Still, there were two rooms that I could've had, and that I went to check out. I would've gotten the first one if the ad hadn't been posted before the current tenant left. He ended up deciding against moving out. The second ended up tripling the first month because both the person renting it out and the real estate broker wanted collateral, tripling the first month's rent.

After that I only had one week left to find a place. Even if I'd find something, no way in hell would all the arrangements be fully made in time to move, what with Christmas and New Year's Eve happening in that time. I moved most of my stuff to friends and mentally prepared myself to go back to the homeless hostel. I still replied to rooms and houses repeatedly, but all my free time became comfort time. And there was plenty of free time to spare, considering I wasn't sleeping at all anymore. So I got caught up with Kuroko no Basuke and watched Fairy Tale, Black Butler, and Persona 4 The Animation, along with all of the Fast and the Furious movies.

The day after New Year's eve, I got an e-mail from my old handler at the place I'm staying. Apparently the guy who told me I had three weeks is gone now, and that was complete bullshit. I should still continue finding a place on my own, but I'm not being kicked out anymore. Shortly after reading that, my legs gave out and I couldn't walk for a week. I probably had that coming either way, what with moving all my stuff out of my apartment to various friends and going to see those two rooms while still going to the library daily to abuse the free internet in search of other places to stay. Overdoing it and paying for it physically has been a running theme in my life. I never know my limits until I'm long past them.

In the meantime, I haven't really written anything for weeks. The last few posts I made here were all still part of my regular cycle, which tends to keep me a week ahead of the game. That way I never have to stress out running out of things to write about while keeping a good momentum going.

At least I can normally walk and sleep now. Things are starting to look normal again. At least, as far as normal goes for me. As hectic as and frustrating the past month has been, I'm still somewhat glad it all happened. I feel a lot more focused now. I feel as if I can make this coming year better than the last one, and last year's been very good to me. It got me into wrestling, comics, podcasts, and it got me to start interacting with people on Destructoid.

Things will work out. They always do. Even if it's not immediately clear to see the positive in something, there always is. Sometimes it's just not to do that ever again because it was stupid, or that you approached something wrongly. Everything applies to everything.

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