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The following blog is set for One Fall! Introducing first, he is the Hylian Champion! Winner of the Seven-Year Slam, making the Hylian Ring safer, one Powerbomb of Courage at a time!


Started gaming on an Atari 2600, grew into the gamer I am now with Nintendo, playing on an NES and SNES. Became more aware of the wider scope of gaming through the Playstation and Xbox. Now I'm loving the PC gaming life.

My favorite games include A Link to the Past, Terranigma, Guilty Gear X2, Viewtiful Joe, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, and DotA 2.

Huge comic book reader, and currently keeping up with Saga and Hawkeye.

My favorites are The Sandman Vol 4, Batman - Court of Owls, and V for Vendetta.

Lover of wrestling, although not so much of the infamous Attitude Era. Much of more a CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, and Dolph Ziggler kinda guy.

Life-long reader of books of the fictional and non-fictional variety. Love Terry Pratchett, Neil Gaiman, Robin Hobb, Kurt Vonnegut, Chuck Wendig and Haruki Murakami.

My biggest dream is that one day Quintet returns and makes a current generation Terranigma.

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9:58 AM on 08.13.2013


The Hylian Champion is here! As my avatar most likely has given away, I am both a wrestling fan and a fan of the Legend of Zelda games. However, this doesn't mean that I exclusively play Nintendo games; I love games in general. The Legend of Zelda holds a special place for me though. Besides being fond of adventures and exploring dungeons, multiplayer has always been one of my favorite things in gaming. Which is why I'm creating this profile now, as I'm looking for someone to spend some time with pubstomping League of Legends, Awesomenauts, or maybe just creatively hide bodies with in Trouble in Terrorist Town. Offline play is also good, as I'm always up for a game of Smash Bros and nothing beats a good co-op game of Spelunky.

What I'm Doing With My Life

Saving up for a better computer and working out my ISP troubles so I can get back into DotA 2 and Planetside 2. I really miss DotA 2 and the teamwork even complete randoms could bring to the game, very much unlike League of Legends where one good player is often enough to win the game. I'm also looking into getting a 3DS and can't wait to start exploring other people's Animal Crossing towns.

I'm Really Good At

Working together as a member of a team, and using voice-chat to keep the rest of the team up to date as to what's happening in my part of the map.

I'm not that great at sniping, but I tend to think fast and can always find a weak spot in the enemy's play style to abuse through quick hit and run tactics.

During co-op games, I do everything I can to keep my teammate alive and well, while ensuring I get the most loot. Not that I get angry at coming out with less items gained than the opponent, it's just a form of friendly competition.

Fighting games. I am really good at fighting games. All the negative marks on my Xbox Live profile come from the sore losers who haunt that service that I faced in Street Fighter 4, Soul Calibur IV, and Virtua Fighter 4.†

The First Thing People Notice

I'm really polite online. Always wishing other players good luck and a fun game. Most games I play it safe at the start until I feel I understand the playing style of my opposition, then I get more aggressive, both ingame, and in chat. That's when I start to trashtalk. If it's a MOBA or any other game with clearly defined characters you can pick, I tend to stay in character while trashtalking too.

Favorite Movies/Books/Ect.

Movies: King of Kong, WarGames, Gamer, Wreck-It Ralph, The Good The Bad and The Ugly.

Books: Ready Player One, Catch-22, Night Watch, Welcome to DotA: You Suck.

TV Series: MST3K, Red Dwarf, Farscape, Community, The IT Crowd, Breaking Bad, Vinesauce Vidya.

Six Things I Could Never Do Without

The Kingdom of Loathing

I Spend A Lot of Time Thinking About

How to take lower-tier characters and become good with them in a competitive crowd.

On A Typical Friday Night I Am

Watching Smackdown, followed by some light single player gaming. If this question is to imply going out on Friday night, Friday night is the worst evening to go out during. There's less crowds and better people out on Sunday night.

The Most Private Thing I Am Willing To Admit

I once entered a Super Smash Bros Melee tournament hosted by Nintendo. Before the tournament started, I had a bunch of warm-up matches with other people. I beat the entire top three during the warm-up matches. Then proceeded to lose in the first round to a guy who got knocked out of the tournament the round after.

Message Me If

You hate casuals and want to spend a couple of evenings stomping pubs over a couple of beers. Or you need someone to play Magicka with. Still haven't played that in proper co-op yet.

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