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My biggest dream is that one day Quintet returns and makes a current generation Terranigma.

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Almost every day there's a new big controversy. Yesterday, it was about the terrible acts of Penny Arcade again. I'm not going into the current situation with them too deeply, it's really not worth getting into.

The only real problem with the Penny Arcade controversy is how often there is one. It feels like at least every month something happens with the Penny Arcade guys that causes everyone to throw a massive fit online. I totally get it, the Penny Arcade guys can be assholes. But just look at the Penny Arcade webcomic, it's always been a juvenile comedy thing created by two internet-savvy manchildren. They're insensitive and abrasive, and that's what speaks to most of their audience. To be surprised about anything they say while being aware of the content they put out is just plain silly.

More than once, Penny Arcade has put up a Kickstarter to see how much money they can draw out of that service without going too far. Whenever they do, people rally against them in complete shock. Because apparently, after the first time nobody learned that this is how Penny Arcade operates.

I'm not justifying Penny Arcade's actions. Fuck the Penny Arcade guys. They're assholes. Heck, they know they're assholes. Even in their comics the punchline is the fact that they're assholes. But do you want to know who are the assholes are? People who still pretend to be shocked when Penny Arcade does the exact things we're familiar with. Especially the people who will judge anyone for dealing with anything Penny Arcade related, like going to PAX or reading their comic.

Probably the biggest fans of Penny Arcade at the moment are the people who hate them, while still stalking them in the hopes of finding something wrong to argue about. There's entire blogs sites dedicated to the drama surrounding Penny Arcade at this point. There are people cataloging every event related to Penny Arcade as new drama spreads across the web to "show off the slow downfall of the site". I'm not going to link them, because fuck giving obsessive creeps like that any more traffic. You'll have to find those sites yourself if you really want to look at them.

People will do anything to find something they can rally against. It feels good to put your foot down on something you dislike, and sometimes you just don't want to go through the effort of actually finding something worthwhile to fight for. So you stick around a place you know is going to do things you don't like, going out of your way to get offended. Then as you're railing against the established figures, you're feeding into their popularity. It's a win-win situation for everyone.

About a year ago, someone got offended at Nedroid for not being gender inclusive enough. A comic about a bear potato and an arrogant bird, focusing on cheesy puns, and mostly famous for Party Cat. Not inclusive enough. Why? Because the creator used the phrase "boys and girls" on Twitter. This is offensive to people of non-binary genders. He actually got upset over this because he never wanted to exclude anyone from anything. If you've never read Nedroid before, here's a quick comic to give you a general idea of what kind non-inclusive content we're talking about:

You'd really have to go out of your way to find something offensive in content like this, right? You'd have to make your own controversy here, and somehow people are doing just that.

The same goes for all the clickbait from the Gawker Media sites. They're all about creating controversy, because controversy gets them hits to their website. It's especially effective since social media activists will rally for and against the causes they've latched onto for each controversial article.

There's two main ingredients to being controversial on the internet:

1. Saying something unpopular.
2. Being wrong.

The "best" controversial articles combine the two. If Anita Sarkeesian's videos were well-researched and argued, we'd have stopped talking about them a long time ago. They'd be more like the Extra Credits videos: dispensing basic information that doesn't give us anything new to work with if you're already aware about the subject matter.

A good article, properly researched and well written, would get less of a response than a bad article, full bad analogies and misinformation. If the argument was perfect, nobody would feel like they'd have anything to add. They'd just agree with it, close the page, and go on with their day. Give people enough to disagree with, and they'll argue against you. They'll correct to you. They'll show your article to others to tell them how terrible and wrong it is in the hopes of them joining their cause in proving the writer and audience wrong. More articles will pop up to argue with the original one. The people who actually agree with the article will feel empowered by the negativity the "old guard" is giving the new people who only just learned about it five minutes ago.

The new folk who got into the argument through the "controversial" article will notice the extra attention they're getting by latching onto it. So they'll go after the next big controversy too, and establish momentum based on that. More sites appear to appeal to the controversy-loving crowd. Old sites focus more on clickbait because, sadly, it does generate more traffic. People you know and respect start going after the controversial topics because they realize it gets them more attention.

The last few months I've just found the online focus towards controversy to be tiring. Nothing new ever comes out of it, and really, it doesn't change a thing because outrage is just a reaction the offenders are going for, not change. Using the constant bursts of outrage on the internet for your cause burns any chance of people getting legitimately interested to the ground. It becomes another one of those things people use to vocalize themselves.

When you latch onto every major outrage to voice your opinion, you're making sure your voice is drowned out by the other people in the room. It's safer to scream in a room full of people screaming, but it won't get your voice heard. You'll be one of the many screams in the background. To anyone not in the room with you at the time, you'll be part of an annoying mob that they don't want to deal with, and anything you're associating yourself with will bear those negative feelings. Heck, some people will feel favorable to whatever you're opposed to because you're being an annoying cocknozzle about it.

One of the things that makes it feel like a clickbait article is part of a legitimate cause is the fact that most of the time it is. That's the frustrating part of it. They'll employ people who will write the most out-of-context, ill-researched, and outlandish articles on a subject that should and does matter and fully believe in their biased viewpoints because they don't know any better. Any arguments against their works will come from "haters" who they feel don't deserve any of their attention. Those same haters will repeatedly get highlighted as a badge of honor, because it shows you stand for something.

This is one of the reasons so many of the feminist writers on tabloid sites are attractive twenty-somethings white girls. Not because they're good writers, but because they'll get the most response. People are more willing to click on a link written by someone who looks kinda-sorta cute. Harsh, yes. Sexist, totally. But it works. And since they're still young, they tend to be impulsive enough to dive into subject matter they don't fully understand, providing the site with bad arguments to support their claims. It's also not helping that so many of them come across as privileged and, to a degree, sheltered. Any life experiences that could have led to unique insights won't be found from them.

Which is a shame, because there's nothing wrong with feminism. And for the record, gaming journalism has always been the home of sheltered, privileged, young guys. So no surprise that most of the people begging for inclusion aren't too far displaced from the same crowd.

You'd hope that the crowd begging for inclusion would be an older, wiser, less pasty one than the one that came before them. In fantasy and writing circles, lots of older, colored, and bigger women have started becoming more vocal about how they're tired of having Felicia Day as the female voice. Gaming feels like it's not even ready to accept even a Felicia Day at this point after having to suffer through Feminist Frequency and hearing about what Patricia Hernandez wrote about this week.

I know, I'm a straight white guy. I have no voice in this unless I'm an apologist trying to impress women on the internet with my submissiveness by cheaply genderswapping famous characters. Seriously, fuck those guys.

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