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10:09 AM on 08.22.2013

Fatigue is a strange thing. There tends to be a lot of confusion as to what it does and how it manifests itself, not unlike stress. We know what we can do to lessen the impact, and (hopefully) how to relax and rest up again after it starts to show, but for a lot of people the way it rears it's head is different. A few years back someone gave me this basic explanation as to what his understanding of fatigue was. He explained it with Zelda and Heart Containers. Then he told me that when it was explained to him, it was told using ladders. Kind of. The version he'd given me was a perfect explanation tailored for the Hylian Champion. I knew most of what he told me already, although in a sense I didn't. At least, not really. His explanation got me to explore it further until I really felt I understood it.

That's why I'm giving my personal spin on it using Mega Man X.

A rare moment of being in perfect health. Cherish it.

Imagine your energy being a health bar. More specifically, imagine it being the health bar from Mega Man X. I know, there are games out there with fatigue bars that should represent your energy as well, but I find those to be fundamentally flawed for several reasons.

First of all, stamina bars in gaming automatically refill if youíre not doing anything. Or in most cases, they even refill as youíre walking instead of running. Sure, when youíre tired out in real life situations, you can feel recharged from taking a break for a few minutes, but this is not going to give you a completely fresh stamina bar. Itís going to refill a slight bit in the best of cases. In the worst case, your fatigue catches up with you and starts draining your health bar.

So the stamina bar is not something we can use here. Instead, Mega Man Xís health bar is a much better way to explain fatigue.



This explanation stuff is tiring me out already...

Mega Man X featured these collectible items called sub-tanks. Items that, when youíre full on HP, let you charge extra health to use whenever you really need it.

Letís say that, as a normal person, your energy consists of one full health bar, and 3 sub-tanks of extra health. Now letís say that, when you spend energy, you exert yourself, draining your health bar.

When you're really, really down on energy and manage to push through those first stages of fatigue you stop feeling how tired you are. Youíve just used up a sub-tank. If this sounds strange to you, be happy. Chances are, you've never fully exhausted yourself. It doesn't mean you've never given it everything you've had or that you haven't done your best. Heck, it likely means you're in better health than people who have gone past the point they stop feeling how tired they are.

I should seriously start thinking about resting up some time soon. This is starting to look bad.

After a while you just donít feel fatigued anymore. But that doesn't mean you're not it. And you can go down the pit of fatigue even further and further without even being aware of it. Or at least, there are signs that you're still fatigued. But in a lot of cases, your senses are just too dull to be fully aware of it now.

It isn't until you really try rest up that you notice how much extra rest you really need. That's when fatigue catches up with you and you start feeling how tired you are. In Mega Man terms, this is when you want to stock up on health and have to go that extra mile to fill up those sub-tanks as well.

Itís frustrating, reaching that point where you're much more well-rested than you have been in a while, but feeling all the more tired for it. You're grinding those extra health items despite being at full HP, because you know you really aren't at full HP by a long shot.


There is a limit to how far below full energy you can go. Go down too far and after a while your body will start responding badly. Iíve lost entire days because I either passed out in the middle of the day and woke up the next, or where I went to sleep normally one night and didn't wake up the next morning, but the exact same time I went to bed on the day after.

The best way to go about it is to not rely on sub-tanks. If you know how to handle yourself, you should be able to live your life without them. Just like that, it's a bad idea to try to rely on that extra energy that you can get by overworking yourself. Get that extra rest when you can. Stock up on that energy. Youíll need it.

Much better.

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