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The following blog is set for One Fall! Introducing first, he is the Hylian Champion! Winner of the Seven-Year Slam, making the Hylian Ring safer, one Powerbomb of Courage at a time!


Started gaming on an Atari 2600, grew into the gamer I am now with Nintendo, playing on an NES and SNES. Became more aware of the wider scope of gaming through the Playstation and Xbox. Now I'm loving the PC gaming life.

My favorite games include A Link to the Past, Terranigma, Guilty Gear X2, Viewtiful Joe, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, and DotA 2.

Huge comic book reader, and currently keeping up with Saga and Hawkeye.

My favorites are The Sandman Vol 4, Batman - Court of Owls, and V for Vendetta.

Lover of wrestling, although not so much of the infamous Attitude Era. Much of more a CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, and Dolph Ziggler kinda guy.

Life-long reader of books of the fictional and non-fictional variety. Love Terry Pratchett, Neil Gaiman, Robin Hobb, Kurt Vonnegut, Chuck Wendig and Haruki Murakami.

My biggest dream is that one day Quintet returns and makes a current generation Terranigma.

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7:32 AM on 08.21.2013

Coming to you straight from Hyrule, AboveUp is looking for someone going to PAX to adopt him! Wait, who the hell's AboveUp, you ask? He's the Hylian Champion! The winner of the Seven Year Slam who finished Ganon at the Battle of Hyrule Castle with his Powerbomb of Courage!

Seriously though, Purple Wrestling Link has been a long-time tradition for me. Years and years ago, I saw a reaction image on a message board. It was a picture taken from some Zelda: Four Swords promo. Purple Link, looking all sassy. The perfect avatar for my style of posting things online. I immediately took him in, giving him all the space he needed to grow into a fully-fledged character. Stocking him with bottled fairies, boomerangs, and ancient artifacts. About half a year later, a friend of mine photoshopped a WWE Title Belt on him and then sent me the picture. It was everything I wanted in an avatar.

For three years, that was my avatar. Never changed. Never wanted to swap it for anything else. Later on, I'd use GIMP to rotate the color mapping on Link's usual green garb to make it fit the Purple Four Swords Link style. I started making my own recognizable avatars this way, to a point that if people saw a Purple Link avatar anywhere, they'd immediately assume it was me. I still have a whole bunch of them saved online for future use.

My avatar's been liking this whole Destructoid place. It's started interacting with other famous avatars here, and would love to extend this by going to PAX. Even though I can't accompany him there, I'd love for him to go.

Just look at him:

The kid's ready in his boat to cross the ocean over to the US and everything! How can you say no to that?

Please adopt my Purple Link avatar. I might even find a way to give something small back in return through the magic of either Steam or regular mail. Your choice.

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