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Hey everyone I'm Aaron. I'm a comedian down in Miami FL specializing in geek humor.

I have grown up playing all types of video games (both good and bad), watching anime (I abhor Naruto), and reading comics.

While getting into comedy, I accidentally found my nich in making fun of the geek culture.

For some reason I decided to make an account and have fun here and joined the crowd.

In person, I can be the angry jerk that says the really horrible coments in the back or the nice guy (...What?).

I am still discovering the world of bloging, so expect really long rants. If you try to challenge me, be warned, I was in speach and debate (I have certificates proving I know how to argue).



Most of the stuff I will be writing will be while I am under the influence or when I'm low on energy.
(I love to be angry when I write).

You can message me through here or shoot me an E-Mail at

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I know the game hasn't been released yet, and I might not play it, but EA (the games developer) already might be in trouble.

While hanging around Digg and Kotaku, I found out that EA has shipped out a Godfather 2 press kit which included a set of brass knuckles.

At first I thought this was kinda cool. I have taken an advertising class, and usually movies or video games have elaborate press kits.

For example, I work at my schools newspaper and we get these press kits all the time.

Last year, we received a press kit for the fourth Indiana Jones movie. The kit included a hat, and whip which was epic cool.

Well, EA now wants the knuckles back because they are illegal in many of the states that they were shipped to. They're also illegal in California, where EA is based.

Two things!

One. They should have not used real ones and maybe made them as paper weights or something.

Two. The people they sent them two wouldn't really use them. I would have kept it as a collectible. I didn't use the whip.


OK I take that back. I used it with my girlfriend, and she was cool with it.

Writing this while my girlfriend is looking over my shoulder and beating me.



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