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Mxyzptlk avatar 12:14 AM on 01.19.2009  (server time)
NVGR: Why Strangers Should Never Randomly IM Me

[00:05] QuotedCoho: May I talk to you?
[00:05] MrMxyzptlk123: Okay
[00:05] QuotedCoho: If Rosa Parks was in Jack Bauer's seat she would move to the back
[00:06] MrMxyzptlk123: Who is Jack Bauer?
[00:06] QuotedCoho: He is the protagonist of the television series 24
[00:07] MrMxyzptlk123: Oh, I don't get to watch TV often. Is that a new show?
[00:07] QuotedCoho: Nope
[00:08] MrMxyzptlk123: Is he african american like Rosa Parks?'
[00:08] QuotedCoho: No he is not
[00:09] MrMxyzptlk123: So why would she move to the back? I'm afraid I don't understand.
[00:09] QuotedCoho: It's supposed to suggest that Jack Bauer is so fierce and violent that Rosa Parks would be so afraid for her personal safety that she would no longer care about civil rights
[00:10] MrMxyzptlk123: Oh. He sounds sort of crazy. And he's the protagonist of the show?
[00:10] MrMxyzptlk123: What kind of program is it? I don't really care for violent programing.
[00:12] QuotedCoho: It's a thriller
[00:12] MrMxyzptlk123: Like the Michael Jackson album?
[00:13] MrMxyzptlk123: I love Michael Jackson. I can't believe the horrible things some people are saying about him and those children.
[00:14] QuotedCoho: Yeah it's sad the way the media treats people
[00:14] QuotedCoho: His type of music isn't really my type but I respect his work
[00:15] MrMxyzptlk123: That's what you get when the entire industry in controlled by those shifty jews.
[00:16] MrMxyzptlk123: Hitler was right.
[00:18] QuotedCoho: I don't think it's fair to classify all Jews as one thing or another
[00:18] MrMxyzptlk123: I would think the same if they hadn't killed our Lord and Savior.
[00:20] QuotedCoho: Not all of them did!
[00:21] MrMxyzptlk123: It's in their blood though.
[00:22] QuotedCoho: Maybe
[00:23] MrMxyzptlk123: I read this essay a few years ago and it changed my life:

And that's when he stopped talking to me. I can't imagine why.

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