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Mxyzptlk avatar 5:00 PM on 11.23.2008
Mxyzptlk Joins the RRoD Club

So this morning I got my first red ring of death. I'm posting this video to share the depth of my sorrow as only Simple Plan is able to express. Fuck you if you make fun of me because in my freshman year my boyfriend got killed by a rogue katamari and you like just don't understand my torment.

Got my repair ticket submitted, and the coffin is on the way. Hopefully I'll be back killing zombies with you guys before the end of the year. Until then, I've got plenty of Wii games I've been meaning to finish.

Also, thanks again to everyone who voted in the "Win Mxyzptlk a PS3 and Some Football Stuff" contest. Once we get the package we'll hopefully do an unboxing video. Or maybe I'll just kill again for your entertainment.

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