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Mxyzptlk avatar 1:02 AM on 01.13.2009  (server time)
Jan 16 2009 Friday Night Fights Planning Thread

Just to get it out of the way:


Yes, it does. They're that way -->

Here's the plan: Every week I'll be posting a sticky in the Game Discussion forum for the purpose of planning out the upcoming Friday Night Fights. The first thread is here. Everyone can post what games they'll be interested in playing, willing to host, what times they'll be available, so on and so forth. The goal is to allow the community as a whole more input into the event, and have everything planned out well in advance so things can get rolling much more smoothly. Throughout the week, I'll be updating the OP as the schedule gets fleshed out. Once the FNF is over, the existing thread will get unstickied, and a new thread for the next week will go up a day or two later. Whenever a new thread is posted, I'll announce it here in the CBlogs. Lather, rinse, repeat.

If you're one of the regular FNF organizers for the CBlogs, PLEASE check out the thread throughout the week and contribute. The idea here isn't to replace all the hard work you guys have been doing, but rather to supplement it, make things easier for you, and get things planned out in advance so everyone can have a more excellent time. Since there's certain groups of people that only keep up with either the CBlogs or the forums, this will hopefully allow everyone a better chance to game together. Grim is on board with the idea, with luck and everyone's involvement this can be a huge success!

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