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1:19 PM on 03.09.2009 // Mxyzptlk
FOOTBALL!!! Prize Unboxing

Way back in the mists of time Ben & I made a football video that won a bunch of prizes and stuff. Due to UPS being staffed by Nazis, child molesters, and werewolves, the original prize package never showed up. Thanks to Samit being awesome, he finally got them to send us a new prize package. So here's me opening it up and showing off all the swag we got!

I don't seem very enthusiastic because it was about 2 or 3 in the morning when we did this, and I was a sleeply boy. Ben doesn't appear because he holding the camera. But if you listen closely on a moonless night, you just may hear his voice on the video. Thanks again Destructoid!
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