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7:31 AM on 11.03.2013

Sunday Grab A Steam Key Day - Gravi On Steam

Gravi on Steam

Mad thanks to the Developer: Hashbang Games for the keys and allowing us to promote. We have some more keys.  All I ask is you tell us your thoughts when you take a key and play the game.


Gravi is an intense puzzle-platformer that will test your tolerance for pain. Shoot and swing your way towards victory as Gravi, an adorable blue ball of energy. While you’re launching through terrorizing traps and bending gravity to your will, Anti-Gravi, an atomic ball of rage, is barreling down on your position.


10:23 PM on 10.29.2013

Dungeon Dashers 2 Keys via Steam On MEEEEEEEEEE!

Enjoy 2 Steam keys on me.  Please if you take the keys post a comment and a paragraph or two of what you thought of the game via the comments!

Key 1:  J JQC7-YJ99A-MH2ZI

Key 2:  G T54Y-64CHZ-Z5CG7

Join my group for more contests!

Dungeon Dashers is a fast-paced turn-based dungeon crawler, bringing the enjoyment of a tabletop board game with friends to the PC. The game’s design streamlines the core dungeon crawler experience to its essentials, for an intense, loot-grabbing adventure.

Accumulate wealth by smashing boxes full of gold, slaying monsters, and looting glowing chests. Use your gold to buy consumables to boost your abilities or craft upgrades for your equipment. Find new swords, bows, staffs, spells and other equipment hidden in chests obscured by challenges and quests.   read

9:01 PM on 10.24.2013

Talisman: Prologue 6 Steam Keys = GRAB ONE

Sorry for being gone so long but I have been busy launching my own site.  I have teamed up with Steam. I help promote video games via the Steam platform via my group and site.

So each month going forward I will post like this to give 5 or more keys away to show support. If you are one of the ninja's who grab a key I ask for some help.

I would like you to support the developers:

Please like them via facebook.  Join the YouTube page as well.

The last request is to post some feedback for the developers if you use the key and play the game. 

I will be showing them the response the 6 of you reply with. So, please enjoy the keys and thanks Dtoid for allowing me to use the blog to help spread the word and feed gamers.

Steam PageTalisman Prologue


Talisman Prologue is an adaptation of the classic fantasy board game Talisman by Games Workshop. This version focuses on single player experience. An epic tale of dice rolling and card drawing takes you on a quest throughout the land to rescue Princesses, slay Dragons and recover lost artefacts.

5L4PW-ZA5CG-C0I2B   read

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