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AKone avatar 1:18 PM on 07.30.2013  (server time)
Thought for the day!

So today was a pretty busy day for me, booked my appointment to apply for my marriage licences, shopped around for a forum and some PHP software, got my CV over to some of the industry recruiters going around annnddd got vegas pro/capture card up and running! 

Didn't get any of my day job done though! xD

But during my hard working day I was suddenly thinking about where the vile people come from in gaming? I have heard some rather nasty things about sexism in gaming and some first hand accounts of what is received, following on from last weeks hate campaign for vondehaar and the stuff with FEZ, brings me to ask big question. How can gamers expect to be taken seriously when they are doing stuff like this? (not saying all gamers are this stereotype but this is unfortunately the stuff people hear about gaming)

Nothing annoys me more than a jumped up little twit chatting garbage down the mic to me on any game let alone ones you expect people to be grown up on. 

So if you hadn't realised already I am a little peeved at the gaming world this week. 

Back to my thought trail. Shouldn't that be an old joke by now? I mean it's not like girls/women are new to games? I mean there is some very successful women in the industry that make the very games your sexist on! 

I do however feel that this can tie directly in with the people playing the games and there age groups, quite literally it is the age of the kids playing the games. Take cod for an example.Yes COD. An 18+ rated game that seems to be populated by 11 year old's. 
And parents are always quick to blame the game companies in one breath and just as quick to run out and buy Tommy that brand new call of duty and skuff controller so they can continue to be vile mouthed little *beeps* that ruin peoples experience in more way's than one. In particular the "hey girl wanna suck my dick?", "Hey get back in the kitchen *expletive*" and "hey your a fag for not quickscoping". 

I think that the blame for children playing adult games lies directly with the parents of said children and not the game companies due to the lack of control retailers and gamers have other than ID and parents can be ID'd can't they? rather vicious circle if you ask me and I am not excusing the hostility and badness of the fully grown adults that are playing the game as they are just as bad is that linked to the snotty little children that populate the game that supposed adults are vile and aggressive as well?

Moving on, and another avenue for thought is what about the game Itself? I mean, I have played Battlefield and COD for a good 5 years and my experiences on each game are entirely different! cod is stressful consistently auto muting or getting an earful from some rage fuelled internet monster whilst battlefield is peaceful, relaxing and generally full of some really cool dudes. (other than the assmins) 

Is this down to my personal preference? I suppose the aim of this blog post has turned into a Rant/ fact/thought finding process from the community here.

I understand gaming is different for everyone and there is good and bad in a lot of corners. I have heard some bad things about the LOL community being similar to my experiences on COD.

So what do you guys find? Is it the game or age group? do you think there is a way to combat it in some way (other than the Grief systems) do you think it is down to the players, game companies or law enforcement? 

Touchy subject for a first gaming Blog but none the less it's a good conversation topic now that gaming is such a widely enjoyed past time by everyone and I am interested in your views and opinions on the matter!

Let me know what you think :)

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