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Help name these kittens. Post suggestions inspired by Mass Effect.

Episode 2 Dinner and Dancing.

click here to see the first movie and get more info

Here is a video of three foster kittens the sole survivors of their feral cat colony litter. They need names and what better way to find them perfect names than through the video game Mass Effect.

Please view the video and then post here your suggestions. More Videos will be added soon so you can see more of their personalities. There is one girl tabby grey, black and brown; two boys: one a tiny, tiny version of his sister and a solid black one.

This feral colony was located in Chicago and of the seven kittens rescued these three are the only ones to make it, the others were too malnourished, and parasite ridden. The tabbies are 6 weeks old and the black kitten is 8 weeks.

12:51 PM on 09.24.2007

Don't care if I'm slowpoking this or not if i am it deserves another post anyway.

Halo Live Action Movie

I thought this was only for the US at first? Just played some Brits.

I will write more about the Beta after John Q Public gets a whack at it.
As per the email:

REMEMBER: This beta is currently unreleased to the public. You are part of a limited Trusted Friends and Family portion of the beta and we ask that you do not post any screenshots, information, video, or other media regarding the beta to the public. We appreciate your cooperation in this effort. Enjoy!