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COD4 Beta doesn't seem to be U.S. only

I thought this was only for the US at first? Just played some Brits. I will write more about the Beta after John Q Public gets a whack at it. As per the email: REMEMBER: This beta is currently unreleased to the public. Y...


COD 4 site down...Beta time?

Charlie Oscar Delta dot com is down, could this mean the beta is about to be let loose? This coupled with the recent announcement that this week the clock would be added to let people know when to login and get there tokens, i think it's happening now. So keep sharp and brush up on your COD trivia so you can answer the questions 3 to get your token. THE BETA IS COMING THE BETA IS COMING.


Win a new Xbox 360 and Bioshock

The guys over at Engadget are giving away a new Xbox 360 with a copy of Bioshock. To win post your favorite video game. Click the link to learn more and to enter. ENGADGET



If you are like me, tired of hearing players using hate speech during game play file a complaint. I just got off GOW and two players were being extremely racist enough so that i am posting this. I was so offended I called M...


COD 4 Xbox Beta out later this week.

Over at Charlie Oscar Delta They have released a new "Perks" video showing more multiplayer action. I suggest popping over and taking a look. As far as the Beta goes here is what Fourzerotwo and the Charlie Oscar Delta Sta...


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