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A New Challenger avatar 4:11 PM on 02.03.2009  (server time)
EarthBound fans, time to weep: Banpresto releases limited ed. Mr. Saturn plushie in Japan

Well, we finally got Club Nintendo in North America, but there will always be reasons to remain jealous of Japan. Toymaker Banpresto is currently selling a life-sized Mr. Saturn plush, coming in at just under half a meter (4 apples) tall. I can't read Japanese at all but from what I can make out on the site (and the Google-translated link on Offworld, below) it looks like a limited edition of 500 will be on sale until the end of February. They're priced at 12,000, or roughly $120 US, not surprising given the limited run and the size of the thing. Seriously, look at those hands!:

I finally got to play EarthBound in the middle of last year by borrowing a friend's copy, and enjoyed it immensely. Sadly, even if I had the money I don't have the space for a gigantic Mr. Saturn in my house, but for any superfans that do, wire money to a friend in Japan as soon as possible and have them put a reservation down.

Man, I can just picture someone selling this with a complete copy of EarthBound on eBay for a bucketload of cash.

[via Offworld]

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