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A Humble Mr Perfect avatar 4:29 PM on 03.22.2008  (server time)
Thanks For the Help: Dtoiding my Residence Hall

I am a Resident Adviser for a Residence Hall @ Northern Michigan. At the beginning of each semester, I am charged with many different projects to create a fun, livable community. These include: creating door decorations displaying each person's name, a duty board which lists which Ra is on call in the building that night, and a info board containing information about anything prevalent. Last semester, I made a Pac-Man theme which pleased me greatly, but I unfortunately lost the photos.

This semester, however, I decided to make a new theme. Sticking with what I knew, I created the Mario theme. I made power-up door decs and a pixelized duty board. However, I was stuck on my information board. I didn't know what to do. I was surfing around Dtoid, back when I was a lurker, when I found The Great Retro Quiz: Mario Edition by Chad Concelmo. It was perfect. I found that it transfered perfectly onto my info board. The answers I believe came from ElectroLemon, so props to you as well. I think that the theme came out rather well, considering I have large, meaty sausages where fingers should reside. Thanks Dtoid!

This is the board. I'm sorry in advance, it's been three months in a high traffic area. My pics are a little ugly because they've been beat up.

I used a folding sheet to hide the answers.

My Duty Board

Some Door Decs

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