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A Humble Mr Perfect avatar 12:31 PM on 08.03.2008  (server time)
Heads Up: Zelda Game and Watch on eBay

Hey, guys! I'm being a shameless attention whore!

In actuality, I'm posting this because this might be relevant to your interests. I just put up my Zelda Game and Watch on eBay. Click here to check it out, I have more sweet pics in the auction.

"The Zelda Game & Watch was first released by Nintendo in 1989 as a multi-screen game and watch (also known as ZL-65). One of the last forays into the Game and Watch series, the unit is a triumph of late 80's technology. Obviously a precursor to the Nintendo DS, this item is a must-have for Zelda-philes, tech junkies (like me!), or retro gamers.

In this adventure, Link must climb to the top of a Stalfos and Moblin infested dungeon to reach the Triforce. At the end of each level you must fight a large dragon before being rewarded with a piece of the Triforce. Along the way you can pick up and use items to help him, such as the Water of Life, a map, and a Tomahawk. If you fall or get hit by a Stalfos the game's over, however there is a continue feature. The game features branching levels, allowing a player to take separate paths through each dungeon, maximizing replayability.

This game is one of the first Zelda games to be released with the gamer playing as Link. This game is now considered to be a cult classic, with some units now fetching up to $400. It was re-released in 1998 as a Nintendo Mini, and can also be found on Game and Watch Gallery Advance for Game Boy Advance, however you must unlock it somehow before you are able to play it." (text brazenly borrowed from Legends and Adventures - A Zelda Fansite).

The unit is really nice, and to all of you screaming DO WANT, please feel free to throw large bushels of cash at me, because Mr Perfect needs to buy textbooks.

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