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Community BLOGS


My new dad euphoria has led me to back the Dark Souls board game at triple the regular price so I can get all 7 expansions. Nowe how to tell the wife.


I just bought a copy of Final Fantasy XIV a Realm Reborn, but they didn't include the right registration code. So I can't even launch the game. I am now the proud owner of a $20 disk that does absolutely nothing


I'm mashing up 2016 videogame trailers with bad youtube covers of the songs Brett suggested and I have to report the results are better than I hoped :/ will post the video soon.


Holy shit psychopaths are real. As someone who pretends have no empathy it is legitimately frightening to discover what someone I thought I knew is capable of.


In Fire Emblem Fates, it turns out, your "real" family is pretty terrible. Takumi is the absoulte worst. Hinoka is boring. Sakura is useless and Ryoma is white bread personified. There are a few units who kind of make up for it, but not enough.


Why do those god damn Angels from EVA have to be such tough motherfuckers D:


Snake girls? Fox girls? But what about Chipmunk girls?!


Everyone seems to be upset when boobs are censored, but no one ever cares that Kirby is never allowed to be happy and enjoying his adventures on his US game covers.


Racism, Racism everywhere... but seriously, I would date a water demon...


Civil War was good, but managed to stoop well below a rambling, giddy, incoherent Lex Luther to accomplish the same kind of conflict - and it's the third time an Avengers movie has used said plot device.


Hating that I currently have massive writer's block for my last paper of the semester. I'm barely at a page and it's supposed to be at least 10 pages. >.<


Waiting 30 more minutes for my college graduation to start; wishing i had stayed home to play Overwatch instead.


Hey,Jiraya!I'm all out of catgirls,will foxy girls do the trick?


Also why does C.C. look like a smug bitch 99% of the time?


Thats a man that realized he just got his shit wrecked.


Finally got my Beasthunter build all kitted out. That popped collar with cape and wide brimmed hat ensemble. It's just so sick.


Started to play some DoW2 Last Stand again.


Guys, Alienation is my drug of choice for the foreseeable future. I've only played 78 minutes and I'm hooked. It feels so good and plays so well. And I can just see myself dumping unholy amounts of time to get that perfect weapon. Send help plz.


I hope y'all realise cat girls are just low tier monster girls.


Am I missing something with Overwatch, or is it just meant to be kind of "eh"?


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