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Community BLOGS


Power Ranger suits for the movie look like discount Iron Man and somehow worse than what we had back in the 1995 movie. And who thought it was a good idea to give them boob armor? What is wrong with people?


All the cool and real power sides with Iron Man. He has Spiderman, Black Panther, Vision and Widow. Stark owns his mistakes. Cap doubles down on his. Also, where the hell is Fury during all this. He's probably scheming to bring them all down.


If getting high and watching movies or playing videogames was a major, I'd have graduated with a Master's degree by now. Fuck this semester


Is it weird that CJ's review is the first time I've seen the US price for Pocket Card Jockey listed anywhere? They were pretty mum on it until now (maybe because it's cheaper in Japan?). Either way, it's totally worth it. Addiction City, here I come!


Just curious what the split looks like here on the ol' toid. Personally I'm team Captain America. (Even though Panther is my favorite and he's starting out on the wrong side. Dafuh Marvel? Dafuh?


This is what sex looks like & it now costs 13800 yen.


Got a proper game of TF2 played today that lasted over an hour. Still good at it! Completely different kinds of games and both are fun but this has me wanting Overwatch less because I'll probably still play it more. :p Guess I feel a bit more in control.


"Persona 5 on September 15?! Right around my birthday! I know what I'm get-wait what? In JAPAN?! You smug son of a bitch..."


Okay... 9 hours of Overwatch just happened and I didn't realise it. I guess productivity can wait until tomorrow.


It's funny in Overwatch because Lucio is the name of the large Italian man who owns the pizzeria right by my work. Lucio on skates is a very funny thing for me to think/hear/dream about.


We HAVE to have Destructoid OverWatch for FNF tomorrow. HAVE to! I can host on PC, but I think we'll pull more of a crowd if a more prominent member of the community posts about it. Please! :D


Good thing I know to get the Forza 6 f2p whatever beta in the windows store. People not knowing this wouldn't find out even on the official website. Microsoft and PC games is always funny.


I'm new to eBay and did my first snipe and won on a bid. Feel bad for the guy who probably looked at the 30 seconds left on the item thinking he would win but also so satisfying to metaphorically take candy from that baby




mmmmmmmmmmm that Persona 5 trailer is a fine way to wake up. Also could Torch have found P5 best girl? Perhaps, but only time will tell.


Everyone in the Discord channel that I mod are talking about P5. Seems Hacker-chan is their waifu.


I warn anyone who sees this in the future that is anticipating Persona 5, today's footage will ruin you for marriage. To the game, anyway, but that's all that matters, right?


I really want to try Overwatch, but with my connection, it won't be done downloading until the open beta is over.


People bitching about the Modern Warfare Remaster being locked behind Infinite Warfare's CE need to remember one thing: Modern Warfare 2's CE had Call of Duty classic as an exclusive for a few months. It sold separately at a later date. Fuck!


As the Nuzlocke continues I'm starting to feel bad for naming my Stantler 'Bitchface', considering he's more than pulling his weight. We still mourn Flowersaur, but Seras (now Crobat) has become the new main 'mon.


Saw a deal for the 500 gig ps4 with free controller and Rachet game. Seems pretty tempting since I'd like the game, then realised theres nothing else on it that's worth it. Shame.


Looking forward to checking out Overwatch in the beta for the first time tonight.


Now listening to old music 11 - Tears For Fears - Shout


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