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http://www.pocketgamer.biz/news/63108/supercell-on-track-to-break-3-billion/ This sort of news is why you see investors looking towards phones instead of consoles and PC. Which is a shame for me, since phone games tend to be ok at best, awful often.


So I hear Nintendo isn't going to talk about the NX at E3 or in their Nintendo Direct next month. Haven't they learned anything from the Wii U? But I guess it's ok, the only people buying it are people who already know it exists now.


Etymology Fun Facts #2! The word "nice" was once a negative descriptor. Meaning mostly "dumb" it comes from the Latin "nescious" (ne- "not" and scious- "cut", the root of our modern word "science"). It became a positive through favoring timidity in women.


Today, a Lizard Person pretending to be a human that is my coworker attempted to tell me a joke. They have discovered the human concept of "humor." THEY ARE EVOLVING!


So Battlefield 5 is actually going to be called Battlefield 1? That doesn't make any sense. Who did EA consult with before making this decision?


So... I MAY have made Mazinger Z an unstoppable tank for early game SRW Z3. Oops?


god I hope the rumors for Battlefield 5 are true, alternate WW1? Yes please!


Hellfighter DLC items for Battlefield 1 See comments for something additional


Attempting to play Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse on my Kindle Fire tablet makes me hope and pray none of the big three abandon actual buttons on their controllers.


The new Battlefield is called Battlefield 1, and takes place in an alternate history World War 1


When your opponent Rage Quits your Gold Promotion match in Killer Instinct and it be like:


So, I've just finished the first version of the first of my Persona 3 covers for my upcoming SMT/Persona fan album! And, of all songs, it's probably P3's most hit or miss. As a result, it's probably my most hit or miss. Feedback, pls! Link in comments.


Just got a 25 Kill Streak as Hanzo in the Overwatch Beta. I don't even play these types of games. What madness is this?!


It's kind of sad when a topic goes without mention or coverage on a site for a while and you're actually relieved since you know just how it would have turned out. So much for that, though.


Lmao. Evangelion movies are on sale at Rightstuf for Mother's Day. I guess they figure the purest form of love between a mother and son is a good old fashioned Oedipus Complex.


Watching Uncharted 4 commercials before buying a Neo like


I wish for a Space Station 13 game with better controls and maybe a little less jumbled coding-onset lag. I miss being an assistant and trying to steal EVA suits in every match. /tg/station best station.


I'm a healer. I have one desire, to keep your character alive and well as long and as efficiently as possible. That's all I want to do. Would it really be all that much drama for you to just *maybe* attempt to do the same for me?


One thing about Overwatch sucks: that most of the players at the moment are braindead.


The managers have come to their senses and I am now free from the floral department. All is right with the world.


Dr. Neo Cortex Voice Actor May Have Teased Crash Bandicoot's Revival On PS4


Dtoid REALLY needs to sort out its mobile ads. Opening another web page or even opening an entirely different app is just unacceptable. Posting QPs is more of a pain than it should be in this tiny box too.


With 7 out of 8 badges, the run is still going strong with no major deaths lately. The team is holding up very well, but Musclina the Machoke has yet to impress me. As much as I like Fighting types, she may get boxed.


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