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Community BLOGS


I just want to see the next Nintendo handheld. Sony pretty much handed Nintendo that market when they gave up on Vita. Sony's Japanese studios are gonna need something to do.


When you're trying to work on a super important project that's due in eight hours and Overwatch sits on your desktop, taunting you.


My daughter turned 6 20 minutes ago. My next child will be born in exactly 36 hours. Is this a tI me to be alive or what. There aren't enough ways to say how happy I am.


Sony sells PS4 as a profit and it's a good idea. Nintendo sells NX at a profit and it's a bad idea. It's about as astounding as it is typical.


A piece from an old comic long since halted. It's still really good though


Blandhammer: Yawn of War

So Relic is announcing something concerning its long-running RTS Warhammer 40,000 series Dawn of War tomorrow. Suffice it to say those of us who enjoyed the series (such as myself) are curious and hopeful that we'll see ...



Fuck Overwatch, I'll be playing Battleborn tonight on my stream. (No, but really, they are both pretty good games from what I can tell.)


Second reminder to Vita owners: Get Severed. I'm officially staying up late to play it, backtracking for optional collectables.



Played MK8 200cc with the competitive community today. Mmmmmm, felt good being reminded there's a game where I will for sure get my ass kicked online.


Well, I've just thought of an idea that'd be equal parts amazing and terrible: Gravity Rush for PS VR. It'd be pretty fucking amazing, but the motion sickness would be SO real.


Finally made it to Nue in Nioh. Getting my ass served on a platter. Got him to like 55% once I think ...


If you have any information regarding her whereabouts, please contact your nearest Larxinostic.


Weekly Music Load - Entry #1

Hey there, DToiders! Welcome to a weekly blog series in which I highlight some badass videogame music you may or may not have heard of! If you like yourself some scrumdiddlyumptious music - FROM GAMES NO LESS - then you...



I think this is new, maybe added in a recent Windows update? (I'm on 7) If you press the guide button after starting your wireless 360 controller it shows the battery charge remaining. Wonder if that interferes with Big Picture Mode, that used it right?


Guys. You guys. The Overwatch hype. It's real. Like holy crap is this good.


I got a Loot Crate DX and I love it. Horde and alliance burbon glasses? Yes please! Massive D20 shaped chilling rocks? Why, I'll take that! 8 inch, glow in the dark adventure time figure? How'd you know. Lightweight Zelda hoodie? It's on my bod!


Played some Overwatch Beta at my friend's house since my code hasn't arrived yet and... wow. It's so much fun. It's so incredibly satisfying. I got the play of the game as Mei and I just feel so much more excited for the full game to launch.


Just started playing through Doom 3 for the first time. This is...weird. It kinda feels like 1 and 2 have aged better than this one. The gunplay feels really limp. Not even sure if I want to continue it. Is the story good?


The most popular pages on my Steam grid image site. It's cool knowing so many people are using my stuff! Nekopara made it into the top ten. All of you pervs, buying the dirty version and adding a Steam shortcut!


Does anyone here want a code for Shantae and the Pirate's Curse for 3DS or Freedom Planet for WiiU? They're both great games, but I own them already. I just want them to go to someone who'll play them :).


I'm playing more Bloodborne, feel free to watch! https://www.twitch.tv/juic3%20


Oh my goodness, Overwatch is so damn good. I'm playing with a couple friends right now and... yes. This is being bought. You can't stop me.


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