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So, I thought I'd survey you guys. I wrote a short college bio on Hatsune Miku and the Vocaloid process and industry. Would any of you care to read that paper? Kudos to Zetta for giving me the idea to share it.


Okay, so my work's admin officially started supporting Chrome, as it turns out, which means they blocked cookies, plugins, and just about everything on it. So, now I have to use FireFox for a proper experience -_-


Okay, so my work's admin officially started supporting Chrome, as it turns out, which means they blocked cookies, plugins, and just about everything on it. So, now I have to use FireFox for a proper experience -_-


Game gave me Black Getter mission 9. Love yoooouuu. Although Viral is hanging around as an npc :( Gurren lagann soon maybe?


So apparently the new Uncharted has graphics filters? I'm really liking the cel shaded one. I'd play that, sure.


So this PS4 Neo, how's that supposed to work if you already have an original one and want to transfer everything on your old HDD over?You'd probably just have to do it all manually. THAT would blow chunks. I don't plan on getting one, but still.


Astro Figgter Sunred theme is stuck in my head. Anyone want to watch a few episodes with me say Saturday via Rabbit?


Thank God For Me & The Jimquisition (Jim Sterling) (2012) - Song from Songs for Gamers, written for the one and only Jim Sterling. It's actually two songs. I went with a church type song for the first part, and an action song for the second part.


So, instead of being able to see my updates, Disqus keeps telling me to make an account when I click on my red bubble. I'm already logged on through Destructoid, though. Anyone else having this issue?


Does anyone know where to find a list of the Angels from Evangelion? I'm not too familiar with them and I have to defeat certain ones under certain conditions for bonuses...


I've spent this day watching the Stellaris multiplayer Twitch stream... DAY WELL SPENT.


Something's wrong with my Destructoid, I can never see posts from the people constantly praising Nintendo with all the free passes I always see mentioned. Get it fixed now mod folks!


I was looking for things to buy and stumbled on this and thought of Nekro instantly... no real reason...


Started Star Fox Guard today. I wish it had gyro controls. But, then again, some of the gameplay is dependent on how slow the cameras turn, which would be awkward with motion.


Unsure if I agree with the guy but this Guardian article on a "crisis" for the FPS is worth a read. https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2016/may/04/modern-warfare-sucks-crisis-first-person-shooter-games-call-duty


I was sitting at lunch and my buddy was eating Chik Fil A & muttering about bigotry in delicious chicken form and before long he just started spewing a bunch of weak liberal bullshit for no reason at all. See why I steer conversations toward video games?


How come none of you told me about Crypt of the Necrodancer and that it was so fun?! I hold you all accountable.


After gaming for many years, I tea-bagged someone in Halo last night. He was an ass. Wife walks into the room and asked me why I was pressing my peaches up against the TV screen. Apparently, tea-bagging in a game is different than in real life.


New Game+ better watch out. This fucker's in town.


Dengeki put up more visuals for 'The Disappearance of @Nekrosys This Summer': http://dengekionline.com/elem/000/001/267/1267311/


Been having a crappy week so far, but then I found this. Week: vindicated. It's the little things.


Somebody already said it and I can't remember who, but he/she's right. The next form of handheld gaming is exclusively in the hands of Nintendo. Let's hope that they make a system with all the brilliance of Nintendo packed in the all the aesthetic of Sony


My job features co-workers who lack communication/interpersonal skills & these people get upset with me because they leave little important details out of their messages. Details are kinda important. Not sure this is going to work out


I love Windows 10 and I'm all for Microsoft making an attempt on PC gaming again but they need to get this stuff fixed. On my third time downloading Quantum Break as the update refused to download there and the game wouldn't show up in the Start menu...


Going through my 2nd run in Nioh trying to play unarmed, and katana style. Unarmed counters are an instant kill and I'm landing them ~70% of the time so it's pretty fun. If I mess up, I go for the sword. Check out this video too. Dude's not human ..


Nuzlocke update: lucked out and caught a male Nidoran, but by now I've already gotten so attached to Edward the Sandslash that I don't plan on using it. I guess that means it's working!


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