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Finally got around to starting Pocket Jockey. What a delightful little game. I absolutely adore the dialogue and the main character. The gameplay is really fun too. Fun fact, CJ is quoted on the eshop in the sales banner for the game right now.


The next person to ask me to "hold the door" today is getting kicked in the balls. While I'm sobbing of course. Seriously fuck my coworkers.


Is it acceptable to rant here? Even if its not about games? Cause I'm sick of my female facebook friends linking to their odyssey online articles they wrote. You're 19 and a freshman in college. You don't have all the answers. Sorry this isn't video gamey


And thats REmake finished and done-really good game, had a great time with it. Finally digging into the backlog and clearing it out a bit.


So I watched Millennium Actress again today and I don't know why I insist on watching movies that make me feel terrible things after they're done. I still wholly recommend it if you haven't seen it before. It's fantastic.


I'm not sure how I feel about dividing my most recent WIP blog into parts, but it's probably for the better. It was already larger than any other blog I had written with just 25% done.


Man, sockpuppet accounts representing "gamers" are still in vogue. Sad they don't know it takes longer to create them than to ban/delete them.


Browsing through Doom Mods you can find pretty much everything ... but the lack of Warhammer 40k themed mods is kinda disturbing ... and sad.


'Hey Torch, what's writing your recent blog like' '30% writing, 70% making gifs'


Vita vs PSP. Go. Nonono. Not the PSP Go. Just go.


Hey, just a streamin thing. https://www.twitch.tv/gamemaniac3434 Feel free to join me for some REmake, ask me some questions about Microbiology and whatnot if you are interested.


Well, I caved in and grabbed a copy of Overwatch (PS4).


what you wanna see video-wise out e3? conference recaps round tables? video previews to go w/ written? just off-screen footage for extended look at gameplay of new games that prob only got brief trailers? purely weird shit like that Great America video?


Watching Monday Night RAW and a DOOM commercial pops up. "Bloody Awesome" - Destructoid. Being quoted from a 2014 post. You guys made it, now.


So, if Microsoft already has a console not doing so well, is it really wise to release an upgraded version and segment their already not-great market share? Like if the NX was a more powerful Wii U instead of a new system, would anyone care or want it?


Because only poor people have to choose. :P Nah, for real though, even though I bought Battleborn to tide me over until Overwatch came out, I think it's a lot of fun for MOBA players. I can see myself trying to play both games for the foreseeable future.


I'm so sorry GM, I should have been a better trainer for you... I mean, you had shitty moves and stats, but maybe if we got to talk to each other, understand each other, things wouldn't have come to this...


When people complain that Gotham doesn't fit the Batman continuity I have to ask... which continuity? I mean, how many goddamn versions of the Batman "continuity" are there? At least Gotham is trying something different (and doing it quite well imo).


shameless plug! Anyone interested in Koihime Enbu on PC, a friend is running a double elimination tournament on Wed at 6pm GMT. Its an open competition so if you want to join, just sign up! http://mechagsplays.challonge.com/koihimepcpilot


Meanwhile, Bo watches me kill a bunch of shit, and he's all "Good going, man." And when I say "Yeah!" in return, he's all, "Revel in it. You earned it, brotha." Best husbandu confirmed.


Is anybody else pretty scrubby at Street Fighter V? They killed what I loved about 'Gief in IV and now I'm in a rut. My PSN is TurboThrill. Hit me up.


I actually think the Wii-U is the worst console I have ever owned. I've played maybe 10 games I like on it, but only 3 are actually Wii-U games and not virtual console games, and only 1 of those is actually made by Nintendo.


You guys report on Notch saying some stuff on Twitter, but you don't bother reporting on Notch reading Notch X Minecraft fanfiction on Witwix's stream today? Fucking Game Journalism man, really need to get y'alls priorities straight. :')


Dear Laptop, I know you hate being cleaned but if you don't stop making that whining noise with your fan because I cleaned out the vents, I will take you in for repairs. You have been warned.


To Doom or not to Doom ... that's the question. Sometimes I hate my life.


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