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Jun 29 // OverlordZetta

Muv-Luv is possibly getting localized! Kickstart it blind! Don't read this blog!

So out of fucking nowhere, the Muv-Luv trilogy of visual novels is up for a possible Kickstarter campaign this summer to localize the main three games of the series. Now normally this is where I would link to info and en...
Jun 29 // Virtua Kazama

History of EVO Championship Series 5-Part Blog

EVO 2015 will be coming in two weeks. And to prepare for the occasion, there will be a 5-part daily blog on Destructoid talking about the history of EVO series. From Battle of the Bay series, to EVO 2015, I will talk ab...
Jun 29 // Squareman

Four Challengers That Should Make Their Return In Street Fighter 5

In the wake of Birdie making it into the next iteration of the Street Fighter Series, I had a number of conversations about other fighters that should make the roster. Being that we don't really know where Street Fighter 5 wi...
Jun 29 // Dreamweaver

Comments of the Week - A little too happy

Welcome back to Comments of the Week! As you're all probably aware by now, this is a community showcase where I scour articles to find the best comments said by members of the site such as yourself. So, whether you've been d...
Jun 29 // James Internet Ego

The Pain of Playing Old Games

Recently I tried to play Knights of the Old Republic. My PC said no. I then tried to play Imperium II. My PC said no. I tried to play Battlefront II. The PC said yes, but only if I plug something into the microphone port &nd...
Jun 29 // ScreamAid

Video Game Music Compilation 45

Whoo! VGMC #45 INBOUND! No select game or theme to this one. Just your average collection of awesome VGM from random places that you might just enjoy. I do it for the diversity. I do it for you. <3 Healthy World - Paradis...
Jun 29 // SpielerDad

Why do we still care about Backwards Compatibility?

E3 2015 has come and gone. The big corporations had their pressers, the unwashed masses got to try out the latest wares, and the Los Angeles area is free of game industry marketing reps and journalists, to concentrate on more...
Jun 29 // kragg

Mutant League Football Retrospective

  1993 was a pretty great year. Steely Dan reunited, and a young Meg Ryan's performance stole America's heart in Sleepless in Seattle. The Sega Genesis (or "Mega Drive" for our friends across the pond) was also in its p...
Jun 29 // RadicalYoseph


So I've been working on a longer more in-depth blog for the past week or so and honestly I haven't made much progress. These music blogs are a whole lot easier and help wake me up so I can actually get some work done on my lo...
Jun 29 // Fly Cooper

Combat Evolved?

In 1993 developer Id created the original legend of first-person shooters, Doom. This game, like many in the 90s, had a simple goal, reach the end of the level after shooting the living shit out of whatever stood in your way...
Jun 29 // Psycho Punch

Last Gen is New Again

Images are taken from The Regular Show Wiki. This year's E3 was supercharged with so many things that made people feel very excited for the future of video games. Funny as it may sound, one of biggest headliners that many pe...
Jun 28 // Retrofraction

Band of Bloggers: Exploring Fantasy

Dang... I missed the last one.Well... Final Fantasy 6 is somewhat of an open world exploring game that I have been replaying. Sry this will not be as nearly as cool as Tank Man... but I have plans for Tank Man to Return :) S...
Jun 28 // StriderHoang

Time to pull myself away from Monster Hunter

I'm finally sitting down three months later and 400+ hours in to talk about Monster Hunter. I've talked about smaller aspects of my enjoying it but I have yet to really sit down and really talk shop on Monster Hunter, like o...
Jun 28 // OverlordZetta

Sometimes it's the little things

Thanks to Nintendo's recent E3 eShop sale, I was finally able to take the plunge and get Fire Emblem Awakening. While I expect I'll be writing more about the game once I finish it, there's one feature in particular the game h...
Jun 28 // CblogRecaps

Cblogs of 06/27/15 + A Queer Sort Of Shock

  On the 26th of June 2015 (also known as the day this isn't being posted on nor recapped for), the denial of gay marriage became declared as unconstitutional by the US Supreme Court. This has somewhat signified the fin...
Jun 28 // TroyFullbuster

I'm off to FDNY Academy also thanks Holmes!

Honestly, I just graduated college but I took this test 3 years ago got called this past year, then passed two physical test, and the medical, and psychological and well I’m here now and going to academy for 18 weeks. I...
Jun 28 // Dreamweaver

Let's get a little gay (hentai) in here (NSFW!)

Hi, everybody! As you may have heard, there's recently been a ruling from the United States Supreme Court that same-sex marriage should be, and is, a right for all citizens nationwide. I'd say that'd be a cause for celebrati...
Jun 28 // n0signal

BOOK REVIEW: Sword of Destiny (The Witcher Saga)

Originally published in 1992, it’s taken until May 2015 (coinciding with the release of The Witcher III: Wild Hunt) for Andrzej Sapkowski’s Sword of Destiny to finally be translated into English, this time by Dav...
Jun 28 // Flegma

Meandering thoughts on database sims

If "walking simulator" can be considered a genre, then maybe "database simulator" ought to be considered one as well. Portal is the first game of the sort I know of. No, not the game by Valve, but this. I never played it myse...
Jun 28 // JPF720

A trip to Spain and the search for a dream (Part 2/2)

For those of you who'd like to check the first part of this mini-series, here's the link.  All right, so, where was I? Oh yeah, I was planning my strategy to approach Suda and Mikami. One of the ones that occurred to us ...
Jun 28 // Manchild

Daggertits and Boob Nukem

There are a lot of things to blog about right now. The amazing news of legalized gay marriage is on the burner big time, and I actually have quite a bit to say about it. I'm playing three major games right now, and am mulling...
Jun 28 // TheDustinThomas

Flea Market Game Finds: GameCube Jackpot Edition (6/27/15)

Hey everybody, you may have noticed that I haven't posted one of these videos in a while. That's because the weather in Cincinnati has been absolutely uncooperative the last three weekends. So I actually had to cheat a little...
Jun 28 // Titannel

Story: The DMV Situation.

Hey everyone. I'm absolutely floored that my Rare Replay post got promoted to the main site. Seriously. It's the best feeling in the world, and I really appreciate all of the praise and criticism that my post recieved. Needle...
Jun 27 // KylerMurden

Hangover Games: Dark Souls

I am prone to the occasional heady night of bacchanalian indulgence (Read: a shamful frezy featuring 7 rums, a dance off, existential crisis, shots, and 2 pitchers of beer)I tend to wake up feeling less than ambulatory.I...
Jun 27 // James Internet Ego

'The Point of A Citybuilder is Not to Build A City'

This may seem confusing. For many, citybuilding games are primarily about aesthetics – taking the time to meticulously lay out their settlement with parks, paths and pretty buildings. On the other hand, metrics te...
Jun 27 // CblogRecaps

Cblogs of 6/26/15 + Theisms: Good Vibes Edition

  You know how I can tell that I'm getting older? Because things that I used to hate are the things that excite me the most. Ten years ago, you know what I loved? Videogames and pro wrestling. You know what I hate...
Jun 27 // Kooram

E.Y.E: Divine Cybermancy - A Beautiful Mess

E.Y.E: Divine Cybermancy is a fucking stupid, janky, uninintuitave video game. It's got too many ideas, too little guidance, and far too much exposition. It's also host to one of the longest played hours on my...
Jun 27 // Manchild

Games and Theory

The other day I was going through my bookshelf of eclectic reading materials and realized what a weirdo I am. Sonic the Hedgehog History. Modern Pin Up. A Dictionary of Mythology. Slaughterhouse Five. MYST. The History ...
Jun 27 // KiiWy

Why America Wins

We all win I'm going to apologize in advance, as I'm sure this may offend some of you. This particular blog isn't about video games in general...but it is about something I feel strongly about. I know that many of you d...
Jun 27 // ScreamAid

My Favorite Videogame Villains

Villains are an amazing thing in stories of all kinds. Some villains are an uncontrollable force the protagonist has to contend with, others are characters with motivations and goals, and some are entities with goals, mo...

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