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May 25 // zen110

Brutal Mario: The Beautiful product of a Fanfiction Fever Dream

Brutal Mario is a Romhack of Super Mario World in which you can wield Meta Knight's sword, summon a Ring Boomerang, and fight King K.Rool in an undersea palace.  It's like all those shitty fanfiction drawings we mad...
May 25 // ScreamAid

Jump! REVIEW - The Most Fun Circle on the Mobile Market!

Developer: KetchappPublisher: KetchappFormat: IOS, Android Jump! is one of those mobile games that truly surprised me. From looking at it and it's screenshots, I expected a simple skill game, like the ones Ketchapp are ...
May 25 // CoconutmilkFilms

[Video] Game Pondering: Is It Okay To Dislike The Witcher?

I have always believed that there is no such a things as a perfect game. Most games have both strenghts and flaws and your enjoyment depends purely on how much you personally can appreciate those strenghts and how easy i...
May 25 // CblogRecaps

Cblogs of 5-24-15 + Replay-isms!

This week mostly consisted of me watching Mad Max movies and finishing Metal Gear Solid 2 and Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. I played the HD version of MGS2 on my PS Vita with the...
May 24 // Oculin

Freedom Wars Review

A bit of a forewarning, I didn't play any post game or online content for this game as an update error corrupted my game file. A good chunk of the Vita's Japanese library is made up of cooperative monster hunting games....
May 24 // Chi-Guy

Will Splatoon be Nintendo's Next BIG Hit?

If you would have told me a couple years ago that Nintendo’s next big IP would be a shooter, I would have said you’re insane. Now, here we are. The full release of Splatoon is only a couple days away, and we&...
May 24 // zen110

The Splatoon Server Clusterf**k (and why it's a good thing)

So back on friday, Nintendo decided it'd have another round of stress testing graciously provided demo time with the upcoming Splatoon.  The first three testfire sessions had gone beautifully and everyone loved...
May 24 // n0signal

RETROSPECTIVE: Final Fantasy XIII & Final Fantasy XIII-2

I’ve already written a retrospective blog gushing about my favourite two games in the Final Fantasy series, namely Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy X, but my third place deserves a bit more space to talk about....
May 24 // CblogRecaps

Cblogs of 5/23/15 - I play Destiny. I don't hate it!

Yeah, you read that title right. I said I play and you know what? It really isn't that bad of a game. However, let me be totally honest and say that I don't actually play the "main" part of the package. See, you know a...
May 24 // PK493

The Last 9 Months...No I Wasn't Pregnant(Plus First Episode of My New WebSeries!

What if I had just spent this entire time digging a hole directly underneath me? How far down would I have gone? How would I have got the dirt out of the tunnel? I can't dig endlessly down without consequences a la Dig D...
May 24 // James Internet Ego

Relegated: Gaming on Holiday

If only all holidays seemed that interesting. But nope, I'm visiting relatives. And as a teenager, there is very little to do. I am not young enough to find the mere act of going on holiday thrilling in itself, nor am I...
May 24 // Titannel

A Brief Teaser of My Trip to Disney World...

So, last week I had the pleasure of going to Walt Disney World to the first Star Wars Weekend of the year. What is Star Wars Weekend? Essentially, it's Disney's way of celebrating the awesomeness that is Star Wars by hav...
May 24 // El Dango

We need chat back and HERE'S WHY!!!

As you might have noticed, Destructoid has gone through some sort of second puberty lately. It was a weird and gross and uncomfortable time for everyone, but I'd say the whole thing was worth it in the end. That is exce...
May 23 // Pixie The Fairy

What motivates your creation of a character?

When I'm given the option to create a character in an RPG or hunter game, I tend to go a little overboard, I guess. I'll sit there and spend hours messing with the options - especially if I know that character is going t...
May 23 // Beldomsey

Splatoon Global Testfire Server Overload

Splatoon Demo Full of Players The fourth, and last time to play the Splatoon Global Testfire demo was on May 23rd, at 6PM (EST) and 3PM (PST).  It was a booming success.   In fact, it was such a success (for Ni...
May 23 // Terry 309

Looking Back: Warcraft 3: Reign Of Chaos/Frozen Throne Campaign Review

Since this review is for both the main game and the expansion, I’m going to focus on the campaign. In any case, the online multi player component might as well be considered dead at this point due to it’s ut...
May 23 // CblogRecaps

Cblogs of 5/22/15 + Theisms: Super Happy Puppy Fun Time

Something very weird happened to me on Thursday. I was heading back home from the gym, and as I was entering my hometown, I watched a dear crossing the road about 200 feet ahead of me. This was about 7am, so lots of pe...
May 23 // TroyFullbuster

Top 5 N64 Games Video Format!

Hey guys I know I haven't really blogged that much but since school is done expect more of it! For now take this Top 5 N64 video we made like a month ago and tell us your favorites! I don't get the new format so here's the link Top 5 N64 Games #5 is DK64 spoiler ;D
May 23 // n0signal

E3 2015: My Top Anticipated Games

In a previous blog post, at the very start of 2015, I made a list of my most anticipated games for the year. Well, some have already been released and were *incredible* (the sublime Majora’s Mask 3D and mighty Bloo...
May 23 // Scary Granules

Scary Granules Episode 29 - ULTIMATE EDITION!

A cold wind blows through your knickers, an omen so dark it can only herald the coming once again (oh my!) of that sickening podcast the kids refer to only as the 'Scareth Granuleth podcast', and only then in hushed whis...
May 22 // Jed Whitaker

True Kinect Gamer Progress Update #1: A starts a start

Progress is progress Well week 1 is over for my weightloss journey leading up to E3, where I've been focusing on diet, excercise and becoming a TRUE Kinect gamer. I started at around 268lbs, the heaviest I've been in my...
May 22 // SigfriedLion

Guardians Of Our Lives: Destiny, and the Skinner Box.

I get up early in the morning, have breakfast and go for a quick jog. After a fresh shower, I sit down and press the black, round button on the controller, and a few seconds later, the character select screen appears. I...
May 22 // SeymourDuncan17

7 more things you should ignore about SeymourDuncan17

What's more fun than blasting 80's new wave out the front car of a train shaped like a hot dog wiener while you're being tit-cuddled by Jessica Nigri? Leeching off blog trends! And who doesn't love talking about themsel...
May 22 // CblogRecaps

Cblogs of 05/21/15 + Contrarian Deus Ex opinions

 Last week I discussed getting into a stealth game or two, and really enjoying both of them. I also pondered whether I should give Deus Ex: Human Revolution a go. I still had this game backlogged, bu...
May 22 // Riobux

Affect The Affections Love In Videogames

This week I would like to talk about the depictions of love in videogames. Ah, the tickle of butterflies in your stomach. The sensation of awkward nervousness around someone. The obsessive thought-patterns about that par...
May 22 // anystrom0

Co-Op for Life: Introducing Your Partner to Gaming

As gamers, we spend a majority of our free time exploring strange new worlds, not unlike the .  It's not difficult to get lost inside a videogame and suddenly wonder where the hell the last four hours went.  T...
May 22 // PS FNF

PS Friday Night Fights: My Knees Look Like Swiss Cheese Edition

The title is only a slight exaggeration, at least as far as the reason for coming up with that comparison: There are marks all over my legs from newly fucked up skin, old healing skin and plenty of scabs. Such is skat...
May 22 // El Dango

Thick as Thieves: Sailing under a Black Flag

BOOOOOTAAAAAYYYYY!!!   Has there ever been any sort of thief cooler than a pirate? I don't think so! If you gotta steal, sailing around, blasting down enemy ships and straight up taking all their shit by force...
May 22 // OrochiLeona

Knightmare: 80's Kids in Chromakey Carnage

"Welcome, Watchers of illusion, to the Castle of confusion..."Twice in as many weeks I've found myself discussing Knightmare in the comments section of front page articles, receiving replies from people who remember it w...
May 22 // Nintendoid

Nintendoid FNF May 22 - We need you Splatoon

Here at Nintendoid, we play Nintendo games. Do you realize how little games there are? I don't. All I play is Monster Hunter these days. I don't give a fuck nobody plays Monster Hunter with me because I'm the type of pe...

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