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May 21 // PStoid

PStoid Episode 23: Coffee and Schnapps

  This time, on PStoid... On this episode, Nanashi comes back to Uncharted 3, Neal gives us his thoughts on Video Game High School and special guest Roberto Plankton talks about glued together things. Addedly...
May 15 // videogamestore

Resident Evil 6 Game

Blending action and survival horror, Resident Evil 6 promises to be the dramatic horror experience of 2013. Resident Evil favorites Leon S. Kennedy, Chris Redfield and Ada Wong are joined by new characters, including Ja...
May 14 // PStoid

#23 with Roberto Plankton records soon, ask things!

In the proceeding episode of PStoid we will be telling you the story of resident dtoid-community artist and overall good sport, he must be a good sport if he's coming onto our show! We will be sure to ask the very basic...
May 13 // TheDustinThomas

Error Machine Podcast 51 - Luke's Burning Bra

Luke doesn't appear on the show this week out of protest that Bloodstained will not be coming to the 3DS, Vita, or Wii U. He also burned his bra. Time marks below. Intro 0.00 Igarashi's Bloodstained Kickstarter 2.00 Te...
May 05 // PStoid

PStoid Episode 22: Losing Our Loco

  This time, on PStoid... On this episode, Trev hosts so prepare for some bloodboner talk, Cornflake defends vegetables, Neal defends Borderlands, Kim has some news to share and Nanashi deals with it, serious...
May 03 // Preposterous Whitey

The Dead Pixels Podcast #18: Shadow the Hedgehog (ft. Laura Kate)

I promise you... REVENGE! On the latest Dead Pixels Podcast, the crew take a dark and edgy journey of self discovery. Laura Kate Dale of Destructoid joins Daniel and Nathan to reminisce about being an angsty teenager wi...
Apr 28 // TheDustinThomas

Recording a new podcast tonight, you know what to do. Questiooooooooons!

By now, you all know how this works. I put up this podcast, you ask either relevant or silly questions, and myself and some friends answer them to the best of our ability. If you want to be on topic, two of our talking p...
Apr 24 // TheDustinThomas

Error Machine Podcast 50 - Tuff E Nuff

The new episode of the Error Machine Podcast is waiting for you to consume it with your ears. Topics below! Dustin applied for WWE's Tough Enough – 1:16 Luke played a lot of games – 5:00 Titan Souls – ...
Apr 23 // TheDustinThomas

Call for questions for huge Episode 50 of the Error Machine Podcast.

Actually, it's just going to be a normal episode, it just happens to have a quasi-significant number at the end. But since you're here, go ahead and leave us a question of two. Some of the games we'll be discussing are S...
Apr 22 // PStoid

Episode 22 Records Soon! Gibe Questions Plox!

'Ey gurl. We're recording this weekend and I want questions. Ask us them. Go. This time, I, Trev, get to host. I was going to do it last time, but things happened and you got some music dog instead. Since I will now ha...
Apr 16 // TheDustinThomas

Error Machine Podcast 49 - Flawless Victory

It's Mortal Kombat X week, so we took it upon ourselves to do a mini retrospective on the iconic fighting game franchise. We talk about our first memories of the series, the movies, the violence, the transition to 3d, s...
Apr 14 // TheDustinThomas

Give us your thoughts on Mortal Kombat for the new Error Machine Podcast.

Greetings everybody. You all know by now that I host a podcast. We're recording a new episode tonight and it's going to be a retrospective on the Mortal Kombat series. It's a series that everyone on the show has lots of...
Apr 13 // PStoid

PStoid Episode 21: Nanashi Fails to Deliver

  This time, on PStoid... On the latest episode of PStoid, Neal manages to sneak in three 'one things', Nanashi shows his age and forgets a lot of things, Trev thinks Bloodborne is aight and Cornflake reminis...
Apr 08 // TheDustinThomas

Error Machine Podcast 48 - Club Nintendo Buyer's Guide

Every now and then, the Error Machine crew likes to give back to the loyal listeners. For this abbreviated episode, we get right to it and start with our games of the week. Dustin - Axiom Verge Luke - NES Remix Volume 2 ...
Apr 02 // TheDustinThomas

Error Machine Podcast 47 - Lucario: Naked Man

While Dustin is off portraying the Messiah, the rest of Error Machine bring you a new episode of the podcast featuring discussions about WrestleMania 31, Bloodborne, Destiny, Velocity 2X, and much more. They also get in...
Apr 01 // PStoid

Episode 21 Records Soon! Questions Time! Also Codes

Sup, bebs? We've got a very special episode in the works and that means I get to put out the call for my favorite part! Questions? Discussion topics? Tasty beef and barley stew recipes? I want all of them. Gimme! If yo...
Mar 24 // Preposterous Whitey

The Dead Pixels Podcast #15: Battle of the Aladdins

The 16-bit War Rages Onward In this episode, Daniel and Nathan throw down over a very divisive topic that has plagued the games community for over twenty years: which is better, the Super Nintendo or Sega Aladdin? Is th...
Mar 23 // PStoid

PStoid Episode 20: We Lose the Tumblr Crowd

  This time, on PStoid... ...And our editor goes to Bitburg so this episode will sound and be awful in every way possible. Couldn't fit all of that in, that's the full title. If that doesn't appeal to you, yo...
Mar 19 // TheDustinThomas

Error Machine Podcast 45: Resident Hunk

The band is finally back together to discuss things like flea markets, WrestleMania, Nintendo's new hardware announcement, and more. Intros 00:30Chris' flea market fail 1:20Dustin makes his grand entrance 5:45Dustin is ...
Mar 18 // PStoid

Another episode, a new host, a 'more questions' blog!

A new PStoid records this weekend, try to guess who the new host is. In fact, ask a question and be the first to send a pm with the CORRECT new host guess and you will win a random game. Courtesy of your favorite playst...
Mar 16 // TheDustinThomas

New Error Machine Podcast Recording Tomorrow. We Need Questions!

Heyoooo. Good morning everybody, TheDustinThomas here, putting out the call for questions for the next episode of the Error Machine Podcast. As always, questions don't have to be gaming related, so go ahead and send us a...
Mar 14 // CblogRecaps

Cblog Fapcast episode 21 - I'm really [heavy sigh] feeling it

You were promised a brand new episode, so here it is finally! Are you feeling it? Shade was excited to return to the Fapcast and he brings along fellow accented voice Dtoider, Hyper Lemon Buster Cannon! We just mention ...
Mar 12 // TheDustinThomas

Error Machine Twofer: New Smash Video + Latest Podcast

Morning all. Myself and the other guys of Error Machine have been hard at work, so I figured I would comprise two items into one today. Consider it a one stop shop, or whatever. Anyway, the first thing is our new episode...
Mar 12 // nanashi

Skateboarding + Destructoid Podcast = Skatetoid!

Writing on the left side isn't radical enough!   Join Dtoid favorites Cold William aka Bill and Mr Phil Ken Mike Martin and also dtoider Nanashi as they talk skateboarding, their experiences, favorite skateboarding ...
Mar 11 // PStoid

PStoid Episode 19: Silent Banana

  This time, on PStoid... In the latest episode of PStoid, Trev finds the greatest author, Cornflake tries to give OlliOlli 2 more money, Nanners says 7 words, and Kim extols the virtues of skipping buying Ha...
Mar 04 // PStoid

Ep. 19 Records Tonight!

AHHH we're recording tonight, and Kymiko is your host! Help us ask her questions like: "Will she ruin this?", "Do women belong in podcasts?", or "Why is she so awesome?" (spoilers, it's all the curse words. They're like ...
Mar 02 // Solar Pony Django

Comic Podcast (With a slight addition of video games)

So I have decided to go through with my idea of a comic podcast and create a comic podcasts, but it will surely delve into video games on occasion and possibly other things. That being said I would like to keep it at lea...
Mar 02 // PStoid

Ep. 19 records soon! Any questions?

A brand new Episode of PStoid will be recording this Wednesday, with a new host! PStoid will now be rotating who anchors the podcast to allow Nanners to skateboard more or do whatever it is he does every day we're not re...
Feb 25 // TheDustinThomas

Error Machine 43 - Origins of the Dirty Diaper

We're down a man this week, but that doesn't mean we don't have a mighty fine show for you. The second half of the show is devoted to listener questions, but before we get there we discuss Ocarina of Time 3D, Dying Ligh...
Feb 25 // CblogRecaps

The Cblog Fapcast episode 20 - I can't believe it's not Pisstoid with Nanashi

This week's episode features a lot of new stuff. Crossover with another podcast for example, with Nanashi of PStoid fame who is also a Recap Reservist. Official acknowledgement with my promotion to cblog co-manager. For...

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