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COMMUNITY BLOGS // Letters to Dtoids Editors

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May 04 // Niero Gonzalez

Testing Blog Replies - A new community blogs feature

New community blogs feature: a reply to the home page editorial! My hope is that this will encourage more angles about the content we cover and save you some time from flipping back and forth to the home page when blogg...
Mar 06 // Nihil

Career Interview with Phil Ken Sebben of Sebben & Sebben

 Pain, of the mental variety, seems to be a huge part of peoples lives, and it's only recently that it's become more socially acceptable to talk outloud about it. There is a constant, steady flow of pain in the wor...
Feb 24 // Sylveria Shini

Dear Mr. Summa: This is why we fact check.

And this is why we fact check Mr. Summa. You made your little "This is so sad, we are so sad, be sad cause we're sad" piece about Wu quitting Pax, without spending any effort to investigate, and now we see the threats w...
Nov 22 // Zombie Orwell

How dare Dtoid not spend all its budget covering #GOMERGOAT forevers!?

I am white anglo boy of 21 years or maybe more or maybe less but I never go to place where people have real problem and although I will have degree in some science topic that will pay lots and keepme comfortable enough t...
Oct 18 // Pato Zazzini

Hi, Niero.

I have no problems, becoming a huge member. The only problem I see, Is I do not like reocurring memebership until cacelled. Fix that, and i will gladly give uyou my money.I hate being forced to cancel and We all know How hard it is to get someone on the other line.Give me a One time yearly fee.And We have a deal.  
Aug 21 // OpiumHerz

After being HUGE for one year...

Dear Dtoid, sit down, we need to talk for a minute. It’s now almost bout a year since I became a HUGE member to support the Toid. I don’t regret it but I think I won’t prolong this membership though… which kinda means I somew...
Jun 02 // StriderHoang

The StriderHoang Series Dtoid Trading Card Roundup!

Phew! I've been making these for nearly two weeks as a minor hobby in between work and school. But finally I feel satisfied with what I set out with these Dtoid Trading Cards: make cards for the community members who probably...
May 03 // nekobun

There's nothing I can say.

You had one of the first social/interactive/chill streaming channels that jumped from to at its formation, and was a cornerstone to Twitch's early development aside from esports content. You had one of ...
Feb 20 // OpiumHerz

Community Discourse (or: for a better DToid)

Salida guys, so we have this thread in the forums that started a few months back with the whole "DToid sucks now, I'm taking my ball and leave"-wave. It got a bit stale back then, so I took the liberty of collecting the thing...
Dec 24 // LukasRocks

REVENGEANCE: The 2013 Award for Screwjob of the year goes to Destructoid

DESTRUCTOID SCREWED PLATINUM GAMES I don't know which one of you is responsible for it, but I'll get ya. Might be Zimmerman with that shady mustache, or Andy Dixon with those ridiculously lewd underpants, but one of you is r...
Nov 30 // Zombie Orwell


My last post was taken as an idle threat by the powers that be. It was not an idle threat. Cities WILL burn. Millions WILL die. But all of these horrors CAN be avoided if you DO WHAT I SAY Give me Podtoid withi...
Nov 07 // Char Aznable

Dtoid Sucks Now

Yep, it's another one of those blogs. An old-timer is ranting and raving about things changing and people moving on, blah blah blah. I started coming to Destructoid 6 years ago. That's a long time for anything, let alone s...
Nov 06 // OpiumHerz

To a beloved enemy - A last, but well deserved, salute

Salida my dear readers, yesterday was the last review of Jim Sterling on this website. Chris Carter is reviews director now and Sterling is gone. The reasons are left undisclosed and Jim Sterling only announced it via Twitter...
Sep 02 // Hyperion098

Why I love Destructoid.

With the Introduction of HUGE, I thought it would be a good time to maybe start doing one of these here community blog things. What better place to get started other then why I personally love Destructoid.  For me a HUGE per...
Aug 07 // Retrofraction

My problem with so called Metroid "Fans"

I have always had a very tight connection with the Metroid series ever since my dad bought me Metroid for my Nintendo Entertainment System. Over the years it got many sequels/1 remake (Metorid 2, Super Metroid, Metroid Fushi...
Jun 19 // OpiumHerz

Dear Jim Sterling...

Dear Jim Sterling, first of all, let's get the slime out of the way, shall we? Big time fan, love Jimquisition, love PodToid, yadda yadda yadda. See, you are essentially what brought me to this site - to this community. A com...
May 17 // TroyFullbuster

Contest: Are you the Internet's Next Top Streamer?

Do I have what it takes to be the internet's Next Top Streamer? Yes, because I know I AM going to be the internet's Next Top Streamer. Playing video games is one thing and streaming is another; for the former you need to be g...
May 15 // Analoge

Chloe Sagal, Allistair Pinsof, and Destructoid's Response

The story, for those of you who haven't heard, can be found here. The word's straight out of Pinsof's mouth can be found here. The tl;dr version is that Allistair Pinsof found it necessary to out a transgender* woman who is c...
Apr 27 // MacManus

People Remember: On Jim Sterling’s Sim City, Colonial Marines, and the Silence

I write this in response to Jim Sterling’s “Sim City, Colonial Marines, and the Silence” Dear Jim, I’ve been a journalist long enough to know how it all works - the ugly part of this business, that is. A controversy come...
Apr 14 // Scary Hair Studios

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