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Jun 20 // CblogRecaps

Cblogs of 06/18/2011 and 06/19/2011 and Busisms

Another Busisms already for you people! Please hold the applause until the end of the presentation. Coming soon: Special developments in the world of CaptainBus which I can't reveal right now, but I will just be tantalising...
Jun 18 // CblogRecaps

C blogs of 17/6/2011 and artisms

It has been a long time I think. Built a computer(it's awesome) and graduated. Also, I've been playing assassins creed over the past 2 days or so. It is awesome. S-Comment of the week by xero this week. C-write a...
Jun 17 // CblogRecaps

CBlogs of 06/16/2011 and ScottyGasms

Hello once again my lovely Dtoiders! Been, a crazy time for me. I no longer work three jobs, but it seems I still manage to keep way too busy. The big one you may have heard about on the news, and was mentioned yesterday by ...
Jun 16 // CblogRecaps

Cblogs of 06/15/2011 and Beyamorisms

Hey, so, speaking of games, there was one tonight. Kind of a big one around these parts. The sort of thing involving a puck. For what may have been the first time since my vapid infancy - contrasted with my vapid adulthood ...
Jun 16 // CblogRecaps

Cblogs of 06/14/2011 and Busism schisms!

Sorry for the delay, I'm running out of time. These blogs are dedicated to you in rhyme. *- jc83 talks about foreigners in Japan! *- Wry Guy's Nostal journey: Legends Mega Man! *- Hamza shows the panel he did at PAX ...
Jun 13 // CblogRecaps

C blogs of 6-13-11 and Qalamarisms

Apparently Duke Nukem Forever isn't very good. I am shocked. SHOCKED I say. As one of those old farts who remembers the series in its heyday, I hope you'll join me in a little navel gazing. Nov. 3, 1999 Back in 1996, ...
Jun 11 // CblogRecaps

Cblogs of 06/09/2011 and 06/10/2011 and Busisms

Welcome to Busisms! I'm filling in for him and covering all of today's and yesterday's blogs. I'll probably put links to all the blogs against set categories, along with a brief description of what's in that blog, and award...
Jun 09 // CblogRecaps

Cblogs of 06/08/11 and Beyamorisms

So, E3. Should've called it Wii3, right? Wii3 U? Right? I have no idea. I followed pretty much nothing this year. I have a tendency to approach gaming news pretty passively, more of a "I'll hear it when I hear it" kind of ...
Jun 08 // CblogRecaps

Cblogs of 06/07/11 + Funkisms!

Dag yo! So, first and foremost, many thanks to SQUID MAN for covering for me last week! Twas greatly appreciated. Next up, Iím so very sorry DRAGON MAN, but Iíve gotten a wee bit hooked again on World of Warcraft. *sigh...
Jun 06 // CblogRecaps

C blogs of 6-06-11 and Qalamarisms

I'd like to go over a couple of things I've had kicking around in my brain for a while, if I may. I had the opportunity to participate in the multi-community Halo Reach throwdown a couple of weeks ago. It was an inter...
Jun 06 // CblogRecaps

06/03/2011 and putting the 'mor' in Beyamorisms

That's the thing about being a costumed superhero who travels the world building computers, graduating and fighting crime - now and again GamesAreArt needs someone to do the housework. Good news - here's Friday's recap. Bad...
Jun 05 // CblogRecaps

C Blogs of 6/4/11 and 6/5/11 + SilverDragonisms

So E3 is FINALLY here and for many of us it's the biggest and best week of the entire year. It's the week we get to find out what's in store for the entire next year of gaming. We get to find out what Nintendo's new consol...
Jun 03 // CblogRecaps

CBlogs of 06/02/2011 and ScottyGasms

Hello my lovely Dtoiders... I want to die. For the last week I've been working three jobs. Thankfully it's only for another week as I quit one. I am so tired though... too many late nights and early mornings. Thankfully the...
Jun 02 // CblogRecaps

Cblogs of 01/06/11 and Beyamorisms

Howdy gang, how're we all doing this week? Hey, happy June! I'm back to Borderlands again. At this point, I couldn't tell you how many times I've played through it. Somewhere in the neighborhood of a lot, and, truth be tol...
Jun 01 // CblogRecaps

C blogs of 5-30 to 5-31-11 and Qalamarisms

Good whenever-you-read-this to you, Destructoid. I'm afraid I have a confession to make- I completely forgot to do my recaps when I was s'posed to. Since Monday was light due to the holiday and I already owed Funky a coup...
May 29 // CblogRecaps

C Blogs of 5/28/11 and 5/29/11 + SilverDragonisms

I hope all the American Cblog readers out there have been having a good 3-day Memorial Day holiday weekend. I've spent most of my time trying to get my house ready to put up for sale. It's mainly involved a lot of cleaning...
May 27 // CblogRecaps

C blogs of 26-27/5/2011 and artisms

So I just bought parts for a computer. Kinda excited and nervious, but I still have to wait for the parts to ship. Also, another episode of hawpcast came out recently. They didn't awnser my listener question, but it was p...
May 26 // CblogRecaps

Cblogs of 25/05/11 and Beyamorisms

I've spent the past couple of days sort of staring at the wall with all the focus of a potted fern. The most plausible excuse for this I can provide is that I've been architecting, though given the disrepute of the source, ...
May 25 // CblogRecaps

Cblogs of 05/24/11 + Funkisms!

Dag yo! Sorry for the somewhat late caps mates. Long story short, was in the hospital very early in the morning since my Dad was suffering of extreme dizziness and nausea and got home extremely tired and exhausted in mid-...
May 23 // CblogRecaps

C blogs of 5-23-11 and Qalamarisms

As I spend more time around my wife, I realize that although we had very similar backgrounds growing up, she hasn't had many of the experiences that shaped me to be who I am. She's not really a gamer at all, for example......
May 22 // CblogRecaps

C Blogs of 5/21/11 and 5/22/11 + First SilverDragonisms since getting Married

I'm BACK!!! ... and I'm very happily married!!! :-) After a long 4 week absence, I've returned from my destination wedding in St. Croix and honeymoon in Costa Rica. To say I had an incredible time would be an understatemen...
May 21 // CblogRecaps

Cblogs of 05/20/2011 and Busisms

So, as we all very well know, it's the end of the world today, so I find it a particular honor that I am presenting the last ever cblog recaps while GamesAreArt is AFK. So what's new with me? Well, I didn't get that digital...
May 20 // CblogRecaps

Cblogs of 05/19/2011 and ScottyGasms

NOTE: There seems to be a layout/formatting/something issue and you can't comment on a cblog that doesn't have any comments. I let site support know of it so hopefully it'll get sorted out. So please save your comments for la...
May 18 // CblogRecaps

Cblogs of 18/05/2011 and Beyamorisms

But first, more writing. I've finally got around to playing Bioshock 2's Minerva's Den after buying it nearly a month ago and it's a regular sociopathic sock hop. That is to say, I really enjoyed. The story comes across as...
May 18 // CblogRecaps

Cblogs of 05/17/11 + Funkisms!

Dag yo! First and foremost, ďmy badĒ to a couple of you. You know who you are, and Iím leaving it at that. <3 Next up, as those of you who regularly read your Tuesday Recaps know, Iím quite a big football fan, partic...
May 17 // CblogRecaps

C blogs of 5-16-11 and Qalamarisms

Tonight's recaps are brought to you by David Bergeaud, lead composer for the Ratchet and Clank series. If you get a chance, check out the man's work over the course of the series. Though he might be best known for the syn...
May 16 // CblogRecaps

Cblogs of 05/14/2011 and 05/15/2011 and BUSISMS?!

Itís your friendly neighbourhood CaptainBus here, ready and willing to recap you on the weekendís community blogs. SilverDragon is back from his honeymoon and will return as usual next weekend. I cannot comment on whether or...
May 15 // CblogRecaps

Cblogs of 05/13/2011 and ScottyGasms

*sighs* So this was meant to be up early yesterday. However, I learned an important lesson about writing up C-Blog posts: Don't, not even for a second, think you'll be okay with closing your word processor and leaving the o...
May 13 // CblogRecaps

Cblogs of 05/12/2011 and Sco-Funkisms

Hey everybody! Hope you're all doing well. As usual for me, been quite a busy week for me. First of-HEY! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!? Let go of that keyboard god dammit! Seriously, just- ,,, ... I had stuff I deemed important e...
May 12 // CblogRecaps

Cblogs of 11/05/2011 and Astonishingly Punctualisms

Well boys and girls, welcome to Hump Day. Yesterday, amidst a lot of very intelligent things, the lovely Scissors mentioned this: Do what other users do, write your own stuff here, and have a link to your website in your ...

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