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Larxinostic avatarLarxinostic
I swear, it makes sense in context..... Kinda. Hmmm. Okay, not so much. [img][/img]
Agent9 avatarAgent9
Almost done with my Waifu wars blog. pretty happy with how it turned out.
SeymourDuncan17 avatarSeymourDuncan17
Time to scream and shout. It's Nanako cosplaying as her big bro! <3
Mike Wallace avatarMike Wallace
Bernie Sanders vs. Donald Trump is like Gandalf the White vs. Handsome Jack.
Sir Shenanigans avatarSir Shenanigans
Skellige is so cool! It's like the land of Valhalla Rising.
Shinta avatarShinta
God damn, Bernie Sanders is just killing it with this speech. Hitting basically every point. He even used the word "oligarchy." Probably the first time I've ever heard that word uttered on CNN. I think a lot of people in power are shitting their pants
Pixie The Fairy avatarPixie The Fairy
In my haste to finally factory reset my tablet, I erased a blog I had worked on. Thankfully, it's fresh in my mind. It's another MGS blog, but it goes the opposite way of my last MGS blog. Pray this guy is not your husbando, for he is shit.
Sir Shenanigans avatarSir Shenanigans
Just ate a disgusting amount of sugary wonders in a Fat Tuesday blowout. Chocolate (birthday) cake, Oreos, brownies, cookie dough, and some creme brule thing. Satiation by way of eat-'til-you-puke is what Shenanigans says!
LaTerry avatarLaTerry
Is there any real difference between the PS3 and the PS4 versions of Valkyria Chronicles?
Shinta avatarShinta
KnickKnackMyWack avatarKnickKnackMyWack
Say whaaaaaat?
Gundy avatarGundy
Voting for Broforce made me think of the most American person that could ever exist. President Michael Wilson!
Fuzunga avatarFuzunga
By the way, that IGPX collection is a new release. It's the first time the show is available in a complete package, and the first time it's been available in any format in about 10 years. [url][/url]
gajknight avatargajknight
This is your daily reminder that Taxi Driver is the best movie ever and if you disagree then all I can say is: God, you're square.
Nathan D avatarNathan D
I love when someone at work tries to claim you screwed up on something and it completely backfires on them. I try to help them save face afterwards, but secretly I'm like...
CoilWhine avatarCoilWhine
I still love Tearaway Unfolded despite the shit pacing and hell yeah I'm going for that plat. It'll be my 2nd plat, first since Sly 2 Remastered back in 2012. So it's been a while. gotta beat the game first tho :P
CoilWhine avatarCoilWhine
Tearaway Unfolded's final level is my least favorite kind. Life is Strange-esque linear path (through a void) of moments from the game. Bleh.
Shinta avatarShinta
Gravity Rush Remastered looks reallllllyyyyyy nice. Video and screenshots didn't quite do it justice. Seeing it in person is much better.
Virtua Kazama avatarVirtua Kazama
We are T-7 days until the release of Street Fighter V! There will be a blog released on the February 15, only one day before the release. This blog is about reflecting on Street Fighter IV.
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CblogRecaps . Jan 31

Cblogs of 1/30/16 - Finished Life is Strange, so I need more porn

First off, gosh darn that Life is Strange game. While it has its share of faults — enough that I can't say it's a better game than TellTale's The Walking Dead — I can't believe it was a such an emotional rolle...   0
CblogRecaps . Jan 25

Cblogs of 01/24/16 + The Barren Angsty Lands of FF8

Let's get something off my chest before I dive into my recap: I am a quitter. I quit things, all the time. It is almost to the point of being a contender for the Olympics in the global sport of “Quitting”. So, earlier thi...   0
CblogRecaps . Jan 24

Cblogs of 1/23/16 - Life is Strange is my Paper Jam

While I'm a Best Buy Gamers Unlocked Club member — which allows me to get 20% off any new, in-stock video game — unforunately, shopping for games at Best Buy has some drawbacks. I went in to get a copy of Life...   0
CblogRecaps . Jan 18

Cblogs of 01/17/16 + The Difficulty of Difficulty

Today I had to restart playing Persona 4: Golden, after trying to play through it a second time for the past week. Still stuck on the first dungeon's first few levels, I felt like I was on the cusp of being able to power thro...   0
CblogRecaps . Jan 17

Cblogs of 1/16/16 - I need to play more videogames soon >^<

So, I didn't write any recaps for last week because of the Destructoid Downtime of 2016. You'd THINK I'd have more to say, but in all honestly, life is somewhat busy. In addition to just taking care of the daily grind of ...   0
CblogRecaps . Jan 11

Cblogs of 01/11/16 + Is There Life on Mars?

Nostalgia, what a peculiar beast. Despite the forward march of technology, design experience and accessibility, we still go back to the older games of days past. We ponder on games years upon years old, we get excited every t...   0
CblogRecaps . Jan 04

Cblogs of 01/03/16 + Sometimes Its Okay To Stop

I have a viewpoint that may be very controversial (considering fan pressure campaigns), or more likely isn't at all (due to similar reasons as I). Despite this, I believe there is a general trend within videogame series that ...   0
CblogRecaps . Jan 03

Cblogs of 1/2/16 - First Dreamgasms of the year

First recaps of the year, and I don't really have much to say. Other than experiencing the awesomeness that is Undertale, unfortunately, things haven't been going too great lately (if you couldn't tell from my bad quickpo...   0
CblogRecaps . Dec 28

Cblogs of 12/27/15 + Things Rio Has Been Up To

Oh man, I'm so happy I got the Sunday spot. Also known as a few days after Christmas and before the New Year (i.e. days that I could have been found drunk or hung-over). Well, I guess it is the little things we must cherish. ...   0
CblogRecaps . Dec 27

Cblogs of 12/26/15 - Your boy's finally playing Undertale! So NO SPOILERS!!!

Alright, as some of you may know, I personally have a very strict rule against playing digital games. I pretty much flat-out refuse to play a game if there's not a physical copy I can get my hands on. Now, there IS a some...   0
CblogRecaps . Dec 20

Cblogs of 12/19/15 - Tame The Force Awakens X

I didn't get a chance to do much gaming this week. Other than the occasional hour of Star Wars: Battlefront for a couple of days, I haven't really "had time" to touch either Fallout 4 or Xenoblade Chronicles X. While I di...   0
CblogRecaps . Dec 14

Cblogs of 12/13/15 + Drama and Silliness, Hand in Hand

So usually, even if I'm reviewing something (which currently I am, final review of the year fortunately before I lounge about trying to convince myself I'm not useless) I'll have a game to just faff about with on the Vita or ...   0
CblogRecaps . Dec 13

Cblogs of 12/12/15 - More Xenoblade Chronicles X! Also Power Rangers.

15 hours in Xenoblade Chronicles X, and I still don't have a fucking mech. :( I mean, like Chris Carter said, the mechs shouldn't be your main reason for playing the game. It's more of like a cherry on top of a fantast...   0
CblogRecaps . Dec 07

Cblogs of 12/06/15 + Award Season

It is now December, the dead month for releases. You do have Rainbow Six Seige and Just Cause 3 at the start of the month, but from here on out it is seems to strike me as a month of indie games through Christmas and leading ...   0
CblogRecaps . Dec 06

Cblogs of 12/5/15 - Sci-Friday! Xenoblade Chronicles X & Star Wars: Battlefront!

As a sort of stupid recurring joke to myself, I decided to call last Friday "Sci-Friday" because I went to Best Buy to get two videogames: Xenoblade Chronicles X and Star Wars: Battlefront. Both titles are pretty heavy ...   0
CblogRecaps . Dec 01

Cblogs of 11/29/15 + Scott Pilgrim You Nefarious Swine!

Usually there are games in this blog on this games-orientated website populated by those who share a passion for video games. This isn't one of those blogs at all.So a few days ago I stepped off the beaten usual trail of tryi...   0
CblogRecaps . Nov 29

Cblogs of 11/28/15 - Lonely Thanksgiving, Gatchaman Crowds, and more

So I spent Thanksgiving alone, but I guess I can't really complain since I pretty much chose to do it. Although I love the idea of people getting together during the holidays, I can't say that I really feel that way with my f...   0
CblogRecaps . Nov 15

Cblogs of 11/14/15 - I rather play Fallout 4 than watch porn? Is Dreamweaver OK?

So you probably heard that Fallout 4 just came out last week. It feels kind of odd playing it though. I usually don't like to play games like this without waiting at lease a couple of weeks, but not because Bethesda games a...   0
CblogRecaps . Nov 08

Cblogs of 11/7/15 - No time to explain. Been busy lately.

First off, I apologize for yet another short blog entry this week. I know everyone's been a little light in their recaps, and I certainly had somethings I'd like to talk about myself. Unfortunately, I'm kind of stressed out t...   0
CblogRecaps . Nov 05

Cblog recaps of 11/04/15 and ONE PUNCH-isms

My friend Astrobullet did this! There's a lot to talk about in relation to what I've been doing that's worth talking about. I'm always ready to talk about Undertale seeing as how I haven't made the time to do so. My money si...   0
CblogRecaps . Nov 02

Cblogs of 11/01/2015 + Short Sort of Stuff

You'll have to excuse how short these intro are getting. I admit part of that is due to some health issues that have reared its head slowly and with great weight, like a stone beast crawling from the dark caves after a long h...   0
CblogRecaps . Oct 25

Cblogs of 10/24/15 - Keeping it short with The Walking Dead

Like some of the other recappers, I guess we'll keep it short today. I spent a bit of time writing a somewhat personal blog that you can check out in the main page. I also plan to put out this week's (or would it be last week...   0
CblogRecaps . Oct 24

Cblogs of 10/22/15 + Saturday Morning Superhero-isms

Bit of a short-caps today. No particular reason, I just don't have all that much to talk about right now. I've been replaying some Zelda games in preparation for the Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses which I'm going...   0
CblogRecaps . Oct 19

Cblogs of 10/18/15 + The Excuses Begin

Uuuuhhhhnnnnnnnhg...… I didn't see you there. I've been... Chewing on my pillow? I guess that explains the clothy faint-salty taste. You see, you may remember last week where I was moaning and groaning about all the EGX wor...   0
CblogRecaps . Oct 16

Cblogs of 10/15/15 + Determined-isms

For a while there I was worried that I wouldn't have anything to talk about this week. I mean sure I've been playing the games and doing the things, but nothing really stood out as a good -isms topic. Because yes I actually t...   0
CblogRecaps . Jun 20

Cblogs of 06/18/2011 and 06/19/2011 and Busisms

Another Busisms already for you people! Please hold the applause until the end of the presentation. Coming soon: Special developments in the world of CaptainBus which I can't reveal right now, but I will just be tantalising...   0
CblogRecaps . Jun 18

C blogs of 17/6/2011 and artisms

It has been a long time I think. Built a computer(it's awesome) and graduated. Also, I've been playing assassins creed over the past 2 days or so. It is awesome. S-Comment of the week by xero this week. C-write a...   0
CblogRecaps . Jun 17

CBlogs of 06/16/2011 and ScottyGasms

Hello once again my lovely Dtoiders! Been, a crazy time for me. I no longer work three jobs, but it seems I still manage to keep way too busy. The big one you may have heard about on the news, and was mentioned yesterday by ...   0
CblogRecaps . Jun 16

Cblogs of 06/15/2011 and Beyamorisms

Hey, so, speaking of games, there was one tonight. Kind of a big one around these parts. The sort of thing involving a puck. For what may have been the first time since my vapid infancy - contrasted with my vapid adulthood ...   0

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