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Community BLOGS


This burn set the whole state of California on fire.


Have house to myself this weekend so I decided to have a bath for the first time in... at least 15 years I think? I always just shower instead. I was in there about an hour and I just feel so good right now. I'll have to do that more often. So relaxed. :)


PSA, I had The Art of Atari on my Amazon Wishlist just to consider... and the price just went down from $39.99 to $23.99 (US). So if you were interested in it... pretty good savings. It's not coming out till October, though. Link in comments.


Going through a difficult time. Pretty fucking pissed off at some shit that happened last night. Enough to leave the Discord chat. But I'm back until I get kicked, or I leave again. Here's a link to Surviving the Fuck Fight again.


Walker Star Fox levels are boarderline unplayable. Why? It's like driving a tank in early PS2 era.


Oh my goodness. Boreal valley is my new Sylvalum.


All you cat girl lovers have so many waifus to choose from. You just don't know the struggle of a snake girl bloke.


Beyond Two Souls... Good... I think... such an odd game. Seems like Heavy Rain meets Life Is Strange meets Metal Gear. I think I liked it?


Its a strange experience playing Bloodborne with "All That She Wants" stuck in your head. Also, got my Saif.


Playing Dark Souls 3. I did not Git Gud. The commentary's volume is off, which I'll fix if I can face the game again.


Lets recap the last two days; Fell though the floor and landed in the women's bathroom. A chunk of metal shot though the hood of my car. My laptop screen shattered while I was filling out the FASFA. At this point, I refuse to leave the house.


The vagina...er gaping dragon is vanquished. And on my first try too! I got kinda lucky and walked into the room with the Shaman and gimped him as he walked up the stairs so the dragon fight was just a waiting game once his tail was off. Am I git gud yet?


all these cat girls just show some of you need to raise your art & animation standards.


Has anyone compared Severed to Skyward Sword yet? Because, if I were to sell it in 5 seconds, so far, I'd describe it as "Skyward Sword's combat done right.".


I have started something terrible. Something weaboo. Something...beautiful. Soon it will grow through and into all. It will be a crowning glory in my cap, on the road to conquest of dtoid. Until we all get bored and go back to our normal icons. I guess


Just finished Star Fox Zero. Loved it, and it's a serious contender for Game of the Year for me. Yeah, you read that right.


Discord chat has gone full happy weeb. ABORT ABORT ABORT, ANIME WAS A MISTAKE


More catgirls means more Playboy Penguin (with some backup from good ol' Bugs Bunny)


All dose cat girls. All dose hamboigahs.


Thanks to Pixie, I remembered my love for FFXIV catboys.


Today's been a rollercoaster of a day for me. I've now got a second job at GameStop. It looks like I'm single now though. But I also got a voice message from Mike West, the guy who voices Fox McCloud in Star Fox 64/3D and Zero. Like... wow.


Oh yeah, this year's Super Sentai has a cat girl, doesn't it? What did she look like agai... Toei I don't think this is what the otaku audience had in mind at all.


Budget reviews: pay day 2

So this one is the first of a series of reviews I plan on doing. So why budget reviews? you ask. Why games that are already out for so long? It’s not because you’re on a budget, it’s because I am. Rob ...



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