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Community BLOGS


Just finished Star Fox Zero. Loved it, and it's a serious contender for Game of the Year for me. Yeah, you read that right.


Discord chat has gone full happy weeb. ABORT ABORT ABORT, ANIME WAS A MISTAKE


More catgirls means more Playboy Penguin (with some backup from good ol' Bugs Bunny)


All dose cat girls. All dose hamboigahs.


Thanks to Pixie, I remembered my love for FFXIV catboys.


Today's been a rollercoaster of a day for me. I've now got a second job at GameStop. It looks like I'm single now though. But I also got a voice message from Mike West, the guy who voices Fox McCloud in Star Fox 64/3D and Zero. Like... wow.


Oh yeah, this year's Super Sentai has a cat girl, doesn't it? What did she look like agai... Toei I don't think this is what the otaku audience had in mind at all.


Budget reviews: pay day 2

So this one is the first of a series of reviews I plan on doing. So why budget reviews? you ask. Why games that are already out for so long? It’s not because you’re on a budget, it’s because I am. Rob ...



It seems that having children is like Alien Isolation. Thank god I'm single!


Cat girls? CAT GIRLS??? Need I remind you all that there is only enough room in this anime world for one master female race???


I am struggling to get through Fire Emblem Birthright. It's all so boring. The characters are boring. The maps are all the same. The story is even managing to be worse than Awakening somehow. I hope Intelligent Systems has its shit together next time.


Fully charged controller? Check. Game appropriate drink? Check. Game from a series I've never played before? Check. Time to Git Gud or Die Trying.


All these mentions of catgirls and not a single mention of this. Terrible.


All these posts about Cat Girls and not one from Cat Planet Cuties!


Since we're going on about cat girls, how is it you uncultured swines have yet to bring up Aisha from Outlaw Star?


Guard your testicles around blaze, friends. Shes a maniac, and her friends are too.


Replying to a bunch of stuff from the past couple of days again, so don't mind me if I appear on something from three days ago. I am like the wind! I am... the Kamen Rider!


For as much as I hated the last few bosses in DS3, there are some really Really freakin cool boss battles. And even the ones I hated were really cool in concept just I feel they missed the execution by a bit.


I'm not sure how I feel about From Software promoting the castration of trees. It just doesn't seem right...


All that's left is covenant grind and a couple relatively easy bosses, at least compared to what gold covetous +2 ring requires.


So many cat girls, so little time. Oh Rei, you tease!


Today I'm going to a screening of Blood Simple with a Q&A from the Coen Bros after. Trying not to poop myself.


There's been lots of talk of cat girls. I play a cat lady in FFXIV so I'll post my character! I really need to get back to this game.


Curious about Koihime Enbu, there's an EU stream on now with possible key giveaways https://www.twitch.tv/mechags


Cblogs of 4/29/16 + Short and Sweet

There’s not a lot to talk about in my corner this week. I’m slowly recovering from the post-PAX fallout, writing up preview coverage and catching up on lost time at home.  Next week is going to be a bus...



I just remembered: Free Comic Book Day is in a week! There's a lot this year I don't recognize (and no Mouse Guard for some reason), but there are more than a few familiar favorites, too. http://www.freecomicbookday.com/Home/1/1/27/981


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