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Fathers Day
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Jun 22 // TitusGroan

Jurassic World: That is one big pile of...

The trouble with reviewing a film like Jurassic World is that the original film is so iconic and eminently quotable, it's tempting to just write adapted one-liners as a way to make easy snipes. As the title suggests...
Jun 22 // Manchild

Let's Make a Game

I am drooling over Mario Maker. Sometime after the release of the Nintendo 64, images and articles started being released about an art/game creation tool for the infamous 64 DD expansion called Mario Artist. I was stoke...
Jun 22 // PlayBoyMan

Calm, Cool, and Collected

Hello everyone. It;s been awhile since I was here. When we last spoke, I had stated that my reason for leaving was about learning about the Gamergate scandal, and that the editoral staff at DToid were involved. Well, is ...
Jun 22 // ScreamAid

Super Stickman Golf 2 REVIEW - Fun, Jazzy, and Golf!

Developer: Noodlecake GamesPublisher: Noodlecake GamesFormat: Android, IOS Golf, at least in my personal opinion, isn't too terribly exciting on it's own. Sure, it's exciting when you SMAAAAACK the ball and send it flyi...
Jun 22 // KiiWy

The Romance of the 3 Kingdoms

 In the beginning.... This is the story about the 3 Kingdoms known as Wu, Shu and Wei - dating back to the earliest days of......okay, I'm just messing with you. If you REALLY want to learn more about those guys, g...
Jun 21 // Spazzh20

Inside Out Movie Review

Inside Out movie review   Here we go again, another Pixar movie that relies on over the top archetypes instead of characters and has no originality whatsoever. This should be fun. You know I grew up with Pixar back ...
Jun 21 // OverlordZetta

A Certain Sorcerer's Blog: Just Sacrifice Me Already!

Have you gotten used to this wretched world you've found yourself in yet? Today we'll be going through a little customization, and even a battle! Yes, filled to the brim with beasts of all kinds for you to fight, I'm sur...
Jun 21 // Terry 309

Taking another look: Valkyrie Profile 2

So i've decided that since I can't get enough of good games, I thought about writing about them again, only this time with a new and improved look to them. Basically this is going to be something I do when I want to cove...
Jun 21 // Lord Spencer


What was supposedly a 3rd pillar in Nintendo's strategy in the new century soon showed itself as the true replacment of the dominant Gameboy line. And what a replacment it was. The DS is easily one of my favorite systems...
Jun 21 // Dreamweaver

Comments of the Week - E3 2015 Edition

Welcome back to Comments of the Week! This is a somewhat special edition of the usual series because all of the comments being featured today were said during the week of E3. "But wait!" you may say, "What exactly is Co...
Jun 21 // CblogRecaps

Cblogs of 6/20/15 - Too hyped for Arkham Knight

I know I may sound a little crazy, but I'm actually really looking forward to buying next week. I wouldn't necessarily call myself a Batman fan, but I do like him as a character for several reasons. I mean, he has a co...
Jun 21 // James Internet Ego

What Did You Buy In the Steam Sale?

Alas the Steam Sale is about to end. Gamer’s Christmas will return next year, all things considered I found this year to be disappointing. I only bought one thing – Homeworld Remastered, a write up of which ...
Jun 21 // ctg867

Man, I Can't Wait to Get a PS4... Next Year

Like I do every year, I sat down last week and watched each of the E3 press conferences. Putting aside the usual batch of awkward moments, missteps, and botched announcements, I think a lot of people were more up on the ...
Jun 21 // PStoid

PStoid Episode 25: E3 Special Edition!

  Here's what happened in episode #25! This special episode of PStoid is about as comprehensive of a Post-E3 discussion as we could have possibly made it. We dare you to find a podcast with more talky talk about E3...
Jun 21 // Titannel

I Want To Go To Mars: A Brief Essay on Virtual Reality.

Today, more than any other time, we are closer to the future than we ever have been. That's not really true from a physical sense, of course. We can't go into the future because the goal posts are always moving. Our futu...
Jun 20 // Forgotten Bastion

Why is Splatoon so good?

I should not like this game. I am not the target demographic in any way shape or form. I am roughly a decade older than the target audience maybe two. I generally prefer classical music to...whatever the genre of music ...
Jun 20 // Fly Cooper

Can Batman Change the Games Industry?

 E3 2015 showed that the AAA market will be getting back on its feet with exciting new games being steadily released for the forseeable future. That all starts with Rocksteady's highly anticipated Arkham Knight, wh...
Jun 20 // Manchild

What An Age To Be Alive

I sat around for part of the morning trying to make a fundamental decision; what do I trade in, for what? After the excitement of E3, my cousin and gaming partner got a PS4, excited over the announcement of a Final Fant...
Jun 20 // JoyfulSanity

Let's objectively talk about Heavensward. (WARNING: 100% objective)

I had it all figured out yesterday. I had most of the day set aside to play the brand new Final Fantasy XIV expansion Heavensward, and I was ready to binge on it until I saw enough to write up a comprehensive first impr...
Jun 20 // Scary Granules

Scary Granules Episode 30 - Super Special Collectors Edition

It's a beautiful moment, not just for the Scarygranules duo Glowbear and Panza, but for all of you. I mean the joy that we're feeling cannot come close to the sheer ecstasy that is overwhelming you and your brethren. Ye...
Jun 20 // CblogRecaps

Cblogs of 6/19/15 + Theisms: Nu Metal Power Hour

Hey, you guys heard about this #E3 thing? It's just a big convention where people show off new video games like a bunch of freakin' nerds. Laaaaaaaaaaaame! I won't talk too much about E3 because that's all any of you h...
Jun 20 // UKGaminSam

Playing GTA V on the Xbox 360 in 2015

Support for last generation's consoles has started to wane now that newer consoles are available, but there is still a devoted fanbase for the Xbox 360. And why wouldn't there be? The Xbox 360 has a great library of game...
Jun 20 // TheDustinThomas

Error Machine Podcast 54 - Dustin and Luke's E3 2015 Thoughts

Due to a very hectic week for all the guys, only Dustin and Luke appear on this week's episode, and they're not even appearing together. Dustin kicks the show off my talking about the E3 press conferences of Bethesda an...
Jun 20 // JPF720

Writing about what you love

Another E3 has come and gone. I personally got groundbreaking returns, announcements and disappointments – and that’s how it goes. It’s a time for emotions to run rampant in this community of ours, and ...
Jun 20 // Pixie The Fairy

Hype: Arrivals, departures and Shenmue

So Shenmue III is now a real sequel and no longer an urban legend. On Monday I got so excited I couldn't really think of anything to say in my Sunday recap but "Shenmue III!" so I guess I should do some explaining w...
Jun 19 // TheKodu

E3 Nit Picking

Ok I think it's fair to say E3 was good this year, E3 was in fact very good this year. Now there's one of a number of ways I could go with the whole post E3 conferences blog. One being to simple recap and woop. The othe...
Jun 19 // Solar Pony Django

Solar Pony Django’s Bi-Weekly Comic Book Roundup for the Weeks of: 5/27/2015 6/3

Note: The bi-weekly comic book roundup is for comics that I personally picked up during these two weeks since I don’t have enough money for all the comics that come out since there is a wide selection. Got a comic ...
Jun 19 // ScreamAid

EarthBound (Mother 2) REVIEW - Bizarre, wacky, and amazing!

*Author's Notes*Earthbound had a review coming almost since before I even played the game. That's how hyped I was getting in. Now, before I get crucified, I would just like to explain that I have absolutely no systems li...
Jun 19 // n0signal

SPECIAL: Post-E3 Top 10 Anticipated Games (Shown at E3)

I remember picking up a PS3 the year that they announced The Last Guardian, in eager anticipation of this amazing-looking follow-up to my most cherished videogame of all time, Shadow of the Colossus. It has been absolut...
Jun 19 // Lewzr

The high and low cost of semi-modern gaming

It wasn't so long ago that I would have paid about $60 for a brand new video game. That's the going price these days (here in Canada, it's starting to look more like $70 or $80 for a brand new title, actually, but the l...

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