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May 16 // Kesskuron

Pokemon & the wider audience

I used to work in a GAME store here in the UK for a period of around 20 months or so up until June 2013. While the salary side of it eventually made me move on elsewhere, obviously being into games I was rather in my ele...
May 16 // avsky

Any Beatmania IIDX fans out there? I need you to buy my collection :'(

Hey Dtoiders~ I hope it's not bad taste to try and promote something I'm trying to sell, but I'm heading overseas in less than 2 months and I need to clear out the last of my video game collection. Just wanted to b...
May 16 // JPF720

10 things out of 720 (and AMA if you so desire)

So, some of you may have seen me lurking around, writing stuff (thank you very much!) and many of you probably have no idea who I am (which is understandable). As such, and to share a bit more of me with the community, I...
May 15 // Shinken

Build your own motorcycle game!

You're bored and the idea of playing a free motorcycle game on your tablet or smartphone with graphics that surpass the likes of Forza and Project CARS sounds like something that might interest you? I got you covered! R...
May 15 // CblogRecaps

Cblogs of 05/12/15 + Its Kill La Kill time!

When I first heard of Kill La Kill, I thought it was nothing more than your typical Shonen anime with an overdose of fan service, so I ignored it for months. Then I watched it. And it turns out… I was right. Some...
May 15 // Jed Whitaker


I have to bring sexy back for E3 I know what some of you are saying "But Jed you are already incredibly sexy" and you are correct. In Ohio, I'm like a seven, in games media I'm like a six for video, eight for ...
May 15 // n0signal

RETROSPECTIVE: Final Fantasy VII & Final Fantasy X

The picture above is my collection of mainline Final Fantasy games (excluding spin-off titles like Theatrhythm), which should hopefully be a good indicator that I’m a big fan, in fact this videogame series is one ...
May 15 // Riobux

Riobux Recommends: Vlad The Impaler

This week I wish to recommend a choose-your-own adventure game called Vlad The Impaler. Every so often a game warrants talking about not so much due to a cool mechanic, its polish or just how deep it is. Sometimes a game...
May 15 // Agent9

Filling the Void

Filling the void   As companies continue to Chase people that will never be a part of their audience, or perhaps may be until the tide turns and the fickle mobile crowd moves onward to better things. As much as I wo...
May 15 // VinylGamer

From Realms Beyond, I Have Arrived.

Hello Everyone. I come to you from a desolate land. A barren, lonely place, known as Vinyl Gamer. It is my personal blog, written and read by no one but myself. I've kept it for years, writing for no other reason than t...
May 15 // Terry 309

Looking Back: Need For Speed Carbon Review

Now as we all know, EA are a greedy publisher. Their development team Black Box on the other hand are actually not that bad and it shows through Need For Speed Carbon. Completely ignoring the controversy behind EA, I&rs...
May 15 // Nintendoid

Nintendoid FNF 05/15 - 14 more sleeps until Splatoon

That's 0.000383307 century, 0.459969 months, 336 hours, 20160 minutes and 1,210,000,000,000,000.00 nanoseconds until Splatoon! Having joined in on the Global Testfire last week, I'm ready for it. Are you ready for it? Be...
May 15 // CblogRecaps

Cblogs of 05/14/15 + Climbing Ghost-isms

This week I felt invisible again. Fortunately, this time I did it on purpose! Recently I dived back into two stealth-games I had lying around: Dishonored and Styx: Master of Shadows. By now I finished Dis...
May 15 // videogamestore

Resident Evil 6 Game

Blending action and survival horror, Resident Evil 6 promises to be the dramatic horror experience of 2013. Resident Evil favorites Leon S. Kennedy, Chris Redfield and Ada Wong are joined by new characters, including Ja...
May 15 // SeymourDuncan17

Bethesda will close out their E3 conference with a bang

Bethesda is likely one of the few large game studios that still pull in a lot of good graces with the community. They fully support fan works and mods, their games are worth their price and then some (inevitable bugs as...
May 15 // Panzadolphin56

EU FNF - May 15th!!!!!!

Want to play some Europeans games? You bet your sweet buns you do! Feel free to post the details below if you're organising something and we can all join in and play together. Friday Night Fights are run entirely by the ...
May 14 // PS FNF

PS Friday Night Fights: Bodily Fluid Stampede Edition

Never forget a Bloodborne reference. So, I’ve been laid up since last Tuesday night with a really bad cold. Made the mistake of spending the previous Saturday hanging out with friends who had just gotten over o...
May 14 // CblogRecaps

Cblog Recaps of 5/13/15 and Sleep-isms

Nowadays, when I go to the forums, I'm really only interested in checking the anime thread. For the past week, the Community Discourse thread has become the Community Train Wreck thread. Well, it is a thread made for d...
May 14 // Titannel

Remembering Konami.

Konami is dead. Well, it may as well be. Like my other posts about dead companies, here is a brief retrospective on the once-great video game company that was Konami. Konami started making machines for video arcades in ...
May 14 // ScreamAid

SciAnts - Don't let them get your food!

Developer: TileIslePublisher: MADSOFT Games, Inc.Format: Android With the increasing popularity of smartphones there has been has grown a bigger audience for casual gaming. This is why it's natural that there is an infl...
May 14 // gajknight

Now that's what I call a AMA! (I'm so sorry)

  Hello dudes and dudettes, how you doing?! Me? I've been good.  The last month has been pretty rough. Summer has been threatening to rear it's ugly head and along with it, horrendous amounts of heat (if it's h...
May 14 // anystrom0

Ratchet & Clank, Heroes for Our Time

So, is not only coming to a theater near you, it is getting a rebootish treatment for the first game in the series.  Not only does this fill me with joy, it makes me wonder if there is a slight possibility tha...
May 14 // Rudorlf

Casual & Biased Movie Review - Mad Max: Fury Road (2015)

So here it is. Over a decade this film was in development, despite being hampered by 9/11 and Mel Gibson's departure, a new replacement actor was found and production continued, and now here it is. But here's the $150 m...
May 14 // PStoid

#23 with Roberto Plankton records soon, ask things!

In the proceeding episode of PStoid we will be telling you the story of resident dtoid-community artist and overall good sport, he must be a good sport if he's coming onto our show! We will be sure to ask the very basic...
May 13 // RedHeadPeak

How Historically Accurate is The Witcher? Part 2

A month has past. I haven’t played a lot of any game lately; we are approaching exam season after all. Yet my designated gaming time has been mostly devoted to The Witcher. I’ve completed Chapter 1 and I&rsqu...
May 13 // Lord Spencer

Wii REVIEWS: Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles

For those reading one of my Wii review blogs for the first time, here is the basic concept: The Wii is often mocked for its game library, yet, it actually has a solid list of exclusives that are unavailable anywehere els...
May 13 // ShadeOfLight

Here are some answers, now AMA!

Going full Jeopardy! up in this mother. There's been a whole lot of AMA going around. That's fine, but what fun is it to wait for a question and then provide the answer afterwards? No fun at all, obviously! So I've decid...
May 13 // TheDustinThomas

Error Machine Podcast 51 - Luke's Burning Bra

Luke doesn't appear on the show this week out of protest that Bloodstained will not be coming to the 3DS, Vita, or Wii U. He also burned his bra. Time marks below. Intro 0.00 Igarashi's Bloodstained Kickstarter 2.00 Te...
May 13 // FlanxLycanth

What newbie, trigger happy mod is deleting my comments.

Speak up now so I can slap you.   Edit: This has been resolved. Chris Carter has promised to share all his animal crackers with me and I'll be getting a 4.7% cut of all ad generated revenue.
May 13 // Titannel

The Process: Music That Inspired The Story. [NVGR]

I tend to listen to music a lot when I write, as you'd expect, and a lot of the music can bleed into the writing. It's just as much of an inspiration as any number of other things. The music that I'm posting here may not...

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