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Welp, game gave me Maxinger Z in the 4th mission. You're getting back in my good books for taking away Roger, but you still have much to do.


I offered an observation and rebuttal for our history debate today that blew the class's and professor's mind in its thoughtfulness and intricacy.


The other games in the Friends of Nintendo Humble Bundle have been revealed: Swords & Soldiers II for WiiU, Nano Assault EX for 3DS, and Runbow for WiiU. Not sure how to feel about those...


And later the same review states "Fans of console first-person shooters or the Alien film series will probably be better off waiting for Fox's recently announced Aliens: Colonial Marines for the PlayStation 2."


Finally off work and the kid's asleep. *Booting up PC* ...and now my overwatch begins.


Dark Souls III: Feel the Burn

At this point, I shouldn't need to tell you about the Dark Souls series and why people are excited about it. Over the last few years, From Software has grown in reputation thanks to the series and being one of the most c...



I have an extra EU region key for early access to the Overwatch beta on PS 4, any takers? Leave a comment and I'll PN you the code.


"Three Devastating Forces" in Dawn of War III. FAIL. YOU FAIL RELIC. YOU CAN FUCK RIGHT OFF. END OF LINE.


Let me be clear, I never actually killed those Nep Neps. It was negligent nepslaughter at best!


Summoned 4 people for Nue in Nioh, and they all dropped in the first 2 minutes. Ahhh!


It's time to start that Syphon Filter marathon I've been dreaming about


http://gonintendo.com/stories/257018-limited-run-games-interested-in-physical-na-release-for-phoenix-w Support this! Please! Even if it's just to help preserve them in North America, support them! Help get these released physically!


DS REVIEWS: Luminous Arc:

For those reading one of my DS review blogs for the first time, here is the basic concept: The DS is one of the greatest consoles ever, and it had a massive games library. Despite playing a lot of DS games a huge number ...



OMG Shadows of The Empire is on GOG. I'm fucking dying! Now I just need Episode 1 Racer and Battle for Naboo to complete my N64 nostalgia set.


Started a Nuzlocke challenge for Heart Gold: almost lost both Saiyan the Mareep and Alucard the Zubat to the first Gym leader. I only now realize how intense this is going to be.


I really want the CoD4 Remaster, but I really do not care about the new CoD it comes packaged with. Dilemmas


"Haha! Your demise will be slow and agonizing, haha!


That moment when you see a series in Super Robot Wars and you go 'Who the fuck is that?' And then you look them up and it might be the oldest series in the game.


Doing a mind numbing project for one of the Lizard People pretending to be a human that is my coworker, because she's incapable of doing it herself. That is the definition of incompetence right?


One of my favorite youtube channels posted a run down of 5 video game conspiracies. It's rare when this stuff crosses for me so here ya go Youtubetoid.


What are the better gifs and why: tarantinofied or michael bayified? discuss!


Waiting for your car to get worked on at the dealership is a level of banality surpassed only by the DMV. Even my 2DS can't save me from its soul-sucking existential horror.


Putzki, dictator, evil villain, idiot and all around 'sexy' penguin


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