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What could Nintendo do differently with F-Zero? Ever played Speed Racer on Wii? (Except there'd be the "not invented here" syndrome...)


Happy Star Wars day! Also, controversal opinion time: Darth Vader is a pretty weak villain, specially when compared to Darth Sidious or Kylo Ren. He is completely style over substice. But I do agree that his armor looks sweet.


BvS is too long by about an hour and nothing happens for far too long. A film with Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and doomsday is incredibly hard to make boring, but congratulations you achieved it Mr Snyder.


Managed to accidentally suicide two games in a row in Quest of Dungeons by clicking on the spawn point. Cursed.


Know what solve plenty of life issues? New work shoes. Holy cow, they're so cozy and robust. Got me like -


I suppose Darksouls is one of the few games where I don't mind being steam rolled. I will have my revenge aldrich faithful!!!!!!!! I will hunt you down.


OH MY FUCKING GOD! There is a remaster of the '98 Battlezone game on Steam! HOW DID I NOT KNOW ABOUT THIS FUCKERY OF AWESOME?!


Boss 101 Screenshot - game tuning time, watch out for the lightning bolts - they explode!


File under: How do I arcade? 1982 magazine article on coin-op etiquette. http://www.atlasobscura.com/articles/how-to-be-cool-according-to-a-video-game-magazine-from-1982?utm%20=twitter&utm%20=atlas-page


Anyone with exams coming up who even thinks about procrastinating - Francis York Morgan has words for you.


my not be very active in the foreseeable future. pc problems + finals coming up, just wanted to let you know. Cause I care about you, are you not gratefull?


I'm thinking Bamco should've named the masked man in Lost Reavers as Rick the parapsychology student. Would've made the story much more interesting.


The Risks of Long-Term Game Development

The idea of supporting games and continuing game development way after their release has gotten serious traction over the last decade. We've talked about Team Fortress 2 as the prime example, but we're seeing recent case...



Hello friends! I have returned home from my hospital stay and am now recovering from surgery. My spine has gone full Robocop, soon my journey to machine will be complete. Just wanted to thank everyone who wished me well before surgery, much appreciated!


Saw this at my local GameStop. Apparently some website called "DESRUCTOID" really like Tales from the Borderlands. Your boxart editor deserves a "10 out of 10" indeed, Telltale.


Well pluck my feathers! The Double Fine Adventure kickstarter may finally fully deliver if this email I got has anything to do with it.


Why do I always have to have the weird opinion? I get the sense you all stop believing my sincerity after a while. Starfox Guard is actually REALLY fun once it gets going. Like playing slow FPS with 12 cameras. Honestly surprised I like it this much.


HELL YEAH my Indie Game: the Movie tshirt just arrived today! Being part of one of the translation teams for the special edition content already was crazy amazing, but getting this swag was also a really neat bonus!


A bar that has actually piqued my interest. It's not the first e-sports bar in the world, but I believe it's the first in Toronto. http://www.blogto.com/bars/good-game-toronto


"I am the Crow of Cainhurst! My Chikage will cut to your very soul! Prepare yourself for mortal combat!" Or, OR I could cheese you to death over 5 minutes while you kill yourself with your PRECIOUS Chikage as I throw poison knives and Molotovs at you.


Good day, very good day. I get to talk to my mate for the first time in almost two weeks because he has been busy with college and work stuff and we spend the day rping kinky hardcore S&M stuff. Much more fun the games and will be even more fun in person.




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