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I'm gonna miss Nioh... I never enjoyed getting my ass handed to me so much.


God damn it. I want to be so mad at how little screen time Gunbuster itself has gotten and the pacing of the series. But then I find out Gunbuster is a combination mech. And then it gets a hype battle versus an army. YOU'RE TEARING ME APART GAINAX


In celebration of my finally having finished MGS V: full motion Quiet/ Stefanie Joosten


I didn't expect to like Overwatch this much. Anybody else using Lucio? I'm shocked at how much I now enjoy using him. He seemed so lame at first. But he's secretly incredible.


Played and streamed some more Yakuza 3 (that shibe is so cute!), made a few memes for YouTube but nothing really else.


When your title mech doesn't show up for over half the show's length, maybe, juuuust MAYBE, you should've had more episodes. Too rushed for some moments to have any real impact. Mech's been pretty badass so far tho.


Since I now have Runbow, it occurs to me that no one has mentioned its new DLC and that Lilac from Freedom Planet is a free character!


:( Today has been pretty bad for gaming. Really dislike Nioh and stuck with terrible players on my teams on both Overwatch and TF2 with the latter taking an hour to figure out how to launch it without it crashing.Bleh I say! Sleep and onwards to tomorrow!


Thing I'm trying to sort from the Avenger's movies: Everyone is absolved for succumbing to mind control except for Tony Stark. And Scarlett Witch sends Hulk to terrorize a city. Loki gets out of warping minds with a "But he's my brothe" from Thor.


Alright i got two codes left. Wiiu versions of affordable space adventures and Shante: Pirates Curse


Just discovered the Yakuza series after buying 5 on sale and finally putting some real time in with 4, which I got with PSPlus a while back. Now I don't even care about anything else it's like I'm trapped in Yakuzaville!!


While debate rages on over who is best waifu and best robotu in Overwatch, it's abundantly clear that Hanzo is best Huzbando.


Was nervous because I thought you botched getting the Morion Blade if you didn't get Yuria to talk about Orbeck before finishing the Usurpation questline. Turns out you can still do it. I did do it right after killing Dragonslayer so that helped?


done with all my classes for the semester! SUMMER TIME IS FINALLY HERE!!


I can't seem to summon up any interest in Overwatch. I like the look, the music, the upbeat approach, and Road Hog is my kinda character. But I just don't feel it. All I see is another Titanfall, another Heroes of the Storm. Sorry.


PSA the May 5th Open Beta of Overwatch seems to have already started, at least on PC. Though so far I've only done the tutorial stuff.


Got codes for Shantae Pirates curse for 3DS and WiiU. Affordable space adventures, and retro city rampage for the 3ds.


That feeling when you get 100% on the semester long project, meaning you got 100% for the entire semester.


I tried the Nioh demo and I just dislike it so much. I love the idea but I feel like the execution is so poor. Takes what From Software does right and makes it wrong. Some love it but for me, it's so flawed I feel it's unplayable. Nothing positive for me.


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