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Jun 26 // Retrofraction

Three things Nintendo should fix on the Wii U before the NX

Well I guess I deserve it. I went out of my way to buy a Wii three months ago and they went ahead an announced they will announce the new “NX” next year at E3. It really does make sense considering the curre...
Jun 26 // Manchild

Slave to the Grind

Today I am home sick. It has been a really shit few months for my family and I. A really bad year, actually. I have realized in that time that I am worse at more things than I am good at. I guess that's sort of a given, ...
Jun 26 // randombullseye

XCOM 2 - Are XCOM Terrorists?

While I was very excited to hear XCOM was getting a sequel, I was a litte taken back by the video released to promote the sequel.  In thThere was a statue where humas and aliens were together, but that wasn't all th...
Jun 26 // OverlordZetta

A Certainly Badass Blog

Ah, yes... You've returned to me once more, have you? I knew you would come. I was waiting for you. A world of mystery and magic awaits you within my pages, unlike anything you've ever seen before, and I'm sure you're ju...
Jun 26 // Nintendoid

Nintendoid FNF 06/26 - One more week until a glorious return

~ You wanna challenge me in Smash and show me how Ryu is done? You wanna play Mario Kart 8 and fall hilariously behind because seriously I'm pretty good at this game? You wanna splat my face? Well, you can! Next week, th...
Jun 26 // toomanybiscuits

E3 2015 overview:Why I love E3

Some people in the gaming community and media like to rag on E3, mostly because they're cynical arseholes who think the only way to be proffesional is to not get excited for anything, until they've played it. Its un...
Jun 26 // CblogRecaps

Cblogs of 06/25/15 + Paper Dream: Sticker Team-isms

I am a dumb. So here's a situation: with one week left to go I'm aaaalllmost done with my internship now, so that's one big project done and dusted. I still have another big project to do, but f...
Jun 26 // Occams

Occam Thoughts: Tears of Joy

I am going to cash in some Destructoid cred here and write not only a short blog but also one that has nothing to do with video games.  You will forgive me but in my excitement I can't contain myself.     ...
Jun 26 // Mr T Haggar

No Man's Sky - The Hardest Sell

This is my first blog on here, so go easy on me will ya!? I can't help but feel a bit sorry for Hello Game's Sean Murray.  No Man's Sky looks like it could be a pretty awesome game, so on one hand he wants to show i...
Jun 26 // WTFOliver

Final Fantasy VII REMAKE

My experience with Final Fantasy VII and what I think about the REMAKE As a younger person who played FF VII for the first time when the game had already been out for 13 years even so I played the game without knowing m...
Jun 26 // JPF720

A trip to Spain and the search for a dream (Part 1/2)

Some time ago, it came to my attention that there’s this little event called Gamelab, which has been going for quite some time as it seems. It’s basically a game dev meet, where industry veterans come to share the...
Jun 26 // JDelwynn

Remember us little people!

PlayStation's Big in Japan sale is fun idea. Giving us a selection of those quirky games that some flounder on the internet would say are trash. Sure you can argue what Strider is doing there, being a western develo...
Jun 26 // zyphir77

Turn based combat is a must for ff7!

I agree with your article whole-heartedly. Final Fantasy has been one of my favorite series of games for a long time, primarily due to the unique stories and the turn based combat. I have played and enjoyed every FF game...
Jun 26 // Dtoid PC FNF

Bam Ham and The Great PC Debacle

Nope, you aren't escaping the glut of bashing on Arkham Knights PC release! I'm so glad I didn't preorder under the pretense that my rig was just at par with the game so I was going to wait a bit to get one of the new R...
Jun 26 // gadgeroo

Well... wax my humongous Bat Balls !!!

I get this feeling alot, its part of the joy of being a pc owner When you start down the path of becoming a pc gamer, it dawns on you real fast that, much like that photo of a Thai lapdancer that you downloaded, there's ...
Jun 26 // TheDustinThomas

Error Machine Podcast 55 - Second Hand Infidelity

Luke kicks the show off with a bang as he recounts a story of second hand infidelity, even though it only kind of, sort of involves him. We also talk about things like Arkham Knight being broken on PC, the Sega Channel, ...
Jun 26 // PS FNF

PS Friday Night Fights: Heist Related Sleep Deprivation Edition

 I dunno. It’s late. Have a picture of one of my dogs. I should have known this was going to happen. I put a couple hundred hours into the Xbox 360 version of Payday 2 when it came out. It never got the pat...
Jun 25 // Valdearg35

Danganronpa | Critical Hit Records #2

Hey! And welcome to sort-of episode 2 of my rarely-updated series, Critical Hit Records. In it, I talk about a game that had an effective soundtrack, and discuss why their tunes worked so well. More will be coming, some...
Jun 25 // TroyFullbuster

Kingdom Hearts 3 Trailer Quick Notes/Open Thoughts

Hey guys I just wanted to discuss that awesome Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer we saw at E3 2015. Previously I wrote about the KH3 what to expect (in a who are the 7 Guardians of Light vs the 13 Darknesses) but I wanted to disc...
Jun 25 // 2D Glasses

Why I'm not buying Rock Band 4 (and why you shouldn't, either!)

Many things in my life have changed, but Rock Band has been that one constant. I remember the day I first opened up the full band kit for Rock Band and I spent the night rotating instruments between me and my f...
Jun 25 // TheKodu

For the good of Humanity we should blow up Rome's Coliseum

  What it was either E3 related guff or laughing at idiots this week. Guess which I chose?  so some rather well paid individual has been extolling about how violence is bad and Doom showing such levels of viole...
Jun 25 // CblogRecaps

Cblog recaps of 6/24/15 and LEONID STARCRUSHERS

I like to change my twitter handle every now and then to reflect either what I'm into or to parse out an in-joke. Lately I've been changing my handle to random Monster Hunter weapon names because they are the fucking b...
Jun 25 // Manchild

Shit That Freaked Me Out As A Kid

There is a new survival horror game out guys! It's great. You are alone in a haunted wood. Or maybe it's a town. And all you have is a box of matches. And you can light the matches when something scary appears and it wil...
Jun 25 // TheDustinThomas

New Error Machine Podcast Recording Tonight. Ask Us Dem Questions, Yo!

Hey everybody, maybe a little late to be posting this, but still worth seeing if we can get some questions out of you kind folk. Anyway, we're recording a new episode of the podcast tonight. This is our first proper epis...
Jun 25 // James Internet Ego

On Target: Archery in Chivalry

I was playing Skyrim recently, having modded it to hell (and well beyond what Windows 8.1 will tolerate), and noticed just how lackluster the archery is. Great for stealth, a damp squib for anything else. I went in sear...
Jun 25 // RadicalYoseph

What is your favorite video game music ever?

I have been running low on inspiration for blogs the past week or so, and I haven't really started any until this one. Instead, I spent the majority of my extra time on the internet to build an awesome VGM playlist on Yo...
Jun 25 // Virtua Kazama

FGC Tournament After-Party Experience

[Bringing the FGC knowledge to Destructoid] Community Effort Orlando 2015 (CEO 2015) is this weekend, and everyone is getting ready for the intensity of this fighting game tournament. It is the second biggest tournament...
Jun 24 // Voltech

What’s the Best-Looking Game You’ve Ever Seen?

There’s been a lot to talk about since this past E3, but you know what’s piqued my interest the most?  Street Fighter 5.  As I’ve said in the past, the only trailers/footage I’ve grown ...
Jun 24 // Lord Spencer

DS REVIEWS: Radiant Historia

For those reading one of my DS review blogs for the first time, here is the basic concept: The DS is one of the greatest consoles ever, and it had a massive games library. Despite playing a lot of DS games a huge number ...
Jun 24 // Manchild

Dtoid Exclusive: "Rampage" Trailer Synopsis

So in a move that shocked no one, it was announced that the Midway arcade classic Rampage is finally getting the Hollywood treatment after decades of fan outcry. Starring Dwayne "Fiddlesticks" Johnson (as he would prefer...

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