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Jul 26 // Flegma

Alien Syndrome and space sims

First, a simple test: do you recognize the name "Lawrence Holland"? Don't hit Google with his name just yet, I'll get back to him around the halfway point of this post. If you know the game Alien Syndrome and remember it fond...
Jul 26 // Perd Hapley

The console dilemma

Why is it so hard just to want one console? I'm in the market for a video game console, yet my desire to only own one is making this more difficult than it should be. There are a couple of reasons why I just want one console:...
Jul 26 // gamerfaith

Minecraft Cupcakes

My nephew's birthday party is today and he is a big fan of Minecraft, so being the awesome Aunt I am, I decided to make him a bunch of Minecraft cupcakes. Problem is he is really picky... I mean really picky. He only likes v...
Jul 26 // Scary Granules

Her Story and Bears Can't Drift!? Reviews

Why hello there, how are you? Fancy reading and watching some reviews of recent games? Yeah you do, you saucy minx. Bears Can't Drift!? (how rude) Written Review can be found here on our website
Jul 26 // CblogRecaps

Cblogs of 7/25/2015 + Origins of Lord Spencer and Username-isms

So this is my first attempt at a recap, and its actually 3 days earlier than it should have been. Thus is life in the Reservist shed; we are the paramedics of the recap team. Which is not bad at all, because it allows us to ...
Jul 25 // NinjaSpped

From Metroid With Love

I'm no expert on Metroid. This year was the first time I've played a Metroid game. That game being Metroid Fusion on the Wii U Virtual Console, originally for the Game Boy Advance. And I've been having a blast! Imagining all...
Jul 25 // gamerfaith

Rebooting Pixelized Creations

I have been trying to restart my Etsy store, originally called Pixelated Creations, now called Pixelized Creations but due to a lack of funds, I have not been able to get the supplies needed to get my store stocked with some...
Jul 25 // James Internet Ego

What Are Your Most Satisfying Gaming Moments?

Satisfaction is something most games try to create. And a lot of them fail. Such moments tend to be either too easy to accomplish, such as defeating Alduin in Skyrim, or they do not leave the player time to appreciate their ...
Jul 25 // CblogRecaps

Cblogs of 7/20/15 + Social Media, Schmocial Schmedia

Ah ha! Despite it not being Sunday at all, I'm here to do an intro (or, as they call it in the Destructoid community blog recapping industry, an “ism”). So, let's talk about something fun. Let's talk about social...
Jul 25 // darrenhupke

How to Ruin a Kickstarter Game Campaign!

Hi! So you want to ruin a videogame Kickstarter campaign, do ya? Well, follow these steps and your sure-fire, high profile project could cling to life support and risk missing your minimum funding target! Take a classic cons...
Jul 24 // Mike Wallace

Is money and the potential fan backlack the reason Half-Life 3 doesn't exist?

YouTube Channel The Know posted up a report (link below) that boils down the Half-Life 3 delay to two factors: money and fanboy shitstorms. Through Steam and its micro-transaction games like Team Fortress 2, Valve is possibly...
Jul 24 // Virtua Kazama

Why Ports Matter in Fighting Game Tournaments (Lesson #1: Version Differences)

It’s no secret: I love fighting games. They are my favorite genre in video games. I played them casually as a kid, and I currently play them competitively as an adult today. When playing fighting games casually, there ...
Jul 24 // Adam P

Challenger Approaching: The Babes of Bionis

‚Äč Xenoblade Chronicles. It's a game I've already written about at length. It seemed destined for obscurity when Nintendo announced that it would not be released in North America. Operation Rainfall rescued our dreams, and i...
Jul 24 // Forsakeneyes

My Dad Is Going To Die And It Feels Good To Feel Bad dad was getting weaker and losing weight fast. For some of you these signs will immediately ring the alarm bells. For yes, it was cancer indeed. Of the lung kind, to be exact. My mom broke down in tears, I didn't budge ...
Jul 24 // StriderHoang

Better with age: Konami's legendary, mystical ninja

Once upon a time, people liked Konami. The split between Kojima and Konami looks to be one of the most legendary of all time, going up there with the likes of The Beatles and Britney Spears/Kevin Federline. But we're concern...
Jul 24 // CoruptAI125

Looking Back: Mass Effect

This is a spoiler warning!! Mass Effect is, without hyperbole, one of the greatest franchises in gaming. Even in spite of it's rocky conclusion, I believe that the Mass Effect trilogy will always hold a pivotal place in vide...
Jul 24 // Flegma

Grouping Wiimote's motion/pose controls

Wii and waggle go hand-in-hand in the vernacular. For me, "waggle" in relation to motion controls refers to "do something - anything" shaking of the controllers, devoid of accurate timing or deliberate accurate motions. But t...
Jul 24 // CblogRecaps

Cblogs of 07/23/15 + Equivalent Exchange of Trump Cards

I've been a bit absent from Dtoid this week. In fact it's safe to say I've been a lot absent. Now I'd like to tell you that I had a perfectly valid reason for not being around, and frankly I should have had a valid reason. Bu...
Jul 24 // PStoid

PStoid Episode 27: Because He's German

  Here's what happened in episode #27! On this episode of PStoid: Scield doesn't remember if he played bases loaded, Neal takes a stab at German and Nanashi has a lot of favorite Game soundtracks. But also in the ...
Jul 24 // Occams

Occam Thoughts: Quagmire

Ever get overwhelmed by choices?  350 channels and nothing to watch. A library of books, games and movies and nothing strikes your fancy. So what do you do? What helps you scratch that itch for entertainment when every t...
Jul 24 // gajknight

Better with Age: A Journey worth retaking.

Few games can be said to be truly pure. Modern games usually branch out in so many directions with endless grinding, 100's of collectibles and trinkets and millions of pointless side quests. They're so laden down with fl...
Jul 24 // Lord Spencer

Wii REVIEWS: MadWorld

For those reading one of my Wii review blogs for the first time, here is the basic concept: The Wii is often mocked for its game library, yet, it actually has a solid list of exclusives that are unavailable anywehere else. Th...
Jul 24 // PS FNF

PS Friday Night Fights: Daken Can Suck My Short And Curlies Edition

I should be asleep. This blog should have been written and posted already. But stupid fucking Snowmageddon pulled ahead of me by a couple hundred points right at the end of this event in Marvel Puzzle Quest that knocked me o...
Jul 24 // CblogRecaps

Cblog Recaps of 7/22/15 and STRIDERISMS

I'm waiting for Binding of Isaac: Rebirth to download to my New 3DS right. I'm just not a true PC gamer, with access to hundreds of games on Steam and deep discounts yet I can't treat my machine (not a machine, a laptop, so...
Jul 23 // Link Narukami

HotS and Things

  Currently Heroes of the Storm is my go to game. It's a game that is great for unwinding after work with the feeling that I'm not playing alone, but still have a chance at victory. I feel like as though if Splatoon had ...
Jul 23 // Esteban Sky Cuevas

Game Pitch: Primal Rage: New Urth

This is an idea that I’ve been sitting on for some time now. I’ve always wondered what a new Primal Rage would look like and after thinking about this for what feels like a year, I’ve come up with a relativ...
Jul 23 // Jinx 01

I Made A Steam Tiles Website!

Last Fall I posted about how I'd been making custom images for Steam's Grid View. Well, after talking with a few people on Steam I decided to go ahead and make my own site for them. I have most of the content uploaded, includ...
Jul 23 // Dtoid PC FNF

PC FNF: You've Lost That Connected Feeling

To those who do not know, which is all of you. I recently moved away from everything I've ever known to a brand new city for a job in my career field. While it has been incredibly busy and exciting to start something new, I ...
Jul 23 // Mike Wallace

"Fury Road" ruined Fallout for me

  I've seen Mad Max: Fury Road three times now. I think that makes me the Rictus Erectus to Hideo Kojima's Immortan Joe. The movie has put me on a Post-Apocalyptic genre kick, and I was amp'ed up by the announcement of ...
Jul 23 // TheKodu

Preview: Theo & Lizzy

  Disclaimer This preview is based on a short amount of time with the game and should not form your entire basis for a purchase or be considered a review. I'd encourage you to check other places for more information a...

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