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My Gamerscore is BOOBS
// Mr Andy Dixon

Guilty gaming pleasures
// Hyper Lemon Buster Cannon

Pixiedust #1: Hello!
// Pixie The Fairy


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Jul 30 // TheLimoMaker

Minimalist Storytelling - What Makes it Brilliant

Games have had storytelling in them for decades now. You play as a charcater, you have a force to defeat or an objective that you either set yourself or is set out for you, you encounter more problems as you go about achievin...
Jul 30 // Bardley

Hunting for video games at antique shops

If you’re in the market for retro video games these days, there is no shortage of options. In addition to online outlets such as eBay, Amazon, and Craigslist, there are thrift stores, pawn shops, flea markets, and swap...
Jul 30 // Triad Gamer

The Witcher 3's Side Quests Finally Justify The Freedom Of The Open World

As with most things in life the videogame industry has a fascination with size. Everything is whittled down to a measurement, whether it be the length of a game, the scope of a world or even the proportion of a character&rsqu...
Jul 30 // NataShadow

Have you already tried playing Garbage Hero?

Have you already tried playing a Garbage Hero game? If not then I should say that it's a must to try :) It requires a fast reaction, quick wits and intention for waste recycling. Do you think that sorting the g...
Jul 30 // CblogRecaps

Cblogs of 7/27/2015 + Videogame Narrativisims

In the past decade or so, we have seen the importance of videogame narrative be increasingly emphasized. We have seen games celebrated for their narrative oomph, while other ridiculed for purely story related reasons. In the...
Jul 30 // extatix

Better with Age: Diablo III: Reaper of Souls

Warning: fanboying ahead. Yes, I think this rather accessible and maybe even simple ARPG's getting better with age. Not because playing it over and over will give you new insights into the story — let's face it, the sto...
Jul 29 // Voltech

Splatoon is secretly brilliant.

I wonder how much of Splatoon’s success comes from the proliferation of memes.  I mean, it’s been a top image gallery over on Know Your Meme for months now, and the phrase “you’re a kid now, you&...
Jul 29 // Virtua Kazama

Dead or Alive Festival This Weekend!

On August 1, 2015, Team Ninja will host the first ever Dead or Alive Festival at the Osaki Bright Core Hall in Tokyo, Japan. Fans and top players from around the world are celebrating the legacy of Dead or Alive series. ...
Jul 29 // TheLimoMaker

Nothing Quite Like an Unfinished List

So it's just past halfway through the year now and frankly, I've played a hell of a lot of games. More than I previously thought I would when the year began frankly, with Everybody's Gone to the Rapture, Dishonored HD and Unt...
Jul 29 // Kooram

The Consuming Shadow: Review

i thought about doing this review without any punctuation as a cute joke but then I changed my mind cause look its already annoying you isnt it its difficult to read dont you think wouldnt you hate it if the whole thing was ...
Jul 29 // Mike Wallace

Hairbrained Schemes is bringing back BATTLETECH

Hairbrained Schemes, creators of Shadowrun Returns, Shadowrun: Dragonfall, and the upcoming Shadowrun: Hong Kong just announced their return to Kickstarter to fund BATTLETECH, based on the BattleTech setting. For those who d...
Jul 29 // Zero Syndicate

Lost Dimension - Review

Mysteries have always had a big place of intrigue for me. I love piecing together clues, solving puzzling scenarios, tracking down a prime suspect in both film and game. I've always tried reading between the lines in games t...
Jul 29 // James Internet Ego

An Afternoon with the Star Wars Galaxies Emulator

The other day I wrote this blog about crafting, and used SWG as an example. When writing that I realised that SWG, that old Star Wars MMO that splits opinion like a knife-edge, had an emulator. As a massive fan of Star Wars,...
Jul 29 // CblogRecaps

Cblogs of 7/28/2015 + 50 Degrees Celsius and Counting

It’s hot here. Other than the stifling heat, which is almost visible through the shimmering of the air, we also get unbearable humidity. Sometimes, it feels as if I am swimming on land. What’s worse, it is yet to...
Jul 28 // Pixie The Fairy

Pixiedust #2: Promotions, Bloggers Wanted & Band of Bloggers.

July has been very strong as front page promotions go, leading to at least a dozen promotions thus far. I've been very happy about the response to the "Bloggers Wanted" prompt this month, "Better with age." I had pitched...
Jul 28 // TrainerAmy

FNAF 4: Too Boring for Youtube, But the Best Game of the Series

Quick Dislclaimer: I haven't actually played FNAF 4 yet. Long Story. This is just a thought that popped up into my head while watching my favorite YouTubers play, so forgive me if my gameplay descriptions aren't totally accur...
Jul 28 // Mr Knives

A (Nearly) 1,000 Word Article on Why I'm Excited for Devil's Third

A “bad” game is coming out and I can’t wait to play it. I’m talking about Devil’s Third, a game that has lately been filled with a roller coaster of release dates, dropped publishers rumors, crit...
Jul 28 // JohnPatChap

Nintendo’s New 3DS XL: Is It Worth Buying, Yet?

Although the name is somewhat of a mouthful and slightly misleading, the New 3DS XL is in fact the next handheld console from Nintendo to replace the 3DS and 2DS. At a first glance, it is almost identical to the 3DS XL, but c...
Jul 28 // Retrofraction

PR00U! T3IR! R3d A$h $TRAT GUID3!!!

What to do when the world is full of noobs?Make stratigie guides!Music: Much better.First of all forget reading the intructions... real gamers get lost in small places and stumble and stumble and stumble and stumble and stum...
Jul 28 // TuxedoKnight

Has Nintendo Given Up on the Wii U?

Nintendo and Square Enix announced that the first game released for the "Nintendo NX" will be Dragon Quest XI. Normally, this wouldn't be a big shocker if it were being released for the Wii U or something, but they're a...
Jul 28 // Totally not Batman

Opinion: Bows make everything better in a game

Too damn fun. Ok, so this is something I've had on my mind for some time now. Pretty much every game I play that has a bow and arrow in it is extremely fun to play it seems. It could just be me, or maybe I'm just tired of usi...
Jul 28 // TWalken16

Getting old reviews online!

A while ago I wrote for a site titled,, well unfortunately, the site controller dropped funding and let the site and domain name fall into the abyss that is the internet. As titled, I want to bring back t...
Jul 28 // JoyfulSanity

The FFXIV vs. TESO debate, settled once and for all

What do you get when two MMORPGs based on two giant RPG franchises are launched within less than a year of each other? Arguments. Lots and lots of arguments. The ongoing debate over whether Final Fantasy XIV or The Elder Scr...
Jul 28 // jtompkins

A Few Critiques About Female Game Characters with Average American Bodies's recent blog post features images of female video game characters that have been reversed Photoshopped to feature the body proportions of the average American female; the images have circulated like wild fire ac...
Jul 28 // AvtrSpirit

A Better Class of Game Criticism: Part 4

  This is the last and final part of the “better criticism” series. It deals with the topic of violence in videogames. To recap: In Part 1, I introduced the reasons for changing our tools of criticism for vid...
Jul 28 // Josh Rivers

You know what, where IS Beyond Good and Evil 2?

Destructoid's UK editor Laura Kate Dale has been on a bit of a tear following the latest E3 where Beyond Good and Evil 2 once again didn't appear, which recently culminated in her on-going playthrough of the first Beyond Goo...
Jul 28 // CblogRecaps

Cblogs Of 7/26/15 + A Return Of The Salesman Pitch

Hey! You may remember a month or three back when I talked about an exciting way that Call Of Duty could revitalise the series: Through Call Of Duty: Zanzibar. That it would be an exciting real-time depiction of the Anglo-Zan...
Jul 27 // PStoid

We're cooking up another episode with Jed of Destructoid!

PStoid is recording very rapid fire for some bizarre reason continuing with Episode 28 for which Jed Dtoid staffer extraordinaire will be on as a guest to talk to us on all manner of things! Anyway we could use your inp...
Jul 27 // StriderHoang

Stealthy ninja shorts: quality binding time with Isaac

Binding of Isaac is a big name in the indie domain. I loved watching runs of it on a YouTube I follow, Star (also called Ster). It was hard to believe Rebirth could further refine the formula but not only does it do so with ...
Jul 27 // Totally not Batman

Predicting Rocksteady's Next Game

Whats next for the Arkham developer? With developer Rocksteady finishing up work on Arkham Knight, many predictions are coming out on what the next game will be. Hell, it's been happening for years, and many of us want to fin...

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