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Community BLOGS


All that's left is covenant grind and a couple relatively easy bosses, at least compared to what gold covetous +2 ring requires.


So many cat girls, so little time. Oh Rei, you tease!


Today I'm going to a screening of Blood Simple with a Q&A from the Coen Bros after. Trying not to poop myself.


There's been lots of talk of cat girls. I play a cat lady in FFXIV so I'll post my character! I really need to get back to this game.


Curious about Koihime Enbu, there's an EU stream on now with possible key giveaways https://www.twitch.tv/mechags


Cblogs of 4/29/16 + Short and Sweet

There’s not a lot to talk about in my corner this week. I’m slowly recovering from the post-PAX fallout, writing up preview coverage and catching up on lost time at home.  Next week is going to be a bus...



I just remembered: Free Comic Book Day is in a week! There's a lot this year I don't recognize (and no Mouse Guard for some reason), but there are more than a few familiar favorites, too. http://www.freecomicbookday.com/Home/1/1/27/981


What's that you say? You want me to post MORE pictures of Blake? Well, if you insist...


Good lord, heavy drinking really makes me go balls to the wall, with blatant disregard for my girly Hunter's safety. I hardly ever use that many vials. Next up on my Skill build, run like a crazy person through the Hunter's Nightmare just to get the Saif.


Saw the Ratchet and Clank movie yesterday. It has its problems but it's not nearly as bad as critics are making it out to be. I've definitely seen worse.


We've finally made it into the world of conspiracies.


I've been putting this off for too long but I'm disapponted y'all didn't mention the actual best catgirl:


I beat the boss of Farron Keep in DS3. Such a cool boss, which had me wishing that I could use the same move set. Luckily you can get their weapon from their soul! So I'm levelling up strength so I can wield it.


I've done it. I have become.... so very kawaiiiiii. Bask in my glory. Unless you desu baka. WITNESS MY ASCENDANCY!!! HAHAHAHAA!!!!!!!!!


We are VR: A Brave Old World

I didn't actually think I'd do this Bloggers Wanted prompt. I'm not really overly interested in VR, and I feel like I got my fill of it when I was a kid at some theme park attraction. For me, I figured that was the end o...



I'm not a fan of Calvin Harris' music, at all. But man, this track from 2007 is great. Why can't he make more of that stuff?


PSA: Only 48 hours left in GOG's sale, go check it and grab whatever you like before it's over


500 quickpooooosts. Fuck yaaaaaaaa. Now how to celebrate this milestone of glory?


My last day of gaming before baby arrives and power is out while construction is being done. Le sigh


For NX I can see Nintendo charging a premium like PSN+ during the PS3 days, but my gut tells me they won't lock online multiplayer behind a paywall. I think the service would be a little cheaper too.


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