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Community BLOGS


Purpals get the best invasions.I landed in a world with the host, a sunbro and a faithful. Attack the faithful, get a sentinel dropped on me for my trouble.As I finish him off and get my shackle, the Sunbro and host die to the Archer Knights.I love DS3...




Beat the dancer of the boreal valley at level 28. Suffice to say, i am a fucking god! Either that or ive spent way too much time with this game and really need to get back to studying.


Beat the first boss of Nioh. I can safely say, this game could turn out to be something real special. I got a few gripes that I'll highlight in the comments but I could still play it with no changes fairly painlessly.


I made a small change to the length of the table, and I realize I didn't show the finished white shirt version, so here it is! Thanks for all your feedback and help, everyone!


Godammit, Jake Kaufman's music is so awesome! This game has beeen pure ear joy so far.


I was watching my brother trying to beat the nameless king numbers of tries then I played Fist of the North Star opening and he whooped his ass.


I haven't went online with the Master Chief Collection yet. Is the online still fucked or did they ever fix it?


My head is pounding and it won't be tonight until tonight. Why must it be this way?


Yus! Physical copy of God Hand. Already own it on PSN but nothing beats having a physical copy too. Also wanted the first Bayonetta on PS3. Wanted to play it again.


I can't even say why, but there is something incredibly soothing about Mid-90s Rave https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fK8ZtiavvGU

[youtube] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fK8ZtiavvGU[/youtube]


Ok so this morning I showed my Street Fighter cover to my teachers and they really liked it but suggested putting in more shadows and showing energy coming from the hadouken. They also suggested bringing Akuma down a bit to leave space for a logo.



A casual guide by Shane BotwinSo you decided to jump in the Dark Souls 3 hype train and you're wondering how on earth can anyone with a life have fun in this game?You can do this!The fundamental thing you need is attitud...



I hope Axiom Verge for Vita has a patch coming because the occasional action-halting hiccups are a bit annoying. I've seen some slowdown, too, but my brain rationalizes that as it trying to be an NES game.


Review: IS Defense - PC

Game: IS Defense - Platform: PC - Price: £5.50 The problem with trying to be deliberately offensive is that you need to be constantly raising the stakes, lest people cease to become enraged by your activities. This...



*sees a quarter on the ground with tails side up* "Ooh, a quarter! Wait, does tails side up being unlucky only apply to pennies? Oh god, should I pick it up?"


Hey, Pokemon trainers! The Zygarde, Shiny Yveltal, and Shiny Xerneas events are a May event it looks like! Zygarde is this week and a little extra and the other two will follow that in the US. Check your country for specifics!


This is already worth at least $60, which is double what I paid for it. Along with my three (PS4, Vita, DOS) copies of Retro City Rampage, I'm going to be rich someday.


Is it weird to not care for Devil May Cry 1 but absolutely love the 3rd one. Maybe it was the mood I was in.


Star Fox tip: Well, I just discovered that if you plug your headphones directly into the gamepad, all of the audio is routed through the gamepad. Not optimal for fixing the fixing the audio, but a lot better than the shit quality of the gamepad speakers.


I'm having more fun playing Shantae than I ever was with Dark Souls. YEAH I SAID IT


Also Nintendo posted the full Squid Sisters concert on youtube.


That feeling when you're about to settle down with a nice cup of tea when your mum asks you to go out and get some fish and chips.


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