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Community BLOGS


My job ain't great. But they buy me coffee made the way I like usually without even asking. And that's just fine.


Wait...bunnygirl you said?Now check what's going on in the background...bunnyman couldn't help it!


Gonna finally download Ori's Definitive Edition tomorrow, since I'm going to a place with internet that I can use to download. I can't wait to play a better version of my 2015 GOTY.


I could watch public access tv forever.


Before the day is done, have another picture of best cat girl. Bonus bunny girl included!


Sitting down with a lot of coffee and a wee slice of creme brule to WATCH The Order.


Beyond Two Souls is no where near as smart as it wants me to think it is.


I sometimes wonder if I quickpost too much... then I tell myself that's a stupid thought and keep quickposting.


100% convinced the radio station at work's controlled by Internet people. How else to explain Never Gonna Give You Up, then What's Going On? Yes, He-Man's. Wowzers.


Really struggled with Mirror's Edge Catalyst. LOVED Mirror's Edge but the open world slowed the game down so much. Spent some time discussing this earlier.


I'm glad I've decided to be more liberal in spending my SP in Bravely Second. I had 3 SP in Bravely Default literally until the final few hours of True End.


So there's now a teaser for the third season of the Wakfu animated series. This makes me very happy. And erect. Mostly erect. With some happy thrown in. Okay, many kinds of 'happy.' I'm currently masturbating. Just having a wank. Rubbing my cock.


I don't really have any catgirls to post. So instead here's RVD turning his head into a spring


Has anyone here played Rabi-Ribi? I heard it's a pretty damn solid metroidvania but I have yet to see any more than 2 reviews for it. The game's Steam page is loaded with positive user reviews though.


Not sure why, but I get antsy when the devs of an indie game are in the comment section of an article about said game...


That feel when you get the sick 0-to-death but then your net cuts out preventing you from saving the replay.


Finally got Starfox! The controls are REALLy jarring, I'm doing training mode a couple times to try to get used to it. I really hope o can get used to it, I've waited so long for another Star Fox game


Starting tomorrow I'll essentially have $35 in my bank. Do I go the $13 route (I own SSFIV already but not on the 3DS. I also can't use the WiiU games), or just beat-the-average?


Well, my happy-go-lucky new job is probably going out the door, thanks to the mathematically-challenged temp before me who farked up the warehouse inventory. So long sexy forklift/Aliens cosplay device.


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