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May 22 // SigfriedLion

Guardians Of Our Lives: Destiny, and the Skinner Box.

I get up early in the morning, have breakfast and go for a quick jog. After a fresh shower, I sit down and press the black, round button on the controller, and a few seconds later, the character select screen appears. I...
May 22 // SeymourDuncan17

7 more things you should ignore about SeymourDuncan17

What's more fun than blasting 80's new wave out the front car of a train shaped like a hot dog wiener while you're being tit-cuddled by Jessica Nigri? Leeching off blog trends! And who doesn't love talking about themsel...
May 22 // CblogRecaps

Cblogs of 05/21/15 + Contrarian Deus Ex opinions

 Last week I discussed getting into a stealth game or two, and really enjoying both of them. I also pondered whether I should give Deus Ex: Human Revolution a go. I still had this game backlogged, bu...
May 22 // Riobux

Affect The Affections – Love In Videogames

This week I would like to talk about the depictions of love in videogames. Ah, the tickle of butterflies in your stomach. The sensation of awkward nervousness around someone. The obsessive thought-patterns about that par...
May 22 // anystrom0

Co-Op for Life: Introducing Your Partner to Gaming

As gamers, we spend a majority of our free time exploring strange new worlds, not unlike the .  It's not difficult to get lost inside a videogame and suddenly wonder where the hell the last four hours went.  T...
May 22 // PS FNF

PS Friday Night Fights: My Knees Look Like Swiss Cheese Edition

The title is only a slight exaggeration, at least as far as the reason for coming up with that comparison: There are marks all over my legs from newly fucked up skin, old healing skin and plenty of scabs. Such is skat...
May 22 // El Dango

Thick as Thieves: Sailing under a Black Flag

BOOOOOTAAAAAYYYYY!!!   Has there ever been any sort of thief cooler than a pirate? I don't think so! If you gotta steal, sailing around, blasting down enemy ships and straight up taking all their shit by force...
May 22 // OrochiLeona

Knightmare: 80's Kids in Chromakey Carnage

"Welcome, Watchers of illusion, to the Castle of confusion..."Twice in as many weeks I've found myself discussing Knightmare in the comments section of front page articles, receiving replies from people who remember it w...
May 22 // Nintendoid

Nintendoid FNF May 22 - We need you Splatoon

Here at Nintendoid, we play Nintendo games. Do you realize how little games there are? I don't. All I play is Monster Hunter these days. I don't give a fuck nobody plays Monster Hunter with me because I'm the type of pe...
May 22 // Panzadolphin56

EU FNF - May 22nd!?!

Want to play some Europeans games? You bet your sweet buns you do! Feel free to post the details below if you're organising something and we can all join in and play together. Friday Night Fights are run entirely by the ...
May 22 // CblogRecaps

Cblog Recaps of 5/20/15 and STRIDERISMS

It feels good to finally feel at home in G-rank. I crafted G-rank equivalent armor, have myself a dependable weapon, and can fight almost anything provided I have the support. I'm usually the only one among a group tha...
May 21 // CblogRecaps

Seeking Feedback on monthly recaps

So the monthly recap is a thing we've been doing for the last four months and I've been spearheading that effort. it is a feature I wanted to do for many reasons, but it is also a rather challenging task given the amount...
May 21 // DuskAlchemist

The next Neptunia Game will feature full frontal nudity

With the rate at which these Neptunia games keep shredding away it's characters wardrobe, there isn't anywhere else to go next.The previous Neptunia game on PS Vita called Hyperdevotion Noire featured a gallery of s...
May 21 // XBOX FNF

Xbox FNF: Family Medical Leave

  As some of you may know, my wife is pregnant and the baby is due in about a week.  This will be my second child so I'm going to have my hands full for some time.  So until things settle down a bit, this...
May 21 // Dreamweaver

Hey, Dtoid! Here's 5 (More) Things about me! (NSFW)

Hi there, it's your ol' pal Dreamweaver here to do a "5 (More) Things About Me!" blog! Because hey, that's what is doing, right? Following the hip new trend? ...Why are you looking at me like that? Oh, I get it: it's b...
May 21 // PStoid

PStoid Episode 23: Coffee and Schnapps

  This time, on PStoid... On this episode, Nanashi comes back to Uncharted 3, Neal gives us his thoughts on Video Game High School and special guest Roberto Plankton talks about glued together things. Addedly...
May 21 // thatguy45632

Jim Sterling Misrepresents Gamers Everywhere

Jim Sterling would have you believe that he wrote this article as a joke. He would tell you that the purpose behind this article was to encourage gamers to laugh at themselves and not take themselves too seriously. Howev...
May 21 // ScreamAid

Devious Dungeon REVIEW - Let the dungeon crawling begin!

Developer: WobblyWare, Ravenous GamesPublisher: NoodleCake Studios Inc.Format: Android (reviewed), IOSPrice: 1.99 USD Devious Dungeon is an aptly named dungeon crawler where you, the true hero of the kingdom, are on a q...
May 21 // Lord Spencer

Wii REVIEWS: Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles:

For those reading one of my Wii review blogs for the first time, here is the basic concept: The Wii is often mocked for its game library, yet, it actually has a solid list of exclusives that are unavailable anywehere els...
May 21 // Papi

What? What is this a blog option??

I didn't know I could make a blog!!   WOW this is great. I want to write something important, but, alas, there is nothing on my mind at this hour. How about some Tennyson? Or Kierkegaard, perhaps? Or both? If you wa...
May 21 // Forgotten Bastion

Talking About Life is Strange...Again

I have no idea who made this but to that person, Thank You!   Downloaded episode 3 last night and since I have the day off work today decided to sit down and see what dumb shit Max was going to get herself dragged ...
May 21 // JPF720

So that just happened - Double Fine

Before the beginning of 2015, my only relation to Double Fine was by playing Psychonauts. I had been interested in playing Monkey Island and Grim Fandango, but never got around to getting the first and the second wasn&rs...
May 20 // Hyper Lemon Buster Cannon

I ain't dead yet! HLBC update + AMA!

Sweet Ghandi's tits it's been a while since my last blog; let alone since I was regularly commenting on the site. The thing is, since the beginning of January my life started to get pretty damn busy. Life can just smack...
May 20 // wutangclam

How to Talk About Video Games with Normal People - Publishers

I have a handful of friends that know nothing about video games. For whatever reason, they don’t have much of an interest in the industry. Some of them play a few titles each year, often based on my recommenda...
May 20 // RedHeadPeak

Is Minecraft Bad for Adults?

Did you know that bananas are good for you? The high potassium and low sodium content in each yellow packet of mush is great for your cardiovascular system. They are also high in fibre, which helps you poop. Which is nic...
May 20 // James Internet Ego

The Players That Make Us Seem Terrible

Recently I posted a piece on gibbons amongst men, the idiot players that the rest of us have reason to lambast and simply be embarrassed by. It is time to balance that out with a look at some of the best sorts of player...
May 20 // Shinta

The Witcher 3 impressions 1 hour in: ($30 trade-in value at Gamestop, I called)

Maybe some of you guys caught my last blog about my first couple of hours with Bloodborne.  In there, I layed out all of my early complaints and frustrations with the game in as much honest detail as I could.  ...
May 20 // TheDustinThomas

Hall of Game: Felix the Cat (NES)

For this episode of the Hall of Game, I take a look at a game that's considered by many to be one of the best hidden gems on the NES. I'm also taking advantage of the internet's love of felines by doing a video on Felix ...
May 20 // Agent9

bummed out about P.T.: have a video

Cruising along the interwebs I found a new mega64 video that was rather amusing.  P.T. was a damn fine demo to what could have been an awesome game. Konami's decision to can it is a damn shame and many of us are st...
May 20 // Bardley

Papers, Please: Hindsight

I confess that I don’t have many memories of video game magazines as a kid. Though I loved my Nintendo 64 and was obsessed with Pokémon, I never subscribed to Nintendo Power, despite finding those 1-year sub...

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