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Waiting for your car to get worked on at the dealership is a level of banality surpassed only by the DMV. Even my 2DS can't save me from its soul-sucking existential horror.


Dawn of War 3 will be an interpretive dance music video talking about man's cruelty to man's digital reflection - that's as much sense as I gathered from the video. Or we'll have units of scale that would be too big in Dawn of War 1. One or the other.


Boss 101 the game - Check out this snap of Boss 101 and Mac playing games while they chill at Robo Headquarters. You see, the antagonists aren't always plotting galactic destruction, sometimes they're just trying to get out of jail.


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I was planning to donate plasma this morning for some quick cash, but what I'm assuming are my newfound allergies started acting up (or a cold). I'm gonna have to try tomorrow - no literal blood money for me!


Just checked IGN. Saw 13 Call of Duty related things on the front page. Assumed fetal position.


Told you since day 1 Overwatch would be great. The same way I've been telling you since day 1 Mirror's Edge will be perfectly fine. As a rule of thumb, listen to me and everything will be OK-USA.


Hmm, 69th quickpost. To exercise restraint is the dignified approach..... Nahhhhh.


I can't go to sleep. So I'm just looking at stuff and I keep checking out this countdown site for P5 http://persona5.jp/0505/ We're getting closer...please don't toy with us anymore, Atlus. New video and release date, please.


Wait, is Escapist Magazine actually a PC "Master Race" meme wank fest, or is there some satire that slipped under the radar?


It's great in Hardboiled Chicken 2, Lil Putzki has a giant cellphone shaped robot, a giant cellphone shaped robot that looks like it has a rocket launcher for a penis.


I noticed most people here write text in block form, while I prefer using a lot of line breaks. Is there a writing rule I'm ignoring? Especially long texts are easier to read (for me) with line breaks, but I've never been a fast reader anyway...


Yeah, remember when Quickposts were taken over by catgirls? Well, following in Meanderbot's lead, I decided to redraw one of my other original characters (I have dozens) as a catgirl. Here's Mayuki, who is supposed to be this pudgy girl loves to eat. Yay?


It only took 4 years, but I have an interview at a small production company Friday. I would say I am excited, but I am very tired too. Not I have to go shopping for clothes to wear at it XD


I suck at drawing yet here's an image I made. It features one of my original characters, Brianna, just chilling out playing games while her friend, Tetsuya, watches. Was supposed to be a two-part image where she rage-quit, but I couldn't make it work. >^<


How to make a CnC Generals mod: 1. Add Russians 2. "Realism" 3. ??? 4. Profit?


I always thought that videogame helicopters are only there to crash dramatically, either to put you into a level or force you to reach a secondary LZ. Eurogamer goes to add that they also serve as exposition dumps, too!


I just want to see the next Nintendo handheld. Sony pretty much handed Nintendo that market when they gave up on Vita. Sony's Japanese studios are gonna need something to do.


When you're trying to work on a super important project that's due in eight hours and Overwatch sits on your desktop, taunting you.


My daughter turned 6 20 minutes ago. My next child will be born in exactly 36 hours. Is this a tI me to be alive or what. There aren't enough ways to say how happy I am.


Sony sells PS4 as a profit and it's a good idea. Nintendo sells NX at a profit and it's a bad idea. It's about as astounding as it is typical.


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