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2:28 PM on 10.28.2009

In case you didn't know, Japanator has cblogs

I keep hearing from people that they literally had no idea that Japanator has community blogs. Like, I hear that a lot. So, I figured I'd go ahead and set the record straight nearly two months after they've launched. Ahem.

Japanator has community blogs.

So, if you have any desire to talk about anime, manga, Japanese culture and current events, or just about anything else, come on over. We'll keep the light on.   read

7:19 AM on 03.20.2009

Happy March 20th!

Spring Equinox, bitches!   read

12:25 PM on 02.02.2009

10 Things You Don't Know about DMV

Because, why the hell not?

10. I started running Japanator by accident. Niero wanted to do an anime site, and so I started talking about it. He realized that I had a fairly deep knowledge of anime and manga, and tossed the reigns to me. And thus, history was made.

9. I am a giant history nerd. Not just the stuff you'd expect, like Korea, Japan, and China, but medieval Europe and 19th century America are subjects that I just devour. Not only do I love reading about history, I also love talking about it. St. Bernard of Clairvaux ftw, by the way.

8. I am an Eagle Scout. And fucking proud of it. It's one of the biggest accomplishments of my life, and going through Boy Scouts, I've made friends that are still with me and I treasure like brothers. It's a wonderful experience for your kids -- just make sure the Scoutmaster isn't a dick. Our troop was easygoing, and as such we had a lot of fun -- but there were still parents that kept us in line and made sure we didn't fuck up in life, and I'm grateful for that.

7. Timeliness is a big thing for me. I just hate being late for anything. I've made a commitment to be somewhere at a certain time, and I do my utmost to honor that. And I expect you to do the same. If I've committed to meet with you or something, then that means I'm not involving myself with anything else just for you. I'd hope you'd respect that.

6. I will punch Necros for you. All you have to do is ask me to on GTalk.

5. I was born in Santa Barbara, California. I spent the first half of my life growing up in Santa Ynez (the setting for Sideways), and I have to admit, it was kinda boring. I mean, it was a nice, safe place to grow up in and play outside, but Jesus, everyone lived in a bubble there. I'm so glad I moved to Jersey. Best things of my life happened there.

4. I always bring a book with me. I guess going along with #7 and the idea of wasted time, I always carry a book with me to kill some downtime. Today it's Runaways Vol. 1.

3. The only time I've injured myself is when I cracked my chin open. I was balancing up on the granite counters back in Santa Ynez, waiting for my toast to finish, and my hands slipped out from under me. It actually didn't hurt that much. But I did bleed all over the place. What did hurt, though, and what made me cry, was the needle for the anesthetic before they went and put stitches in. That made me bawl like a baby.

2. I am not a weeaboo. Seriously. I do listen to J-Music, but the majority of my collection falls under 70's and 80s rock, along with ska and the like. I don't care about ethnicity when it comes to dating -- I've found Japanese chicks to be disproportionately annoying or unforthright with their feelings, and it annoys the hell out of me. Just give me a good ol' girl from the heartland, and I'll be happy.

1. I am actually a nice person. Ignore the part about punching Necros -- he definitely deserves it. But when I'm interacting with others, I always try to be cheery and polite, and none of this tentacle rape and bukkake stuff comes out. I'm fiercely loyal to my friends, and will do just about anything for them, without a word of complaint.   read

7:30 PM on 01.03.2009

I hugged Dale North...

...and now I'm a weeaboo.   read

12:41 AM on 10.18.2008

Japanator wants writers -- are you up to it?

Everyone's favorite site about tentacles, anime, and all things Japanese is looking to bring on a few more writers. If you've got a hankering to talk about any or all of these, then that's the energy we're looking for.

If you're going to take the plunge, send an email to brad[at]japanator[dot]com, with a little info about yourself, why you want to write for Japanator, and either links to works that you've already done or whip up a few articles and attach them to the email.

I look forward to hearing from y'all!   read

11:31 AM on 07.03.2008

I still can't get enough of these random tags. Also, sh*tty games

How true.

Also, sh*tty games.

As you all know, I play plenty of shitty games (final two previews just went up), and I do get the chance to play good games once in a while (MGS4, Soul Nomad, etc.). The thing that I seem to hate more than anything is when I've wanted to play a game, and finally pick it up, only to discover it's a lot more disappointing than what I was hoping for.

I popped in The Simpsons game after fully enjoying the demo. What I find is that the game is extremely linear to the point that it leads you by the nose, and doesn't really present a challenge. The only time I came close to dying was when I left the game unpaused to go help my mom with something.

While I wasn't expecting this game to be something magical, I at least expected to have a decent amount of fun with it. But no, the game quickly felt like a chore, and all the cool Simpsons references weren't even enough to stave off the boredom I have playing through the game. And I'm only 15% through. This, for me, is torture. Not Escape from Bug Island; not Naruto: Uzumaki Chronicles 2. When you take a game that I actually garner an interest in and turn it into something less than desirable, then you've made a truly bad game.   read

7:34 PM on 06.28.2008

Reviews of sh*tty games

I get a good amount of shitty games in the mail. I also occasionally seek out shitty games (i.e. Escape from Bug Island), just because I enjoy seeing why a game is so incredibly bad. That being said, do you guys enjoy seeing posts about why these games are so bad (in the capacity of a review), or do you not enjoy them in the least?

Weekend Reading about shitty games is coming up, btw. Which means I need to play more Yaris.   read

10:03 AM on 06.09.2008

Danboard Masterpiece Theatre presents...

So yes, I'll be the lead on this one. No PR telling me what to do, so expect Snake's iPod to be filled with as much inappropriate music as possible. The only way to kill terrorists is while listening to Slippery When Wet.

I'll probably update Twitter periodically with my impressions or random thoughts on the game (spoiler-free, of course), if you must know what I think of the game at any particular second.

Also, I know this is personal army, but could you help out Japanator with this digg? It's a fairly important piece of news in my mind, so be sure to check out the original story, too.

<3   read

10:42 AM on 06.06.2008

Is it time for a change?

A while ago, there was a discussion amongst the editors about what to do with our names. Despite what some people think, my name is not actually Dick McVengeance. Although it would be plenty cool if it was. It's also slightly less professional when I point someone to my work, and they see that all the posts are done by a "Mr. McVengeance."

But I feel like the name "Brad Rice" just doesn't have that same sort of moxy as Dick McVengeance. You think I need to change my name at this point?   read

7:50 AM on 05.15.2008

Summertime is almost upon us -- time to catch up

I'm back on June 2nd. I'm really looking forward to the time I'm going to be able to spend with my friends, family, and most importantly, consoles. There are quite a few games that I missed out on since January, where I held off from buying any games before going off to Japan. So now that my return is nigh, I wanted to run through the list of what I'm planning on purchasing.

I'll be going through each console, and listing games with a sentence or two as to why I'm interested in it. A lot of this is based off of little knowledge of the title, so feel free to correct me if my impression is by and far wrong. Let me know if I'm missing anything, too. Also, no Xbox 360 games on here, because I don't own the console. Unless, of course, someone is going to ship me an Xbox 360 out of the kindness of their heart.


First off, let's start with Nintendo's little box with some swing to it. My Wii library is notoriously unfinished: Red Steel and Escape from Bug Island are waiting to be 100% completed, while Mario Galaxy and Twilight Princess are barely touched. Let's make that list even worse.

Boom Blox: After the review went up, and hearing Rev talk about it on Podtoid, my interest was piqued. I need something light and easy to balance out my RPG-heavy diet.

Mario Kart Wii: Japan has been advertising this game like crazy. With my group of friends at home and school, I know there's no chance to avoid playing this game fairly frequently. Also, Chester liked it.

House of the Dead 2 & 3 Return: I love lightgun games with a passion. They're always the first thing I run to in arcades, and I still have the first two stages of Time Crisis 3 memorized.

Super Smash Brothers Brawl: Brawl is probably the title that I least want to buy on this list. The Brawl fanatics turn me off to the series, and well, my roommate is one. There will be no fun found in playing with them. But JESUSCHRISTITSTHEBESTGAMEONTHEWIIADS;LGKJAGKLFG.

No More Heroes: I wanted to buy this game so bad when I was in the U.S., but had to hold off because, frankly, I had very little time to play this. I'm looking to beat the shit out of some people on the Wii.

Deca Sports: Yes, it's plastered all over the website, but I'm just curious to try out something that reminds me of ye ol' Track and Field. I guess it's some sick, self-abusive desire.

Castle of Shikigami III: It goes pew pew pew. Haven't heard the verdict in from Topher, but the reviews (if you read the text and not the numbers) seem to be fine.


Alright, time to touch myself with the DS. Yes, prepare for all of these phrases to be fucking cheesy.

The World Ends With You: A Square-Enix title that isn't a sequel? I'll give it a shot to see if the old magic of my favorite Squaresoft titles is still there.

Professor Layton and the Curious Village: People have been playing this game all the time while I've been here in Japan, so I figure I might as well give in.

Teenage Zombies: Invasion of the Alien Brain Thingys: Zombies? Plus. Colette's [url=]slightly
wary review[/url]? Minus. Still want to give it a try.

Advance Wars: Days of Ruin: Tactics. I'm a whore for it. Is this worth it, or should I go ahead and finish up Soul Nomad instead?

Rondo of Swords: Just going off the boxart.


Now onto the Sony stuff. Let's start with portable and move up.

R-Type Command: It goes pew pew pew, too. And Dale liked it.

Patapon: The game has been sold out in stores here, that's the only reason it's still on this list.

God of War: Chains of Olympus: Well, I guess there's the slight problem of not having played any God of War title. But I figure I'll pick these up before playing this.

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII: I don't have the sort of enmity that others seem to have for the series, so I want to try it out.

Wild Arms XF: It's a tactics RPG now. Jesus, I should play a different type of RPG, shouldn't I?


Alright, time to move onto the PS2. Well, the PS2 inside of my PS3, technically. I suppose I could've used images to break these things up, but I don't have the Internet connection for fancy images.

Arcana Hearts: I'm going with Dale's recommendation.

Twisted Metal: Heads On: I'm looking to smash some cars together for no good reason.

Baroque: Despite Colette's review, I still want to give this game a shot. I'm not expecting her to be wrong, I just want to see the points she made for myself.

Persona 3: FES: I already own the original Persona 3, but I am a bit of a sucker for new content. Haven't picked up the Subsistence MGS titles yet, though.


Now finally, the PS3. The black behemoth of love.

Army of Two: I bought into the hype when this game was first announced. Despite the less than stellar reviews the game has received, I still want to sit down and go through some overly-violent shooting that isn't Kane and Lynch.

Burnout Paradise: I'm not usually one to play the Burnout series. The motion blur was a bit much for me when I watched a friend play it. But the reviews for this game were praiseworthy enough for me to want to try it out.

The Club: The sound of mass-slaughter, while being done stylistically, sounds like a lot of fun.

Devil May Cry 4: I should probably play 1-3 first, shouldn't I?

Condemned 2: It got surprisingly good reviews. I was just wondering how necessary it is to play the first one?

Call of Duty 4: It's life-changing, apparently.

Grand Theft Auto IV: This is kind of take-it-or-leave-it, but I've been inundated with talk of it, so I can't help but have a piqued curiosity.


Thoughts and comments would be greatly appreciated.   read

11:42 PM on 05.06.2008

Twitter: a stalker's paradise

Just to mention it, you can stalk me on Twitter if you're so inclined. A good chunk of the Japanator staff has followed suit and pokes around on there. There's dtoid staff as well, but I'll let you discover everyone for yourselves.

So, if you have the distinct urge to know when I might be pooping, you can do it on twitter.   read

12:31 AM on 04.04.2008




I'm in the future, and since Topher's off enjoying himself in Cancun, Fridaying it so hard he doesn't have ready Internet, I'm preparing you for some Friday action.

Now that you've been prepared, FRIDAY THE FUCK OUT OF YOUR LIFE!!!!!111


[embed]79751:9960[/embed]   read

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