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"Browser Games: [Terminal 2D]

Greetings Dtoiders. (sorry for my English) I'm working on this simple game, a 2D top view shooter, as a method for leaning the art & magic of game making. What to expect ? You'll need unity web player to play it. It's 4 mi...


Terminal2D (need testers for this little game)

I made a alpha version of this 2D shooter, Terminal2D, it's one level long by now and it's pretty simple but I'm new to game design and those are exercises, created with unity3d and blender for the 3D models, and ableton live...


Free Chipmusic album

I got release an album at www.chippanze.org, i'll share with u the link for download and info: 3uho [cp-017] 3uho Isla do FunkWar Isla do FunkWar is a soundtrack of a game never imagined before. From the bonus stage until...


Alternate Reality: no console owner gamer

Sometimes you can't afford owning a console, depending on your situation, the country you live, or that you are so young to work and buy one. That was my NES / SNES era, even tough my parents did a big effort on buying my f...


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indiegame designer / multimedia artist Destructoider, Music maker.

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