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1:47 PM on 08.09.2008 // 3r0t1c n3rd
Euro Shitty Movie Night: Weaboo Edition (Repost + Update)

Hello fellow Eurotoiders, after a long hiatus the European Shitty Movie Night is back. I know you all waited for this. And by you all I mean Wilbo and GenkiJam, as they are the only ones that ever show up... Moving on.

We thought of something new for this week.

The Weaboo Edition!

For that, we are going to watch the biggest pile of Fanservice ever conceived by man, Rosario + Vampire. The whole "plot" of the show is a vehicle to get the best angle on the panties of every single female character in the show. Good times for all. And there are monsters and stuff. But I was blinded by all those sparkling white pieces of lingerie, so i couldn't really tell you any details.

If you happen to want to join in (WEABOO!), the whole is going down NOW in ventrillo. Info's on how to get in here:

the episodes can be found here:

(Update: We will use the King of Buttons flashgame to count the pantyshots. Feel free to also do so)

Be there. Or not.
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