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If you are interested to work in my global organisation of evil (or like to wear bright yellow jumpsuits), e-mail me. We are still looking for mad scientist and simple minded goons. People with thick german accent prefered.

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Just in case you are wondering, Wilbo and I actually survived Rosario + Vampire. But maybe only because we ejected out after 4 episodes. The pure Weaboo energy was to much to handle. Also we needed 3 hours for these 4 episodes, as the streaming was very slow at times. Also we played games. WOO!

But what I can bring you is a report on the fanservice density. Here goes (yes, we counted them):

Episode 1: 20x

Episode 2: 10x

Episode 3: 29x (had 2 tripple-shots:D)

Episode 4: 13x (not counting a scene of 15+ girls having a sport lesson in the standard
sports uniforms, that was too much to count)

*(Only counting panty shots, not things like closeups of bouncing breast and the like)

You can expect another report next week, when we continue our journey into the strange world of fanservice. Unless we poke our eyes out.

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