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Disc Golf for now...too tired to type something.

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My wife did not grow up as a gamer or even bother playing video games as a child. She had a younger brother, but their gap in age did not open up any good avenues for bonding. Not like the 16 month difference with my sister. (We played many games together in our youth.) For the last 7 years after the birth of our first son, I've been telling my wife that she needs to learn how to play games and turn on the consoles and what controllers go with what. The only thing she knew how to do was play DVDs in the PS2. So, its a start.

Within the last two years, I got her to join in on some limited time with EyeToy on the PS2. Just some casual playing around but nothing extensive. She maybe did a race or two on Mario Kart DS. And she showed a short interest in Wii Sports when I bought the console. We still play tennis once a month when the mood strikes us.

She is becoming a fan of the Nintendo DS. I turned her onto Honeycomb Beat, which is an outstanding title that was only released in the UK. Then, she saw me playing an interesting puzzle game earlier this year. It was Professor Layton. She started helping me with my puzzles and decided she wanted to start her own story. The addiction begins. She started to talk trash and say she was going to beat me to the end. She started taking the DS to bed, she hid it from me so I wouldn't take it to work, she needs her own DS.

The other night she made it through the final tower. Don't worry, I've been done for almost two months now. EXCELLENT GAME! We both can't wait for the second installment. She was very proud she beat the game. So am I. I needed some sort of hook to reel her in. With 3 boys in the house, she needs to have some skills to keep up with me and the young gamers that I am training.

So, now she is looking for her next game to play, besides Honeycomb Beat. I downl-- purchased Napolean Dynamite and Mr. Bean for her. Of course I am aware that these games are pure garbage but she is a fan of the characters. I think Mr. Bean was a pure flop but she loves Napolean too much to toss him to the side.

I am still waiting for her to break into some Mario Kart Wii or SSBB action with me. I could really use an extra hand in Trauma Center New Blood. Maybe I can get her to play WiiWare Pop.

I hope this is the right forum for this.

I am trying to help one of our senior members of our church at winning a new kitchen for his home based on the volunteer work he does for the community. It is a real quick and easy process, no personal information needs to be filled out.

-Click on Vote for John.
-On the next page, choose John from the drop-down menu and hit Submit.
-The end!!

Thank you!

Info on John:

A man of simple means and tremendous character, the kitchen is where John is most at home, lovingly preparing meals for the benefit of others. John applies all he learned as a cook at the former Walp’s Restaurant. Having faced and overcome mouth cancer and endured multiple reconstructive surgeries, John knows firsthand the power of giving and caring and wants to share that same kindness with others.

For decades, John has served the Kitchen Ministry at St. Peter’s Evangelical Lutheran Church in Allentown, joyfully preparing meals for all church functions. He regularly bakes for others and donates all contributions to ministry endeavors. He donates his time and expertise to make homemade crab patties to several churches to help raise funds for missionary programs. Every Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas, you’ll find John preparing turkeys, hams and baked goods in his home, which he donates to local ministries serving the homeless.

Every month, John makes hundreds of cookies to donate to the Miller-Keystone Blood Center where he is proud to be a regular blood donor. John also volunteers once a month at the Allentown Ecumenical Food Bank and donates vegetables from his garden for their program.

As if that weren’t enough, John’s wife Lois, says that following his surgery 13 years ago, John began to cook all their meals. A new kitchen with modern appliances and conveniences would make John’s life so much easier and allow him to do more in less time. Asked when he will give up cooking, John replied, “When I drop over.”

10:46 PM on 11.03.2007

No, I'm not talking about Lou of Guitar Hero 3 or any of the Wiggles. I'm talking about Demyx in Kingdom Hearts 2. This battle has been pissing me off for quite awhile with his stupid water chords of melodic gayness. I'd rather fight Ansem all day long. Kingdom Hearts is a series that my 6 year old and I play together. We love the story. I get to bring him into the Final Fantasy realm while he brings his love of Disney with. Its a great mix. We've been cruising through the game in the spring when I picked it up for us. Than we got to this Demyx character and we just got frustrated. Of course, I do all the major battles. He does the leveling up. (Gotta train them right.) Anyways, a 6yr old can only sit there and watch the same battle over and over before he gets antsy or asks if we can go to a previous world just to play around. NO WE MUST MOVE ON!

This battle is so frustrating. He has some quick attacks but the part that gets you is his water spirits that come out throughout the battle. Ten of them will appear and you have 10 seconds to defeat them. If you don't...you fail. Go back to your continue point. Luckily, KH2 added the ability to skip the cut scenes. Thank god, or I'd watch the same 5 minute lead in into the battle. That was a pain with the ending of KH1 battle. We got frustrated with the battle and put the game away for the summmer. I popped it back in tonight while he was asleep and attempted to clear this section so we can see what happens next. An hour later, he is finally gone. He will be so thrilled in the morning when I tell him.

He loves him some KH. I actually bought him all the KH magna books for XMAS. He has a ViVi plush from Final Fantasy and some other SquareEnix plush. Yea, I'm geeking him up early so what.

6:52 PM on 10.25.2007

Poor gamers, like myself, hate the months leading up until the holidays. It's all these damn awesome games that come out all at once. It's like the gaming industry blows their massive loads all over a underage Asian prostitute's face all at once and then just dribbles on her chin for the rest of the year. Thats all fine and good. I'm all for painting the face white but I like to spread my batter out over the course of time to make my enjoyment and her tears last. Whoa, wait. Oh shit thats right this is a gaming site.

I'm poor. Not unemployed. I have a good career but an expensive family and mortgage, student loans, car payments, and a big family to buy Christmas presents for. Where the hell am I going to syphon all the money I need just to buy the Nintendo games I want this season. I'm not even going into the other consoles. I would need a home equity loan to keep up. Maybe I can skip an oil payment. Who needs hot water. I'm married so I'm used to cold showers.

November 13th could be an expensive day for all gamers. I already have two preorders down for that date with at least four other games I really want that week. Just looking at November, I forgot to keep my eye on October and realized Battalion Wars 2 is releasing. Was I too busy watching Diago and Blue's Clues to see this? Shit! Sorry kids, homemade Halloween costumes for you. You will be a ghost with your pillowcase and you will be um a gangsta with this blue bandanna. Just don't go trick or treating past 26th Street into the Bloods territory.

Anyone want a perfectly good white child? I need money for all these games...I keed I keed. I need them. Who else am I going to whoop on in FPS games.

Gamestop is running one of their 'bring-in-your-used-newgen-games-so we-can-oversell-it-at-high-ass-prices' deals. This deal ain't too bad, get an extra $10 credit for two games traded in. Sounds like I might be getting Phantom Hourglass before the next paycheck. So I beat Call of Duty 3 and know that I won't be replaying it anytime soon. (Thanks to Savant for spoiling how that game ends.) I called Gamestop to see what I would get. I get $10 for CoD3, not bad, better than I thought. The next game I had which I was ashamed to ask for a price over the phone was Chicken Shoot. This was the worst piece of craptacular crap I ever played. Thank god I didn't buy it, not like I would stoop myself to that level. Believe it or not I get $10 on that too. Have they read the reviews? Are they aware it scored less than Red Steel? Well, better it sits on their shelf than mine.

5:35 AM on 10.10.2007

Codemasters is going to release a series of books for DS owners to snuggle up to on a cold winter night. Sadly, the books aren't like Hotel Dusk. I'm also impressed with the books they are picking up. This may spark my wife's interest more for using my DS...wait is that a good thing? They are picking up the OLOGY books like Dragonology, Wizardology and Pirateology. Last year when visiting the King Tut Exhibit I bout her the Egyptology book. She also has the Dragonology calender. These are cool pieces of literature. The pages have hidden stuff to open. The Egyptology book has envelopes that open and contain invites to expeditions and letters from the expedition. It also contained little pieces for an ancient Egypt game the kids used to play back then. Its a very hands on book and not your straight here's your text here's your picture book.

I am partial to the whole book reading on a DS, PDA, computer, etc. I can't read a lot on a screen. I get bored with it. Or my eyes hurt. I end up printing a lot of tickets at work just to read them. I have better control over the content and can place items easier. Sorry trees, this urban style hippie still needs to cut you ass down so I can find an email delay between Philadelphia to San Jose to Thailand.

However, graphic novels. Bring them on. I never got into manga, but I may try to on a DS. Otherwise on paper it just looks like a coloring book waiting to be filled in.