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1:45 PM on 05.20.2011

5 Gamer Reasons the world will not end on 05/21

So, if any of you paid attention, I posted a blog earlier this week about a few things
I was thinking about regarding the supposed end times and how I'd rather see it go down.
Included were two links for articles about said event; one ridiculous, the other hilarious.
Also, there is a link in there for an article about a man who spoke to god on a train. Quite good and well worth a read.
I honestly don't want something bad to happen and I believe it's safe to assume
that it won't happen. Why do I believe this? That's where my top 5 comes in to explain.

5. I haven't played that old ET game:
Seriously, I think the day I play that game is when the cosmos will
implode upon itself and end life as we know it. I know it's a terrible game
but part of me wants to play it just to see how bad it is. I assume when I do,
it'll b like touching my future or past self while on a time traveling mission. I can feel it.
Feel it in my loins. Maybe it was made by satan an it requires an umpteenth person to play it
so as to bring forth the apocalypse. We shall see, one day.

4. Plenty of games have yet to be released:
There are quite a few games that thousands of gamers want and
have yet to enter/complete development. There are so many to name.
Such games are:
Mother Sequel
Final Fantasy XIV - L ;)
Gran Turismo 6
Sonic Generations
Battlefield 3
The Elder Scrolls V:Skyrim
Duke Nukem Forever - though my gut tells me it'll be delayed some more or cancelled ;)
"Tales of" Sequels
Call of Duty 5
Obligatory Yearly Sports Games
Bioshock Infinite
Fallout 4
inFamous 2
Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City
Kingdom Hearts 3
Prototype 2
Dynasty Warriors 8
Gazillionth Mario and Zelda installment
Also, bear in mind this list is not necessarily a reflection
of my gaming wishes, just a general list at best(and a few jabs at certain "popular" games).
Pardon me if I left out any games, as I may add to this in the near future, if there even is one. :)

3. I still need to make my dream games:
OMG! I badly want to hijack a big game developer and force them to make my games!
I'm sick and tired of these companies not developing what I want out of games.
I don't think it's so much to ask when I say "Gimme 3D console version of Pokemon
that plays like the portables", or a sequel to game X (ie. Soul Reaver Sequel,
awesome game adaptations for my favorite tv shows and movies like Lego LOTR, etc).
I'm not asking for a game about Turd Farming(which would sell,
just not in the same way or as much as my other ideas would).
*sigh* One of these days...

2. Jim Sterling is not President yet:

PfffttHA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA ha ha ha ha ha ha... ha!

(I had to stick one of these in here. It's like a "I did your mom" joke but 50x better)
BTW, Jim, mom says hi! :)

Ah yes, the ultimate event for gaming knowledge is only a mere month away.
Those few days when all the juicy bits of gaming meet and show off they're hard work is so close,
I can taste it. My body is ready. Is yours?

Granted, it is being hosted in California. A state which is notoriously prone to earth quakes. :/


All in all, I'm rooting for more fun times here on our planet
and I'm looking forward to playing games with everyone here on Dtoid.
Whether they be rpg, fps, old school games, or other.

Yes... even Sterling. ;)


1:47 PM on 05.18.2011

May 21st... Meh.

May 21 is the End of Days(Click Here)

Reading the news and hearing from friends about the event mentioned in the link/article above,
I can't help but relate this to video games. Instantly, I think of games like Apocalypse(PS1)
and Disaster Report(PS2).

I'm not a religious person, at best I'd say I don't believe sight unseen.
There are WAAAAAAAY to many contradictions in the bible for me to believe without physical proof. However, that is besides the point.

It's hard to imagine such a cruel way to end things on earth.
My thoughts are still 'Why not a zombie plague?
Can't we spice things up from the typical floods or other "natural" disasters?'

Maybe that's a bit much. I'm no sharpshooter, nor do I even own a gun
(even though I live in the supposed/former "wild west")

^That's more like it. Anyways, I think what I'm trying to say here,
is that I doubt a Rapture is coming but I will continue to leave the possibility of it someday happening
and the existence of someone up there.

Until then, I'm going to enjoy the rest of Demon Souls well beyond this Saturday,
and get Dark Souls on Day 1.

*I hate this dragon...

Number 21 in that list made me lmfao in the middle of class. For serious.   read

4:57 PM on 03.15.2011


I thought I'd start my first blog with something somewhat personal and game related. My love for a certain gaming system known by far too few people but slowly growing in popularity due to its games popularity. A system which defined an era of gaming with such gems that would later become huge successes on other platforms. A system that should have had just as much a chance as all the other systems manufacturers to evolve and create current generation iterations of itself (ie PS1, PS3, NES, Wii, etc).

I'm talking about the true underdog of game systems: TurboGrafx-16 Entertainment SuperSystem; known in Japan(where it originated) as the PC Engine.

This system put out classic titles: R-Type, Prince of Persia, Splatterhouse, Bomberman, Raiden, Turrican, Castlevania: Rondo of Blood, Ys IV: The Dawn of Ys, and Snatcher among many others. Classic games that even carried on past the Tg-16. Some of which were only popular in Japan, unless you were well-off enough to afford the CD attachment(TurboCD) to the system and/or lived in a major city (more on these issue later.) Personal favorites aside, these were hallmark games to be sure. So to say the Tg-16 was "the poor mans Sega" was a gross understatement(heard it before). Many of it's games were strong and well thought out, both in narrative and gameplay. Of course, it had its fair share of copy cat games to capitalize on other gaming successes, such as the game Neutopia (equivalent to Zelda in many respects.) Which tops my list of favorite games despite that. Games like Double Dungeons, Bonks Adventure, and Military Madness made it a varied experience for all types of people too. I could go on and on about the games. That's how amazed I was by the system. Thankfully, thanks to its very mild success, games from the system are now even being digitally distributed to various systems; PSN bringing it to the states and Wii already has many of the titles listed above. Old school, your name is TurboGrafx-16 is what I say. To this day, I still love that the games themselves, which could be transported easier than any other game due to its unique design. I personally carried 20 at one time them like credit cards in my wallet. Making the first color portable game system(almost exactly like the Game Gear, but with the games from the home system fitting it perfectly and optional tv tuner).

Some may argue it's a knock-off of the NES/SNES/Genesis. In many ways it was, but where it lacked in the original intent department for a console, it more than made up for it in original titles and ports of arcade games it received.

I realize this system wasn't the best, nor was it really innovative or impressive compared to some others. However, in my humble opinion, it did a lot to bring gaming to where it is now and is the reason I'm a gamer to this day. Hudson being the main reason for this.

At the time of its release, they were hampered with restrictions imposed by Nintendo. If developers wanted to make games for NES, they had to choose to stay exclusive to them or Nintendo would state "shortages" with their cartridges, denying that developer the ability to put the game on their cart/system. Essentially making it NES or bust.

Sounds pretty evil huh? It was due to this fact that developers chose the NES and thus started the chain of the eventual decline of the Tg-16. No Tg-16 games, meant no Tg-16 sales, no Tg-16 sales meant the system was unpopular, and developers wouldn't back the system unless sales were strong for it. A serious case of catch-22 for the Tg-16.

Though, eventually, Tg-16 shot itself in the foot by doing quite a few things wrong here in the states. First was its advertising, which was concentrated in major cities only, making it hard to come by. Then, games that proved to be popular in Japan, never saw the light of day here(only with emulation and mod chips/adapters allowing foreign games to be run). Finally, expensive equipment made it a hard buy for most. I barely got by with a used model of the aforementioned TurboExpress and didn't buy the TurboDuo or the TurboCD until much later to be able to play Prince of Persia.

In the end, what we came away with were only a few solid games for the majority, and a failed console to the minority. I truly still mourn the loss of a worthy console opponent for the current generation of systems, though not for the system itself, but the ideas behind it. I don't believe in the system wars, and no amount of persuasion will prove otherwise. What matters most is the games and what they can do for people.


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