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8:10 PM on 08.24.2011

321GoCast Episode 54: Super Magical PAXtime

[Ok so those editing issues are on their way to being resolved, but we are getting them edited out of order so please try to be patient with us as we get this rolling again.]

This episode is intended as both a PAX guide and a regular 321GoEpisode so please listen and enjoy.

The things we do at PAX.

321GoCast is back with a brand new episode for you, the first one in months actually and boy do we have a amazing show with an equally amazing guest for you. This week youre regulars hosts JohnnyViral, Ryu89, Tactix, and Analoge are joined by the one and only Kriptynite. And the guys are laying down some PAX tips for all you Dtoid peeps going to that wonderful place in Seattle. So be sure to pay extra special attention to this one boys and girls, because these tips could make your PAX that much better.

Intro and Outro: 321GoCast Theme - Alphadeus
Break: Breakneck (GoW2 OST) - Steve Jablonsky

[Unfortunately the DTOID video/audio embed featuer is down so we only have the download link for you in this post.]

Download this episode here.


6:01 PM on 08.08.2011

321GoCast Casting Call

Yet another call for help from 321GoCast, Destructoid's one and only community based, unofficial podcast about Mug crushing robots and the wasteland wanderers they call masters. This time ladies and gentlemen of the DTOID community, its a Casting Call.

As of a bout a month ago, cast member Jesse "Tactix" Cortez has been posting up a front page blog telling y'all whats coming up every weekend on the DTOID live stream over at (Seriously still getting used to saying/typing that) which has put more pressure on show owner/producer JohnnyViral to get guests lined up ahead of schedule, which is proving more and more difficult. Since the show now also has the live portion on the DTOID stream, both Tactix and Johnny have been trying to get fresh new guests on the show, but this is proving difficult since both men are busy with other things and have been having to scramble almost last minute to get guests.

However you, the DTOID community can help. Send us an email at stating that you are interested in being on the show. Remember that this show is about nothing, so bring your own topics and be prepare to talk over our hosts as much as they do over each other. Recordings are every Sunday at 2pm PST, since we are live we encourage people to get on webcam but its NOT mandatory or a requirement to get on the show. If you are interested in being on our show and email us and we will set up a time for you to talk to Johnny or Tactix so they can set up when you will be appearing as our guest.

Thank you for reading and as a reward we present to you one of the best songs ever.   read

11:26 AM on 07.28.2011

321GoCast Needs YOU

Hello there Destructoid community, 321GoCast here, your favorite unofficial community podcast. As most of you have probably noticed either through watching for this blog or subscribing to us on iTunes/RSS, we have not been updating at all for the past few months. Reason being that our editing has come to a complete halt due to time constraints and our editors just being quite busy. Currently we have recorded 52 episodes and only released 44 and we would like to release those 8 missing episodes so we can get back on track. Unfortunately with our editors being so busy that might prove difficult.

However 321GoCast chief JohnnyViral has seen fit to post this ad here on the cblogs for a new show editor. Currently we have community member Knivy expressing interest, but we dont want to swamp him with all 8 episodes. So we are looking for people willing to edit our shows and email them to Johnny for upload to our podbean. So if this job seems like something youd want to do, please PM JohnnyViral expressing your interest in this position. We really do need help on this because wed like to get back to entertaining you in podcast format not just on the live stream.

We appreciate any help we can get.   read

10:40 AM on 05.25.2011

321GoCast Episode 44: We aren't Really Paying Attention

Back again after weeks of Johnny not being able to update, 321GoCast has returned to force anger, rants, and video games down your ear holes. This week we have the prog rock lyrics of Analoge, the rock guitar of Ryu89, the poppy hooks of Tactix, the death metal growling of JohnnyViral and joining them is the J-Pop craziness of Pangloss. Listen and enjoy.

Once more Analoge didnt tell me what music he used, so y'all dont get music.

Be sure to comment, and go over to our forum thread and leave us some love. Also If you like what you hear you can like us on Facebook with the 321GoCast page Remember you can watch 321GoCast Live! every Sunday at 2PM PST on


Download this episode here.


12:46 PM on 05.04.2011

321GoCast Episode 43: All we Know is...


321GoCast! Destructoid!! Community! Show about nothing!! PODCAST!!! Episode 43! JohnnyViral!!!!! Ryu89! Analoge!!! Tactix!!! Suffocat!! Im about to lose my fucking mind!! Motherfucking podcasts!

Analoge didnt tell me what music he used, so y'all dont get music.

Be sure to comment, and go over to our forum thread and leave us some love.


Download this episode here.


11:22 AM on 04.07.2011

321GoCast Episode 42: Fuck Numerical Order

Welcome back to 321GoCast. After the amazing episode 40 we got back to our regular mediocrity you all have come to love us for. On this episode we have our rage machine JohnnyViral, the ever ambivalent hipster Analoge, and the straight up sex of Tactix. We are joined by our ever present and hilariously Canadian standby guest Scotty G. Enjoy the show and stay tuned for episode 41, yeah that's right episode 41 hasn't been released yet, we are working on it. But Johnny, what about correct numerical order? Fuck it. Be sure to leave some love in the comments.


Deeper Down the Rabbit-Hole - Pogo

Contact High - Architecture in Helsinki

Can't Keep Johnny Down - They Might be Giants

The Last 2 songs featured on this show are from unreleased albums.


Download this episode here.


10:14 AM on 03.25.2011

321GoCast Episode 40: We Are AMAZING (Featuring Chad Concelmo!!!!!)

321GoCast. Episode 40. Another 10 episodes in the bag, and here on 321GoCast we like to do a little something special to commemorate these achievements. So this episode, we got one of the most amazing people on Destructoid, the planet, possibly even the universe to come in and be a guest. As usual we have show owner, drunk, and okay Jon Bloodpsray impersonator JohnnyViral, fedora wearing, community managing, phd bro Tactix, yo-yo rocking, beard wearing, soon to be moving to Portland Analoge, and floridian, dog having, camera less Ryu89. And our special guest is none other than the most amazing man on DTOID, dolphin enthusiast, memory card loving, golden haired Chad Concelmo. Thats right CHAD CONCELMO, let that sink in.

Oh also we debut on the DTOID live stream over on as part of its official Sunday afternoon line up.


Star Tropics Dungeon Theme

Glee Trouty Mouth

Ninja Gaiden Master Ninja

Final Fantasy IX Steiner's Theme

Tim And Eric Awesome Soundtrack SPORTS!


Download this episode here.


10:37 AM on 03.18.2011


It totally wasn't me (Ryu89) being lazy or anything. I totally had the episode edited for last thursday. Just didn't think uploading it right before pax is the right thing.



Ok that was me being lazy. Sorry. We had a special guest Dexter345 on today, big props to him for coming on the show and dealing with our crazy shit.


Pokemon White/Black Surf Music

Marvel Vs Capcom 3 Arthur's Theme

Beyond Good and Evil Mammagos!

Super Secret Music For Johnny Viral (Love you Johnny)

The Presidents of the United States Unova Pokemon Rap


Download this episode here.


1:18 PM on 03.04.2011

321GoCast Episode 38: Goof Troop

Back again after two or so weeks of being away. 321GoCast, the best unofficial community podcast DTOID has ever heard, here once more penetrating your ear holes with banter, wit, and hilarity. On this episode you get the Stand Up comedy of Ryu89, the situational humor of Analog, the prop comedy of Tactix, the one shot jokes of JohnnyViral and the sexual humor of special guest DTOID's own master stream princess Pico. Sit down, listen and enjoy. Or face the consequences.

On this episode we talk about

Voice Acting
The DTOID Live stream
Our Live stream
Bulletstorm and its insults
Tree People


Earthbound - Bazaar
Little People - Unsaid
Mark Farina - Comin' Thru


Download this episode here.


6:46 PM on 02.03.2011

321GoCast Episode 37: Back to the Way it Used to Be

Welcome back dear listeners, on this episode you get to relive the previous glory that was 321Gocast before there were guests. No guests, means that the hosts get to be more obnoxious and self centered than usual. Whoring themselves out this week are Tactix, JohnnyViral, Analoge, and Ryu89. Be sure to listen, comment and enjoy.

Inching ever closer to another 10 episode, we wonder what YOU the listeners want us to do for it. Weve done GLEE, weve done listener questions, we have even tried to have special guests. What should we do for episode 40? Tell us, and you might hear it done.

On this episode we talk about

The DTOID Live Stream
Dead Space 2
Bee Girl
Final Fantasy
League of Legends Lore
Marvel vs Capcom 3


Mother 3 - Porky's Pokies
Mr. Ross and the 88 astronauts - My name is 88 astronauts
Plaid - New Family


Download this episode here.


2:28 PM on 01.28.2011

321GoCast Episode 35: Who You Callin' A Douchebag?

Here's a podcast.

It's got Dyganth and DanlHaas in it.

Listen to it with whatever sensory organ you deem adequate.

Ilomilo - March of the Ilomilos
Ghost Trick - Main Theme
Ramona Falls - I Say Fever


Download this episode here.


2:00 PM on 01.20.2011

321GoCast Episode 35: PURSE OWNER


After taking a break we roped king3vbo into helping us record another episode of the lovely 321gocast. MUCH SHENANIGANS WERE HAD.


Megaman 9 Galaxy Man

Ramones Blitzkrieg Bop

Ilomilo Music School

Aladdin SNES Cave of Wonders

Ghost Trick Missile's Theme


Download this episode here.


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