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321GoCast Episode 54: Super Magical PAXtime

[Ok so those editing issues are on their way to being resolved, but we are getting them edited out of order so please try to be patient with us as we get this rolling again.] This episode is intended as both a PAX guide and ...


321GoCast Casting Call

Yet another call for help from 321GoCast, Destructoid's one and only community based, unofficial podcast about Mug crushing robots and the wasteland wanderers they call masters. This time ladies and gentlemen of the DTOID com...


321GoCast Needs YOU

Hello there Destructoid community, 321GoCast here, your favorite unofficial community podcast. As most of you have probably noticed either through watching for this blog or subscribing to us on iTunes/RSS, we have not been up...


321GoCast Episode 43: All we Know is...

Golf... 321GoCast! Destructoid!! Community! Show about nothing!! PODCAST!!! Episode 43! JohnnyViral!!!!! Ryu89! Analoge!!! Tactix!!! Suffocat!! Im about to lose my fucking mind!! Motherfucking podcasts! Analoge didnt tell me what music he used, so y'all dont get music. Be sure to comment, and go over to our forum thread and leave us some love. Download this episode here.


321GoCast Episode 42: Fuck Numerical Order

Welcome back to 321GoCast. After the amazing episode 40 we got back to our regular mediocrity you all have come to love us for. On this episode we have our rage machine JohnnyViral, the ever ambivalent hipster Analoge, and ...


321GoCast Episode 38: Goof Troop

Back again after two or so weeks of being away. 321GoCast, the best unofficial community podcast DTOID has ever heard, here once more penetrating your ear holes with banter, wit, and hilarity. On this episode you get the St...


321GoCast Episode 35: PURSE OWNER

HEY GUYS WE'RE BACK. After taking a break we roped king3vbo into helping us record another episode of the lovely 321gocast. MUCH SHENANIGANS WERE HAD. Music: Megaman 9 Galaxy Man Ramones Blitzkrieg Bop Ilomilo Music School Aladdin SNES Cave of Wonders Ghost Trick Missile's Theme Download this episode here.


About 321gocastone of us since 12:08 AM on 12.12.2009

We are 321GO Cast. Dtoids one and only podcast about nothing. In this show we don't have a format, no script and no idea where the show will go when we start recording. So sit back, chug a beer or your preferred drink and listen to us shoot the shit about everything and anything.

Current Cast:
JohnnyViral - Executive Angry Person

Ryu89 - Definitely Mad Man in a Box
Pangloss -

Past Members:
Analoge - Mayor of Retro Town
Cataract - Guido King
CrocBox - Not Making Things Up
Tactix - Community Fedora Ambassador

A bit of convenience, just in case you're not drinking the Apple kool-aid:

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