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321gocast avatar 5:46 PM on 10.10.2011  (server time)
The Unofficial Community Podcast Charity Show 2: The Beginning

The holidays are coming up soon and we all know how DTOID and other gaming sites like to give money to charities like Extra Life, Child's Play, etc. And a big part of that is always us, the Community. We have donated thousands of dollars to worthy charities when Destructoid calls on us to do so. Last year 321GoCast wanted to help, so JohnnyViral took it open himself to organize a special community podcast charity show. Though the podcast fell under the shadow of the amazing Dtoid Editor Christmas Album, the show managed to get extra donations from the community and entertain a few people along the way.

This year we want it to be no different, 321GoCast is once again calling any and all community based podcast participants who would be willing to help out with this next charity podcast. The format for the show will be different but the aim is still the same, help out those in need and give to charity this upcoming holiday season. If you are a part of a Dtoid community based podcast or live show and are interested please leave a comment, PM or email us ([email protected]) so we can get this ball rolling.

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